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Physics MCQs for SSC Exams: Physics MCQs are an important part of questions asked from the General Awareness(GA/GS) section in competitive exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS and Banking, railways etc.

In this blog, we will be sharing 50 Physics MCQs which will be beneficial to the aspirants for exam preparation.

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Physics MCQs

1. A light-year is a measure of:

(a) Velocity

(b) Distance

(c) Speed

(d) Time

2. Which among the following waves is used for communication by artificial satellites?

(a) Frequency of 1016 series

(b) A. M.

(c) Radio waves

(d) Microwaves

3. Energy is continuously created in the sun due to:

(a) Nuclear fission

(b) Nuclear fusion

(c) Artificial radioactivity

(d) Radioactivity

4. Which of the following is a good conductor of electricity?

(a) paper

(b) dry air

(c) graphite

(d) kerosene

5. Water is not suitable as a calorimetric

substance because it:

(a) is a good conductor

(b) has high specific heat

(c) low latent heat of vaporization

(d) has high boiling point

6. The sounds having a frequency of 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz are known as:

(a) Ultrasonics

(b) Audible sounds

(c) Infrasonics

(d) Megasonics

7. In the absence of ozone layer, which rays will enter into atmosphere?

(a) X-rays

(b) Visible

(c) Ultraviolet

(d) Infrared

8. A falling drop of rain water acquires the spherical shape due to:

(a) Surface Tension

(b) Viscosity

(c) Atmospheric pressure

(d) Gravitational force

9. An object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion until and unless it is acted upon by an external force. This is Newton’s:

(a) Second law

(b) First law

(c) Third law

(d) Fourth law

10. Which of the following is optical illusion?

(a) Halo

(b) Earthshine

(c) Mirage

(d) Rainbow

11. Cathode rays when obstructed by metal cause emission of:

(a) α – ray

(b) X – ray

(c) γ – ray

(d) β – ray

12. If the length of a simple pendulum is halved then its period of oscillation is:

(a) doubled

(b) halved

(c) decreased by a factor √ 2

(d) increased by a factor √ 2

13. Which physical quantity is measured in ‘siemens’?

(a) Electrical conductance

(b) Electric potential

(c) Magnetic flux

(d) Refractive index

14. Eclipses occur due to which optical phenomena?

(a) Refraction

(b) Reflection

(c) Rectilinear propagation

(d) Diffraction

15. Pure water is bad conductor of electricity because it is

(a) not volatile

(b) feebly ionized

(c) a very good solvent

(d) a non-polar solvent

16. Lamberts law is related to:

(a) Illumination

(b) Refraction

(c) Interference

(d) Reflection

17. The angular velocity depends upon the rate of change of the _______.

(a) Angular Displacement

(b) Angular acceleration

(c) Angular Distance

(d) torque

18. The force per unit charge is known as ————

(a) Electric potential

(b) Electric current

(c) Electric space

(d) Electric field

19. What is the maximum value of deforming force up to which a material shows elastic property and above which the material loses it?

(1) Elasticity

(2) Stress

(3) Elastic Limit

(4) Strain

20. Curie is unit of:

(a) Temperature

(b) Radioactivity

(c) Energy

(d) Heat

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