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SBI PO Interview Dress Code for Male Candidates

Personal interview is the last round in SBI PO. The most important thing to keep in mind when preparing for interviews dress code. A polished appearance and business-casual clothes make a positive impression on the panelists and are likely to tip the scales in your favor. In this blog, we will give you some advice on the SBI PO Interview Dress Code for Male Candidates.


SBI PO Interview Dress Code for Male Candidates – Important Tips

1) Hair and Beard:

  • It needs to be trimmed neatly or trimmed from the sides, and it should be short to medium length.
  • Make an appointment for a haircut at least a week before the interview so that, even if the haircut doesn’t suit your face structure or turn out the way you wanted, it will have time to settle on your features by the time of the interview.
  • It is possible, but not required, to use a hair product to give your hair a shining finish that shows how fresh it is.
  • For the interview, go for a clean-shaven appearance (no stubble, please). If you do have a beard, make sure it is perfectly groomed to look professional, especially if it is a formal beard or a certain style (such as a French cut).

2) Apparel: 

  • A good cotton button-down shirt in a light color, ideally white, light blue, or light pink.
  • Not folded, sleeves should be buttoned down to the wrists.
  • The shirt must be worn with a dark pair of slacks or trousers, especially in the colors of black, brown, navy blue, or charcoal grey. Make sure the color of your coat and pants match the color of your suit if you’re wearing one. (I recommend a navy blue suit.)
  • If a suit is worn, it should fit the wearer properly. A poorly fitting suit detracts from a person’s appeal and entire personality.
  • Please make sure that neither the shirt nor the pants/trousers have any patterns. They must have a simple feel and appearance.
  • A formal pair of well-polished leather shoes is required (preferably with laces). The shoes must be black, brown, or a combination of the two colors.
  • There must be full-length socks (and no ankle or no-show socks). When one sits, the length should be such that no flesh is exposed.
  • Either the color of the pants or the color of the shoes must match the color of the socks.
  • It is required that the color of the belt match or be close to that of the shoes.

3) Accessories: 

  • Wear an analog timepiece with a leather strap (mind you, no digital or smartwatch and no accessories apart from a watch).
    Keep a handkerchief on you at all times.
  • Cover any tattoos you may have with some clothing. Additionally, if you have any piercings, take out the jewelry. Finally, your nails should be properly filed and clipped.
  • If you have any rings on your fingers, it would be best if you took them off. If you can’t, you should be prepared to respond to inquiries based on them.
  • If you can, put on a light perfume so that you can smell fresh throughout the entire interview.
SBI PO Interview Dress Code for Male

The general rule is to steer clear of anything spectacular and go instead for muted or simple color schemes. While wearing impeccably can hurt one’s prospects of becoming an officer or postpone the process, dressed attractively and professionally can get one brownie point. Consequently, it needs to be handled seriously.

This concludes our post on how to dress for the SBI PO interview. We sincerely hope that you will find the information beneficial and follow the advice for your interview.

SBI PO Interview Dress Code for Male – Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What a male candidates wear for an SBI PO interview?

Ans. Dress code for male candidates for SBI PO
Full-sleeve formal shirt. Prefer light-colored shirts. Also, avoid casual wear. Formal pants.

Q.2 What dress code should I follow for a Bank Interview?

Ans. Good and proper attire is very important for any job interview.

Q.3 Can I wear Jeans to an Interview?

Ans. Yes, male candidates can wear Khakis or a nice pair of jeans.


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