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SBI PO: SBI PO Work-Life Balance

SBI PO Work Life Balance

SBI PO is one of the most respected jobs in the country’s banking sector. Every year, millions of aspirants aim to become Probationary Officers (POs) at the country’s largest public-sector bank (PSB) but becoming an SBI PO is not easy and only a few succeed in making it to the elite commercial banking company. However, SBI PO is such an interesting job for the millions due to various reasons. After all, SBI PO Salary and Perks are the best in the industry along with the fact that SBI PO provides ample opportunities for the POs to train their skills and knowledge to be updated with the industry’s trends. There are countless other perks and benefits that SBI PO managers enjoy. In this article, we have covered an important concept and a frequently asked question by SBI PO aspirants: “what is the work life balance as an SBI PO?” or “does an SBI PO have work life balance?” in this blog article titled, “SBI PO Work Life Balance”.

SBI PO Important Dates

Before we go over to the SBI PO work life balance discussion, let us first review the important dates for our aspirants. Hence, for your reference, the SBI PO 2018 important dates have been shared below:

SBI PO 2018 Important Dates

SBI PO Work Life Balance

One of the most common questions regarding any job that aspirants or applicants may have is about the work life balance of the job. SBI PO work life balance is therefore a common aspect that many aspirants wonder about. Since SBI PO is a prestigious post in the nation’s leading PSB, it might occur to aspirants that SBI PO is a comfortable job with comfortable working job profile and assured job security as it is a government job. However, SBI PO also demands a lot from the candidate and hence to clear the query, we have come up with the blog article titled “SBI PO Work Life Balance”.

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So, when talking about the SBI PO Work Life Balance, here are some points to consider:

  1. Being an SBI PO is not easy. The examination itself is hard to crack (as some of the most difficult questions come in SBI PO examinations), but what truly makes SBI PO stand out is the 9 hours of highly demanding work and responsibilities. An SBI PO is essentially trained to become a manager for an entire branch of SBI and hence they are the one person handling all the responsibilities to essentially keep the branch operating smoothly.
  2. Though being an SBI PO is already an intellectually demanding task given the complex nature of work they do, the work increases drastically during 2 times in the year – one is when a quarter ends and the other being the end of the financial year. During those times, the concept of SBI PO Work Life Balance does not exist as there is only more and more work to be done.
  3. SBI PO Work Life Balance is also affected by another factor: training and examinations. All selected SBI PO candidates are required to complete various e-lessons and online learning programs as well as study for certifications such as JAIIB (Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance) and CAIIB (Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance). Those are not easy certifications, but being an SBI PO, one is required to study and clear both examinations if they wish to be promoted. Hence, to study and clear those examination, an SBI PO has to study in weekends as well, which further reduces the time they have for other things.
  4. Due to the arduous task of crunching numbers for several hours on the end, an SBI PO may feel tired and drained by the time they are done with their everyday work. It depends on the individual as to how they take the job, however. One SBI PO may find the job profile to be interesting because they may be capable of working for several hours without any loss in their concentration or motivation. However, the same might not be true for another SBI PO. Hence, the concept of SBI PO Work Life Balance differs from PO to PO. For the SBI PO who cannot work for hours without feeling tired and bored, there would consider the idea of SBI PO Work Life Balance to be a myth, but for someone who is an SBI PO and enjoys working long-hours in a fast-paced, competitive environment, they will surely find SBI PO Work Profile to be satisfying for their professional and career development.

So, the question of SBI PO Work Life Balance depends on the person you ask. For those who are workaholics or love working for long hours on challenging tasks along with a fast growth track, the SBI PO might just be a dream come true. However, for anyone else, it might not be their ideal job.

Hence, if you are looking for a challenging work profile that not only deals with hardcore banking but also offers some of the best perks and benefits in the industry, the SBI PO should be your go-to option!

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