Complete List of TISSNET Courses- Independent centres

TISS National Entrance Test is held at Mumbai’s Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISSNET). It is a nationwide entrance exam for admission to the School of Management and Labour Studies’ MA programs. The MA programs provided at TISS campuses are comparable to management programs offered by India’s leading MBA universities.

TISSNET colleges are participating institutes that accept TISSNET exam scores for admission to various TISSNET programs. TISSNET colleges hold a Pre-Interview Test and Personal Interview round for candidates who have been shortlisted based on their TISSNET scores. At its five campuses and various places around India, the university provides 53 Master’s Degree programs. Keep reading to learn about the 


Below are the lists of the TISSNET courses offered by the different TISSNET campuses. Apart from regular courses, they also offer TISS online courses.

Mumbai Campus

TISS Mumbai is at Deonar, in Greater Mumbai’s north-eastern outskirts. It offers specializations in a variety of postgraduate programs, including:

  • Master of library and information science
  • M A Development studies
  • Master of hospital administration
  • M A / MSc in disaster management
  • M A in women studies
  • Master of public health (Health policy, Economics, and finance)
  • M A in Applied psychology (with specialization in clinical and counselling practice)
  • Master of public health (Health Administration)
  • Master of public health (Social Epidemiology)
  • M A in media and cultural studies 
  • Master of laws in the access to justice
  • M A Labour studies and practice
  • M A Human resource management and labour relations
  • M A Social entrepreneurship
  • M A in education
  • M A / MSc in analytics
  • BEd/MEd integrated program(for 3 years)
  • M A Education elementary
  • M A in organization development, change, and leadership
  • MA/MSc in regulatory policy and governance
  • MA social work in women-centred practice
  • MA/MSc in urban policy and governance
  • MA social work in public health
  • MA social work in mental  health
  • MA/MSc  in water policy and governance
  • MA/MSc in Environment,  climate change, and sustainable studies
  • MA social work in livelihoods and social entrepreneurship
  • MA social work in community organization and development practice
  • MA social work in criminology and justice
  • MA social work in disability studies and action
  • MA social work in children and family
  • MA social work in Dalit and tribal studies and action

Hyderabad Campus

TISS Hyderabad comprises two campuses: one in Rajendra Nagar’s TSIPRD Campus and the other in Gochibawli’s Roda Mistry College of Social Work. Various programs offered here are as follows :

  • M A in education
  • M A Development studies
  • M A in Women studies
  • M A Natural resources and Governance
  • M A in rural development and Governance
  • M A in public policy and Governance

Tuljapur Campus 

In 1986, the Maharashtra government helped to establish the Tuljapur campus. It provides four specializations with the objective of promoting a people-centred, environmentally sustainable, and equitable society. It provides the following programs :

  • M A in social innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • M A / MSc in Development policy, planning and practice
  • M A Social work in Rural development
  • M A / Msc in sustainable livelihoods and natural resources Governance

Guwahati Campus

In 2010, the TISS North Eastern campus opened in Guwahati. Its goal is to make a consistent contribution to various development processes in the North-Eastern states. Various programs offered here are as follows :

  • MA in social work (counselling)
  • MA in social work (public health)
  • Master of Arts in social work (community organization and development practices)
  • MA in sociology and social Anthropology 
  • MA in Labour studies and social protection
  • MA in social work (livelihoods and social entrepreneurship)
  • MA in Peace and conflict studies
  • MA in Ecology, environment and sustainable development

Banayan Academy of leadership in mental health (BALM ), Chennai, campus

It’s a research and teaching centre for mental health and social science, with a focus on developing trained human resources. It offers programs like :

  • Master of Arts in Applied psychology (clinical)
  • Master of Arts in social work (mental health)
  • Master of Arts in  Applied psychology (counselling psychology)

Independent centres of TISSNET

There are eight independent Campuses that offer programs : 

  • Centre for Development Practice and Research, Patna
  • Centre for Excellence on Adolescents and Youth, Mumbai
  • Centre for Studies in Sociology of education, Mumbai
  • Centre for undergraduate studies, Guwahati
  • Centre for Education Innovation and Action research, Mumbai
  • Centre for Lifelong learning, Mumbai
  • Centre for Study of social exclusion and inclusive policies, Mumbai
  • Mahatama Gandhi academy of human development (MGAHD), Guwahati


We hope the article has given you relevant information about the complete list of TISSNET courses and TISSNET online courses offered by different colleges. For any queries, contact us at Oliveboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many courses are offered by TISSNET Campuses?

A total of 53 courses are offered by TISSNET Campuses.

Do reservation guidelines of the Government of India are followed by TISSNET Colleges?

Yes, reservation guidelines of the Government of India are followed by TISSNET Colleges.

Can I choose my preferred college of TISSNET for admission?

Yes, you can choose your preferred college of TISSNET for admission by filling the admission form, but admission depends on the cut-off of different colleges.


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