RRB NTPC Psychometric Test for Station Master & Traffic Assistant

RRB NTPC Psychometric Test: Wondering what Psychometric Test for RRB NTPC is? Do not worry, in this blog, we will be covering all the details of the RRB NTPC Psychometric Test to help the aspirants clear all their doubts regarding the RRB NTPC CBAT stage.


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What is a Psychometric Test for RRB NTPC?

The psychometric test for RRB NTPC is the third stage of the selection process for candidates who have cleared the CBT 2 stage of RRB NTPC. It is conducted for the post of Station Master which is a Pay Level 6 post with a pay scale of Rs.35400 – 1,12,400 and Traffic Assistant which is a Pay Level 4 post with a pay scale of Rs.25500 – 81,100.

It is also called as CBAT or Computer Based Aptitude Test. We will be discussing the nature and exam pattern of the CBAT or Psychometric test in this article.

Nature of RRB NTPC Psychometric Test

The purpose of the Psychometric test is to evaluate the candidate’s personality and aptitude. It is a computer-based test of 10 minutes duration. In this test around 35-150 candidates appear at the same time.

There is a 30% weightage for the psychometric test towards the final merit list.

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Sections of RRB NTPC Psychometric Test

There are 5 sections in the RRB NTPC Psychometric Test which are as follows:

  • Intelligence Test
  • Selective Attention Test
  • Spatial Analysis Test
  • Information Ordering Test
  • Personality Test

Let us have a look at each of the sections in detail

Intelligence Test

The intelligence test will check the candidate’s ability to identify differences in pictures. The question will contain 5 pictures out of which 4 will be same, the candidate needs to identify the picture which is different.

There will be 10 minutes time to answer the 35 questions in the paper. Candidates will be getting a 1-minute break between each section and there will be no negative marking for the section.

Also, note candidates will be provided 5 minutes for reading the instructions for the section.

Selective Attention Test

In this section, the candidates will be getting questions where you need to find the sum of odd numbers among the set of numbers.

The total number of questions in this section will be 30 and the time allotted for this section is 8 minutes.

There will be a 1-minute gap between this section and the next section and also candidates will be getting 5 minutes for reading the instruction.

Spatial Scanning Test or Spatial Analysis

Spatial scanning test or spatial analysis tests a candidate’s ability to find the shortest possible route between two points ( represented by alphabets), the barriers are represented by circles in the figure.

There will be 4 figures each containing 10 questions which means 40 questions from this section. The candidate will get 8 minutes to solve all the questions. There will be 5 minutes of time for reading instructions and a 1minute gap before starting the next section.

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Information Ordering Test

The section is the longest of all the sections in terms of instructions. This section tests the candidate based on the ability to follow the information provided in the question.

For this section, two tables will be given along with various test figures and instructions will be provided to add or subtract the X sign.

Total Questions will be 25 and the time for attempting the sections is 10 minutes and a 1-minute break at the end of the test.

Personality Analysis Test

In this section, the candidate is tested for his/her personality and the ability to make quick decisions under pressure. There is no wrong or right answers for this section.

The total time to attempt this section is 12 minutes and for reading the instructions 5 minutes is provided.

Note: After completing of the 5 sections the candidate needs to answer around 14 questions as part of feedback, the time provided will be 6 minutes for answering the questions.

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Minimum Qualifying Marks for Psychometric Test or CBAT

The candidate needs to obtain a minimum T-Score of 42 in each of the sections in order to clear CBAT. The requirement is irrespective of the category of candidates.

The fifth paper is evaluated on two dimensions and therefore the candidates need to clear all the sections by obtaining a T-Score of 42 in all 6 sections.

Factors Determining T-Score

  • Number of candidates appearing for the exam in your shift
  • Score of Top 1% to 10% candidates in your shift.

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That was all about the RRB NTPC Psychometric Tests. For more updates, stay connected to Oliveboard.


How many sections are there in RRB NTPC Psychometric Test?

RRB NTPC Psychometric Test has 5 sections which are:
Intelligence Test, Selective Attention Test, Spatial Analysis Test, Information Ordering Test, and Personality Test.

What is the minimum qualifying score to clear RRB NTPC CBAT?

The candidate needs to get a minimum T-Score of 42 in each of the sections to clear the CBAT.

What is the weightage of CBAT in the RRB NTPC final merit list?

CBAT carries a 30% weightage for the candidates in the final merit list. The rest 70% is dependent on the score obtained in RRB NTPC CBT-2.