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MPSC Salary 2024

Every year, the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) conducts state-level PSC exam to recruit candidates for various Group posts. A significant factor motivating a large number of candidates to participate in the PSC exam is the lucrative MPSC Salary Structure. The MPSC Salary Structure 2024 varies for different groups and positions and is determined based on factors such as the level of the position, responsibilities, and allowances.

The salary for MPSC (Maharashtra Public Service Commission) posts in 2024 varies based on the group and level of the post. Group A positions in MPSC come with various allowances, perks, and additional benefits, resulting in a monthly salary ranging from approximately Rs. 56,100 to Rs. 2,25,000. For Group B positions, the monthly salary ranges from around Rs. 35,400 to Rs. 1,77,500, while Group C positions offer a monthly salary range of about Rs. 25,500 to Rs. 1,15,100. In addition to the salary, Maharashtra Public Service Commission also offers allowances such as dearness allowance, house rent allowance, and travel allowance. The total emoluments for an MPSC officer can be substantial, especially for those in senior positions.

It’s important for candidates to refer to official MPSC notifications and government guidelines for accurate and updated information regarding the MPSC Salary in 2024. This article contains the details of the group wise salary structure, their job profile and career growth.

MPSC Salary 2024 Overview

Following table consist the insights of the MPSC Civil Service Exam

Exam Conducting BodyMaharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC)
Exam NameMPSC Rajyaseva Exam 2024
Mode of the ExaminationOnline
Exam StagesPrelims, Mains and Interview
Maharashtra Civil Service Exam FrequencyAnnual
Eligibility CriteriaGraduate Degree
Language of the examEnglish & Marathi

MPSC 2024: Salary Structure

While the MPSC exam is highly competitive, with only the best candidates securing jobs in the state government, the rewards for success are significant. MPSC officers enjoy several benefits, including a good salary, job security, and the opportunity to serve the public.

Group-wise salary structure of MPSC is given below:

MPSC Salary 2024 – Class A

MPSC salary 2024 for a Class A Gazetted officer depends on the grade of the officer and the number of years of service.

The MPSC Salary for a Class A Gazetted officer ranges from Rs. 56,100 to Rs. 177,500. In addition to the basic pay, Class A Gazetted officers also receive allowances such as dearness allowance, house rent allowance, and travel allowance.

MPSC Class A Salary Structure

PostSalary Range
Deputy Director / Project Officer (Group A)Rs 67,700 – Rs 208,700
Deputy CollectorRs 56,100 – Rs 177,500
Deputy Superintendent of Police / ACPRs 56,100 – Rs 177,500
Assistant Commissioner of Sales TaxRs 56,100 – Rs 177,500
Registrar, Co-op. Societies, Group ARs 56,100 – Rs 177,500
Deputy Chief Executive Officer / Block Development Officer, Group ARs 56,100 – Rs 177,500
Assistant Director, Maharashtra Finance and Accounting ServiceRs 56,100 – Rs 177,500
Chief Officer, Municipal Corporation / CouncilRs 56,100 – Rs 177,500
Superintendent of State ExciseRs 56,100 – Rs 177,500
Education Officer, Maharashtra Education ServiceRs 56,100 – Rs 177,500
Project Officer (Grade 2) / Assistant CommissionerRs 56,100 – Rs 177,500
Deputy Director, Industry (Technical)Rs 56,100 – Rs 177,500
TahsildarRs 56,100 – Rs 177,500
Assistant Director, Skill Development, Employment & EntrepreneursRs 56,100 – Rs 177,500

MPSC Salary 2024 – Class B

Officers in Class B hold intermediate-level positions within the government. Their MPSC salary in 2024 typically is lower than that of Class A Gazetted officers.

The remuneration for a Class B officer can vary significantly based on their specific role, ranging from a few thousand rupees to several tens of thousands per month. Factors that influence their salaries include the nature and duties of their position, years of experience, and overall performance.

MPSC Class B Salary Structure

PostSalary Range
Deputy Education Officer, Maharashtra Education Services, (Administration Branch)INR 47,600- INR 1,51,100
Section OfficerMinister: INR 47,600- INR 1,51,100 MPSC Office: INR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Assistant Regional Transport OfficerINR 44,900- INR 1,42,400
Accounting Officer of Maharashtra Finance and Account ServiceINR 44,900- INR 1,42,400
Assistant BDOINR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Chief Officer, Corporation / CorporationINR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Deputy Superintendent, Land RecordsINR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Deputy Superintendent, State ExciseINR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Assistant Commissioner, State ExciseINR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Skill Development, Employment and Entrepreneur Training Guidance OfficerINR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Industry Officer, TechnicalINR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Assistant Project Officer / Statistics Officer / Administrative Officer / Research Officer / Home Head / ManagerINR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Deputy TehsildarINR 38,600- INR 1,22,800

MPSC Salary 2024 – Class C

Within the government, Class C officers commonly hold entry-level positions and are responsible for executing daily operations and assignments under the guidance of higher-ranking officials. The compensation framework for Class C officers varies based on their specific roles and the government department in which they are engaged. In this discussion. Unlike Class B officers, Class C officers typically receive comparatively modest MPSC salaries due to their lower levels of responsibility and experience.

MPSC Class C Salary Structure

PostSalary Range
Industry InspectorINR 35,400 to INR 1,12,400 per annum
Deputy InspectorTo be updated
State ExciseTo be updated
Technical AssistantINR 29,200 to INR 92,300 per annum
Insurance DirectorateINR 29,000 to INR 92,300 per annum
Tax AssistantINR 25,500 to INR 81,100 per annum
Clerk Typist (English)INR 32,000 to INR 1,01,600 per annum
Clerk Typist (Marathi)INR 32,000 to INR 1,01,600 per annum

MPSC In-hand Salary 2024

The MPSC salary In-hand for Group-A, Group-B and Group-C officers varies based on the position, pay scale, and level of experience. The salary is structured as per the guidelines of the Maharashtra government and is subject to periodic revisions.

For Group-A officers, the salary ranges from approximately INR 56,100 to INR 2,25,000 per month. This includes basic pay and allowances such as Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Transport Allowance (TA), and other applicable benefit. Here are some examples of the MPSC salary 2024 in-hand salary mentioned here:

PostIn-Hand Salary
Assistant Section Officer (ASO)Rs. 52,000–56,000 per month
Clerk TypistRs. 19,900 per month
up to Rs. 63,200 per month with experience
State Tax Inspector (STI)Rs. 38,600 per month
MPSC CombineRs. 38,600–1,22,800 per month
Forest Ranger or Assistant Forest GuardRs. 51,800–132,300 per month

MPSC 2024 – Perks & Allowances

In addition to the basic pay, Maharashtra PSC officers also receive allowances such as dearness allowance, house rent allowance, and travel allowance, enhancing their overall compensation package. The total emoluments for an MPSC officer can be substantial, especially for senior positions.

  1. Dearness allowance (DA): 28% of basic pay
  2. House rent allowance (HRA): 8–24% depending on posting location
  3. Transport Allowance (TA)
  4. Medical allowance: 100% covered for employee
  5. Leave travel allowance (LTA)
  6. Pension and gratuity
  7. Health insurance
  8. Provident fund (PF)
  9. Transportation
  10. Annual increments
  11. Paid leave

Other benefits include:

  1. Insurance
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Financial and Retirement
  4. Vacation and time off

Maharashtra Civil Service: Job Profile

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) conducts the State Service Exam to recruit officers for different Group-A and Group-B positions in the state government. The commission conducts recruitment exams and interviews for various civil services and positions within the state government. MPSC job profiles cover a diverse range of administrative, managerial, and technical roles. Some of the MPSC jobs include:

  • Deputy Collector: Deputy Collectors are responsible for the administration of a specific district and assist the District Collector in various administrative tasks.
  • Assistant Section Officer: ASOs are responsible for document handling, Data Entry, Assist in organizing meetings, including preparing agendas and minutes, Public Interaction, Assist Senior Officials and record keeping.
  • Police Sub-Inspector: Sub-Inspectors play a crucial role in maintaining law and order, investigating crimes, and ensuring public safety within their assigned jurisdiction.
  • Excise Sub Inspector: Excise Sub Inspectors are responsible for enforcing excise duties and taxes, conducting inspections, and investigating potential violations. They collaborate with law enforcement to curb illicit activities related to excisable goods, ensuring regulatory adherence and public welfare.
  • Assistant Engineer: Assistant Engineers are responsible for planning, designing, and supervising various construction projects and infrastructure development initiatives.
  • Sales Tax Inspector: Sales Tax Inspectors are responsible for ensuring compliance with tax laws, conducting audits, and assisting in tax-related matters.
  • Assistant Forest Conservator: Assistant Forest Conservators are responsible for the conservation and management of forests, wildlife, and natural resources.
  • Tahsildar: Tahsildars are responsible for revenue administration, land records management, and revenue collection in their respective jurisdictions.
  • Block Development Officer: Block Development Officers play a crucial role in implementing various rural development programs and initiatives at the block level.
  • District Education Officer: District Education Officers are responsible for overseeing the administration and management of educational institutions at the district level.
  • Tax Assistant: As a Tax Assistant, individuals are entrusted with the responsibility of assisting in tax-related activities, including computation, verification, and documentation. They play a crucial role in maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.
  • Clerk-Typist: Clerk-Typists primarily handle clerical tasks, including typing, data entry, and document organization. They contribute to the smooth flow of administrative processes by maintaining accurate and organized records.
  • Assistant Director: Assistant Directors are responsible for overseeing and coordinating various aspects of projects or departments. Their duties often include strategic planning, policy implementation, and team management to ensure organizational objectives are met.
  • Assistant Regional Transport Officer: Assistant Regional Transport Officers are tasked with regulating and overseeing transportation operations within a specific region. This involves ensuring compliance with traffic regulations, conducting inspections, and managing administrative functions related to regional transportation.
  • Accounting Officer: Accounting Officers are responsible for managing financial records, preparing reports, and ensuring accurate accounting practices within an organization. They play a key role in financial decision-making and contribute to the overall financial health of the organization.

MPSC Probation Period

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) implements a probationary period for individuals appointed to various positions through its recruitment process. During this probationary period, employees undergo a period of assessment and familiarization with their roles and responsibilities. The duration of the probation period is two years. After that they become permanent employee and receives various allowances.

MPSC Career Growth & Promotion

The MPSC places significant importance on both experience and a commitment to continuous learning and skill development. As individuals gain experience and show proficiency in their roles, they become eligible for promotions to higher positions within the administrative hierarchy of the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC). The career advancement process in the MPSC is structured, involving progression through various levels of responsibility. Promotions may include moving up the administrative ranks, starting as a Deputy Collector and advancing to Additional Collector, ultimately reaching the role of Collector. Additionally, officers may aspire to take on responsibilities in specialized departments or secure leadership positions within the state government.

MPSC Salary – FAQs

1. What is the salary structure for MPSC 2024?

The salary structure for MPSC varies based on the position and group of the employee. The salary ranges from INR 25,000 to INR 2,00,000 per month.

2. What are the determining factors for MPSC salary 2024?

The MPSC officers’ salaries includes the nature and responsibilities of their position, their years of experience, and their performance.

3. Which perks and allowances are offered with the MPSC salary?

Along with the salary, various allowances such as Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Medical Facility, Transport Allowance (TA), and Pension Scheme are offered to the MPSC employee. These allowances and benefits are allowed after serving the probation period.

4. What is the salary for a Deputy Collector under MPSC?

The salary range for a Deputy Collector under MPSC is INR 56,100 – INR 177,500.

5. How often is the Maharashtra Civil Service salary revised?

Salary revisions for MPSC officers are usually done periodically as per government guidelines and recommendations.


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