How To Clear RBI Assistant Mains in 4 Weeks? – RBI Assistant Study Plan

Amidst the lockdown and coronavirus outbreak, many exams have been postponed with no tentative dates for the conduction of the exam. RBI Assistant Mains is one such exam. But as we always say, that no matter what your preparations should not be hampered. Considering this, we are bringing an RBI Assistant Study plan on how you can prepare for the exam in just 4 weeks.

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Considering the competition, and the level of the exam, one must follow a regular study routine ensuring that sufficient time is allotted to all the sections that are asked in the exam. This lockdown has provided enough time for every aspirant to prepare thus making the competition even more.  Let’s dive in and see how you can effectively utilize this time.

So, read along!

1. How Can I Prepare For RBI Assistant Mains in 4 Weeks? – RBI Assistant Study Plan

To make the most out of this study plan, we have devised the plan and distributed it into 4 weeks, thus allowing you to prepare and eventually crack the exam. Let’s read ahead and see!

1.1 Week 1 – RBI Assistant Mains Study Plan

Days Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Day 1 RBI Assistant Mains |  Mock Test 1 Time   Analyzing Your Performance | Identify Strengths & Weaknesses Brush up your Basics | Go through Formulae and Short tricks. Vocabulary Practice
Day 2 Seating   Arrangements Concept + Test & General/Financial Awareness Solve RC Practice   DI + Fillers (Single+Double + Mix) Vocabulary Practice
Day 3 Reasoning   Puzzles Concepts + Ratio & Proportion Concepts Number Series Concepts Computer Aptitude Practice
Day 4 Reasoning   Puzzles Practice Test Vocabulary   Level 1 and 2 RBI   Assistant Mains Mock Test 2
Day 5 Simplification/   Approximation Concepts Simplification/   Approximation Practice Test Banking/Financial   Awareness
Day 6 Reading   Comprehension Concept Reading   Comprehension Practice Test, Vocabulary Practice DI   -Caselet & Tabular
Day 7 Cloze   Test Concept Banking & General Awareness English   Fillers


1.2 Week 2 – RBI Assistant Mains Study Plan

Days Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Day 8 Error   Spotting Concepts Error   Spotting Practice Test Average + HCF &   LCM
Day 9 Practice   Puzzle + General/Banking Awareness Inequality   Concepts + Practice Test Computer Ability Revision
Day 10 Syllogism   Concepts + Test Financial Awareness Revision Practice  Reading Comprehension
Day 11 RBI Assistant Mains   Mock Test 3 Input-Output   Concepts + DI Caselet Input-Output   Practice Test + Financial Awareness Revision
Day 12 Data   Sufficiency Concepts + DI – Chart, and Graph Level 1 and 2 Data Sufficiency Practice Test Computer Knowledge Revision
Day 13 Quadratic Equations Concepts Quadratic   Equation Practice Test, Grammar Practice Cloze   Test Practice + General Awareness Revision
Day 14 Practice   Odd One Out + Probability Concepts & Practice Averages,  Mixtures, and Alligation Concepts Banking  Awareness Practice


1.3 Week 3 – RBI Assistant Mains Study Plan

Days Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Day 15 RBI Assistant Mains   Mock Test 4 Profit   & Loss Concepts Profit   & Loss Practice Test + Computer Ability Practice
Day 16 Simple   & Compound Interest Concepts + Banking Awareness MCQ Test Simple   & Compound Interest Practice Test RC & Cloze Test   Practice
Day 17 Time,   Speed & Distance Concepts + Para jumbles Practice Time,   Speed & Distance Practice Test + Financial Awareness Revision Para   Jumbles & Sentence Completion + Vocab
Day 18 Sentence   Improvement/ Correction Concepts Sentence   Improvement/ Correction Practice Test Alphanumeric Series Concepts & Practice   + General Awareness
Day 19 Logical   Reasoning Concepts + Computer Knowledge Revision Logical   Reasoning Practice Test Error   Detection + Grammar Rules revision
Day 20 Blood   Relations Concept + Computer Ability Practice Blood Relations Practice Test Practice   Cloze Test
Day 21 RBI Assistant Mains   Mock Test 5 Direction   Sense Concept Direction   Sense Practice Test+ Vocab Practice


1.4 Week 4 – RBI Assistant Mains Study Plan

Days Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Day 22 Order   And Ranking Concept Order & Ranking   Practice Test RC & Cloze Test   Practice
Day 23 RBI   Assistant Mains Mock Test 6 +   Banking/Financial Awareness Revision Percentages   & Partnership Concepts + Mensuration level 1 and 2 Percentages,   Partnership & Mensuration Practice Test
Day 24 Ratio &   Proportion Practice Test Direction Sense Sentence   Correction + Computer Ability Revision
Day 25 Time   & Work Concepts Time   & Work Practice Test + General/Banking Awareness Problems on Ages Practice Test
Day 26 RBI Assistant Mains   Mock Test 7 Analyze Complete Mock   Test Computer Ability Test
Day 27 RBI Assistant Mains   Mock Test 8 RBI   Assistant Mains Mock Test 9 Take   & Analyze Your Complete Mock test + Revise The Concepts
Day 28 RBI Assistant Mains   Mock Test 10 Revise  Banking/General/Financial Awareness Analyze and Relax


Remember Analyzing your mock test would be the most important step, in your final preparations. You need to be aware of where you are lacking and what are your strong points. Mock Tests helps you do that. Our AI-Based Analytics helps you give a detailed description of the test taken.

2. Few Things To Keep In Mind

  • Analyze your Mock Tests positively and plan your preparations accordingly. Remember that the above-mentioned plans can be altered as per your feasibility.
  • Keep a regular check on General/Financial/Banking Awareness to stay updated with the latest information.
  • Computer knowledge is again an important part of this exam. You need to follow a regular schedule to cover up all the topics.
  • Take Mock Tests on a regular basis and follow the plan to cover up your weaker sections.
  • Solve Enough Practice Questions to build up confidence. For the Reasoning section, focus more on Puzzles and Syllogisms. Practice enough question types in our High-Level Reasoning Test.
  • You can also take the specially curated New Pattern English Tests as per the latest pattern. This will help you get an idea of the changes in the pattern of the questions asked.
  • Follow Oliveboard’s Following sources to prepare Effectively.
    Monthly Current Affairs Bolt
    Computer Bolt
    Financial Bolt
    Static GK Bolt.

3. RBI Assistant Online Course – For Mains 2019-20

This was our preparation plan for the RBI Assistant 2019-20 Main Exam.

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6. RBI Assistant Mains Mock Tests Solutions and Analysis 

7. Quant and Reasoning Previous years papers with solutions

Last but not least

8. RBI Assistant Mains Exam Attempt Strategy

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Free Resources: 

Thank you all for keeping the patience and reading the blog until the end. We hope that the study plan shared here proves useful to you. Follow the plan and guide your preparations accordingly.

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