Ideal Typing Speed For SBI PO Mains Descriptive Exam

Ideal Typing Speed For SBI PO Mains Descriptive Exam

Ideal Typing Speed For SBI PO Mains Descriptive Exam: The ideal typing speed for the SBI PO Mains Descriptive Exam ranges between 40 to 50 words per minute. This speed ensures candidates can effectively articulate their thoughts and ideas within the allocated time frame. Prioritizing accuracy alongside speed is very important for clear and concise communication. To assist candidates in their preparation we have provided below top tips to prepare for SBI PO Descriptive Exam.

What is SBI PO Descriptive Paper?

The SBI PO Descriptive Paper is a section of the SBI PO Mains Exam that checks candidates’ writing abilities. The SBI PO Descriptive Paper will involve composing letters and essays in English. It’s worth 50 marks and must be finished within 30 minutes. Candidates must organize their thoughts, present ideas clearly, and communicate effectively within the given time. This section evaluates language proficiency and the ability to express ideas clearly and briefly.

Tips to write a good SBI PO Descriptive Paper

Familiarize yourself with key facts and statistics to enrich your content and express opinions succinctly. Closely follow formatting rules in letter writing to prevent mark deductions and improve your overall impression.

Tips to write a good letter and essay
1. Familiarize yourself with relevant facts and statistics to enhance your content.
2. Closely follow formatting rules in letter writing to prevent mark deductions and improve your overall impression.
3. Begin your essay with an engaging introduction.
4. Invest ample time in comprehending the topic.
5. Break down your content into concise paragraphs.

Tips to score high in Descriptive Test in SBI PO Mains

Here are some quick tips to do well in the Descriptive section of the SBI PO Mains 2024 exam:

  • For letter writing, pay attention to the format. Even if your content is good, incorrect format might cost you marks.
  • Stick to the word limits while writing essays. They’re there to see how well you can convey your message briefly. You’ve got only 30 minutes for the Descriptive section, so plan your time wisely. Spend 5 minutes planning, 20 minutes writing, and 5 minutes proofreading.
  • Keep your tone moderate and balanced. Don’t be overly direct or biased. Your writing reflects your thinking.
  • Add some facts and figures to your essay if you remember any. It adds value but isn’t necessary.
  • Structure your essay properly with an introduction, your views, and a conclusion.
  • Practice typing to improve your speed. Dedicate an hour daily if you’re slow.
  • Avoid too many grammar mistakes. Content matters, but good grammar is essential.
  • Proofread your work thoroughly to catch any mistakes you might have missed while writing.
  • Keep your language simple and avoid using complicated words or phrases.
  • Start practicing right away, starting with short pieces and gradually moving to longer ones.
  • Choose your topic wisely, considering your knowledge and comfort level.
  • Don’t include irrelevant details just to meet the word limit. Stick to the main points.
  • Practice regularly to improve your writing skills. Write 2-3 letters and essays daily to build your confidence and strategy for the exam.

Tips to crack the SBI PO Descriptive Paper

Here are straightforward tips to crack the SBI PO Descriptive Paper:

  • Learn the essay and letter formats for SBI PO exams, understanding their structure is vital for success.
  • When addressing topics, aim for clear and concise writing within the word limit. Review solutions from previous years’ papers for effective techniques.
  • Practice typing essays and letters on the computer to improve speed and accuracy, crucial for online exams like SBI PO.
  • Start by practicing without time constraints, then gradually transition to timed sessions. Efficient time management is crucial, with only 30 minutes allotted for both tasks in the SBI PO Mains exam.
  • Regularly read books and newspapers to stay informed, grasp writing styles, and expand vocabulary, providing valuable support for exam preparation.

Important Topics for SBI PO Descriptive Test Preparation

Here are 50 Essential Essay Topics for SBI PO Descriptive Test Preparation:

  1. Assessing Dependency on Monsoon for Agriculture.
  2. Role of Uneducated Individuals in the Indian Economy.
  3. Proposing Solutions for Unemployment.
  4. Role of Nationalized Banks in Economic Growth.
  5. Understanding UNO’s Role in Global Conflicts.
  6. Impact of Newspapers on Society.
  7. Advancing Women Empowerment.
  8. Mobile Technology’s Influence on Education.
  9. Stability in Government for Economic Growth.
  10. Exploring the World of Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin.
  11. Evaluating the ‘One Rank One Pension’ Scheme.
  12. Bridging Economy and Common Man.
  13. Classroom Education versus Distance Learning.
  14. Brexit and Its Implications on India’s Economy.
  15. Encouraging Research Initiatives Among Students.
  16. Technological Impact on Workplace Dynamics.
  17. Setting Financial Goals Early in Life.
  18. Press Freedom versus Privacy Rights.
  19. Exploring Travel as an Educational Experience.
  20. Advantages and Disadvantages of E-commerce.
  21. Significance of Credit Rating in Economy.
  22. Exploring the Generation Gap Myth.
  23. Contributions of Unskilled Labor to Indian Economy.
  24. Navigating Communication Gap in Families.
  25. Exploring Tourism’s Impact on Religious Pilgrimages.
  26. Women’s Safety: A Collective Responsibility.
  27. Debunking the Swadeshi Movement and Globalization.
  28. Small and Payment Banks: Enhancing Financial Inclusion.
  29. Exploring Technology’s Influence on Personality Development.
  30. Predicting Future Trends in Banking Industry.
  31. Assessing Viability of Presidential System in India.
  32. Exploring Benefits of Mutual Fund Investments.
  33. Outsourcing in Banking: Pros and Cons.
  34. Understanding the Role of Press in Society.
  35. Stability in Government for Economic Growth.
  36. Role of Effective Credit Rating in Economic Stability.
  37. Assessing Ethical Challenges in E-commerce.
  38. Assessing the Suitability of Presidential Government for India.
  39. Exploring Economic Implications of Tourism.
  40. Exploring the Impact of Technology on Society.
  41. Exploring Children Opening Bank Accounts.
  42. Exploring Political Alliances in Indian Politics.
  43. Exploring the Impact of Technology on Education.
  44. Exploring the Role of Government in Society.
  45. Proposing Solutions to Issues in Monsoon Management.
  46. Exploring the Benefits of Classroom Education.
  47. Exploring the Role of UNO in Global Conflicts.
  48. Debunking the Impact of Technology on Privacy Rights.
  49. Exploring the Economic Impact of Brexit.
  50. Proposing Solutions for Economic Growth and Stability.

How to score 40+ marks in SBI PO Descriptive exam

To score 40+ marks on the SBI PO Descriptive exam, follow these steps:

  1. Understand the Exam Pattern: Get familiar with the format and structure of the Descriptive section, which includes letter writing, essay writing, and precis writing.
  2. Learn the Basics: Study the fundamental principles of letter writing and essay writing, including format, tone, and structure.
  3. Practice Regularly: Dedicate time to writing essays and letters on various topics. Have specific practice sessions for each type of writing task.
  4. Focus on Time Management: Since the Descriptive section has time constraints, practice writing within the allotted time. Develop a strategy for planning, writing, and proofreading.
  5. Enhance Vocabulary and Grammar: Work on improving your vocabulary and grammar to enhance the quality of your writing. Use simple and clear language to convey your ideas effectively.
  6. Review Sample Essays and Letters: Analyze sample essays and letters to understand effective writing techniques. Pay attention to structure, content, and language usage.
  7. Seek Feedback: Share your practice essays and letters with peers or mentors for feedback. Use constructive criticism to refine your writing skills.
  8. Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on current affairs and trending topics, as they often form the basis for essay writing topics in competitive exams like SBI PO.
  9. Revise: Continuously revise your writing techniques based on feedback. Identify areas for improvement and work on them systematically.

Ideal Typing Speed For SBI PO Mains Descriptive Exam – FAQs

Q1. What is the ideal typing speed required for the SBI PO Mains Descriptive Exam?

Ans. The ideal typing speed ranges between 40 to 50 words per minute for the SBI PO Mains Descriptive Exam.

Q2. Why is typing speed important for the SBI PO Mains Descriptive Exam?

Ans. Typing speed is crucial as candidates need to efficiently articulate their thoughts within the allocated time frame to perform well in the exam.

Q3. How can I improve my typing speed for the SBI PO Mains Descriptive Exam?

Ans. Regular practice typing exercises, using online typing tools, and timing yourself can help improve your typing speed for the exam.

Q4. Is accuracy or speed more important for the SBI PO Mains Descriptive Exam?

Ans. While speed is essential, accuracy is equally important to ensure that information is conveyed clearly and concisely. It’s crucial to prioritize both speed and accuracy during preparation.


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