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SBI PO Previous Year Papers : In order to pass the SBI PO 2022 exam, candidates need a lot of practice, a calm mind, and a smart approach to the syllabus. For this exam  ‘practice’ is the only key towards success. Before you start your full-length preparation, clear your concepts if you are a complete beginner. NCERT textbooks will help you to clear the concepts.

Once you have made your fundamental concepts strong enough, you can start practicing questions from any SBI PO book. A number of books are available in the market. Before investing in a product, read the reviews and ask your peers for their opinions. Look at past years’ question papers and begin solving them regularly. Make sure you don’t wait till the last second.

The task of practicing Previous Year Question Papers will come in handy in order to enable you to solve the online exam at a faster pace. To crack SBI PO 2022 Exam, aspirants must build a smart preparation strategy that includes studying Previous Year Question Papers. We have compiled a list of previous year’s papers in this article in order to increase your chances of clearing the SBI PO 2022 Exam. 

SBI PO Previous Year Papers PDF Download

Below is a table with SBI PO Exam Previous Year Papers in PDF.

SBI PO Previous Year PapersLinks to Download PDF Files
SBI PO 2021-Prelims Memory based paperClick here
29th January 2021Click here
SBI PO 2019 exam paperClick here
SBI PO 2013 exam paperClick here
SBI PO 2020 exam paperAttempt model paper now

SBI PO Memory Based Paper-2021

SBI PO Prelims exam for 2022 is round the corner, and aspirants must be eager to know how SBI PO prelims exam going to be like. In that case, it is always suggested to look for previous year papers. But in case of SBI exams, there is dearth of exact previous year papers, as the exam is conducted in online mode. To help you solve this dilemma, here we are with SBI PO memory based paper 2021. This memory based paper is based on the feedback received from the students who appeared for SBI PO Prelims exam in 2021. The data presented in the questions, may not be exactly same, but it is almost similar to the exam that was conducted by SBI in 2021. You can download this SBI PO Memory based paper for free and practice the questions that are there in this pdf. The solution to the questions are also provided in this PDF, so make sure to thoroughly check the Questions as well as the solutions.

Sneak-Peek into the SBI PO memory Based paper 2021

SBI PO memory based paper-2021

SBI PO Previous Year Question Papers PDF – Sneak-Peek

In this section, I will list down a couple of questions from each section of the Question paper. This will give you an idea about the questions and solutions you would get by downloading the Memory-based Previous Year Question Paper PDFs.

SBI PO Previous Year Question Paper PDF

The first PDF is for SBI PO 2019 Prelims Exam. Lets us have a look at the questions for each of the 3 sections – Reasoning, Quant & English, asked in this exam:

SBI PO Previous Year Question Paper PDF – English Questions & Solutions

Q8. In the question given below, four statements are given which may or may not contain an error. Choose the one that is grammatically and meaningfully correct. If all the sentences are correct, mark ‘All are correct’ as your answer.


  1. Since lightning struck the tree and rendered its centre hollow during the 1600s, it managed to survive.
  2. The project is targeted to go fully live by February 2020 and cover thousands of terminals in Singapore.
  3. Evolution is usually represented as an orderly tree, but in reality its branches can became intertwined.
  4. The ministry observed that the message of protection of rights of children are yet to reach the masses.
  5. All are correct

Correct Option: 2

Solution: The statement in option (a) is incorrect because of use of connector ‘since’, which is used while indicating the cause; the two parts of the sentence are of contrasting nature as the tree survived even though it got struck by lightning. ‘Though’ is one of the connectors which would have fit here.

The statement in option (c) is incorrect because the modal auxiliary verb ‘can’ always takes a verb in its base form after it; ‘became’ is the past form of the verb.

The statement in option (d) is incorrect because the use of ‘are’ (third-person plural present of be) with the singular noun ‘message’ violates the subject-verb agreement.

The statement in option (b) is grammatically correct and meaningful. Hence, option (b) is the correct answer.


Q20. In the question below, a sentence is given with one blank in it. Choose the option that provides the correct word to be filled in the blank.

  • The Moon’s formation and early evolution present ____________ which, if understood, could guide us in planetary studies, and help in understanding exoplanets.


  1. Acquisitions
  2. Mysteries
  3. Adversaries
  4. Commissions
  5. None of the above

Correct Option: 2


Solution: The sentence tells us that understanding certain events related to the moon can in turn help us understand exoplanets and can guide us in planetary studies. The use of ‘understanding’ can be taken as a clue that ‘mysteries’ is the right word for the blank. The remaining words do not fit in the context and do not make the sentence meaningful. B is the right answer.

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The practice of SBI PO 2021 Prelims Previous Year Papers can help candidates in understanding the exam pattern. The SBI PO exam pattern for 2021 is given below. A new exam format for the SBI PO Prelims test was introduced in 2018. The feature of a 20-minute sectional time limit for each portion of the SBI PO Prelims has been incorporated. However, there has been no change in the total time duration.

SBI PO Exam pattern 2021:

Prelims Exam pattern

SectionNo. of QuestionsMaximum MarksDuration
English Language303020 Minutes
Reasoning Ability353520 Minutes
Quantitative Aptitude353520 Minutes
Total10010060 Minutes

SBI PO Mains Exam Pattern

Name of Tests (Objective)No. of QuestionsMaximum MarksTime
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude456060 Mins
Data Analysis & Interpretation356045 Mins
General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness404035 Mins
English Language354040 Mins
Total1552003 Hours

Note: The Descriptive Test will be held on the same day as the mains test and will last 30 minutes. There will be two questions for a total of 50 points in the English Language Test (Letter Writing & Essay).

Check the study plan for SBI PO 2021 exam.

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This is all from our side, stay tuned for updates. ALL THE BEST!


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