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Best Sites for JAIIB: The exam for the Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (JAIIB) is in November. Specifically, the exam dates are the 12th, 13th, and 20th of November. The first paper, Principles, and Practices of Banking is on the 12th. Accounting and Finance for Bankers is the second paper and will be on the 13th. Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking is the third paper and is on the 20th. With about one month left, we have compiled some of the best sources of preparation. These will surely help you clear your JAIIB exam!

Best Sites for JAIIB Preparation

Preparing online for exams can be both very convenient and also daunting. It is very efficient to be learning from wherever you are located while having answers and resources at your fingertips. However, it can also be overwhelming if you are not aware of the best sites to find your learning material. With the immense range of choices, a candidate can feel lost. Here are a few suggestions of online learning material sources for your all-around JAIIB prep.

Best Sites for JAIIB Preparation: IIBF Website

Funnily enough, the official website of IIBF itself is the best source of your learning. IIBF is the acronym for the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. It is a registered public company established by the Reserve Bank of India. It comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance and imparts education in banking and finance.

The IIBF conducts numerous courses that help banking and finance professionals in service to enhance their skill sets. These may not just be for in-service banking professionals. There are also Diploma courses available for non-banking professionals.

IIBF has three main flagship courses which are its more sought-after ones. These are:

  1. Junior Associate of Banking and Finance (JAIIB)
  2. Certified Associate of Banking and Finance (CAIIB)
  3. Diploma in Banking and Finance (DBF) {for non-banking professionals}

There are a number of other courses provided by the IIBF.

Candidates aspiring to clear JAIIB need to look no further than the IIBF’s own portal for learning resources. IIBF provides a comprehensive bilingual list of e-books to refer to. It also provides video lectures and e-learning for all those who need it.

Book List

IIBF has published a list of books recommended for JAIIB preparation. Candidates can purchase these via Amazon or Flipkart. These books will cover all your required topics and modules for the three papers. The books are available both in English and Hindi and the respective titles are also provided for reference.

best sites for jaiib

Video Lectures

IIBF also provides video lectures for these courses. The videos may be found on their youtube channel.

best sites for jaiib


JAIIB and CAIIB are courses and exams that are only open to candidates who are members of IIBF. The e-learning portal of IIBF for JAIIB can be accessed by members having the member login ID and password.

You can log in to the e-learning portal of IIBF here:

Best Sites for JAIIB Preparation: Oliveboard

Oliveboard is an established name in e-learning and study resources. We also provide the best quality mock tests, which are an essential part of any complete preparation plan. Our mock tests are up-to-date with exam patterns, question types, and marking schemes. What’s more, you get an accurate AI-based analysis of your performance, which helps pinpoint the weaker areas that you need to work on and the stronger ones where you perform well.

For JAIIB, we provide a plethora of study resources to supplement your IIBF-based learning. This includes courses, mock tests, study plans, study notes, practice questions, e-books, and a lot more!

JAIIB Mock Tests

Oliveboard’s JAIIB Mock Test series for 2022 includes a variety of features. These are as follows:

  • 15 JAIIB Mock Tests
  • Includes 5 LRB Mock Tests for JAIIB
  • Includes 5 PPB Mock Tests for JAIIB
  • Includes 5 AFB Mock Tests for JAIIB
  • Includes 105 Sectional Tests
  • Principles and Practices of Banking Sectional Tests
  • Accounts and Finance for Bankers Sectional Tests
  • Legal and Regulatory Laws for Banks Sectional Tests
  • Complete + Subject-Wise Courses
  • Free Topic-Wise Pdf Notes

In addition to full-length JAIIB exam pattern-compliant mock tests, you will also get 5 mock tests for each of the three papers. There will also be 105 paper-specific sectional tests. These tests will help you familiarise yourself with the exam interface, the pattern, and the exam environment. You will be able to analyze the modules or topics that you are spending more time over.

Solutions will be provided for each test to ensure that the candidate is aware of the correct answers and the concept/method to get the questions right. The AI-based performance engine is very helpful in providing a thorough performance analysis.

JAIIB Courses

Oliveboard’s JAIIB Courses are comprehensive and are structured to suit the candidate’s needs. Videos for all the courses are available for viewing multiple times at the candidate’s convenience. PDFs for the classes are also made available after the class is over. This way, candidates can have permanent access to the video content in notes form

best sites for jaiib

All courses also come with full access to JAIIB Mock Test Series. This way your learning can be streamlined by studying the topics and testing your knowledge using mock tests.

You can also access videos on problem-solving for each of the three papers on our official YouTube channel:

Study Material

What makes Oliveboard one of the best sites for JAIIB Preparation is the availability of numerous free study materials. Candidates can access topic-specific study notes that help in breaking down various concepts to the basics. You can also find various practice question e-books and solved question banks with previous years’ questions.

You can find our 30-day JAIIB preparation plan here:

Here you can find a paper-wise list of ebooks for various topics that you can download for free:

Principles and Practices of Banking
Principles And Practices Of Banking Principles And Practices Of Banking | Study Notes For JAIIB (
Reserve Bank of IndiaReserve Bank of India: Organisation & Functions – Oliveboard
Types Of Shares And Their IssueTypes Of Shares And Their Issue- Types, Classification, Bonus Shares (
Understanding The Balance Sheet And Its FormatUnderstanding The Balance Sheets And Its Format (
Functions of BankFunctions of Bank – Short Notes for JAIIB Exam | Oliveboard
Accounting and Finance for Bankers
Accounting And Finance For BankersAccounting And Finance For Bankers | Study Notes For JAIIB (
Assets & Liabilities Assets & Liabilities – Meaning, Legal Requirements, and more (
Calculation of Interest and AnnuitiesCalculation of Interest and Annuities-Business Mathematics For JAIIB (
Calculation of YTMCalculation of YTM(Yield to Maturity)-Basics of Business Mathematics (
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking
Public Sector Banks And Cooperative BanksPublic Sector Banks And Cooperative Banks | JAIIB Study Notes (
Consumer Protection ActConsumer Protection Act COPRA- Free Pdf Notes for JAIIB 2022 (
Risk and Basic Risk Management FrameworkRisk and Basic Risk Management Framework JAIIB | Oliveboard
Risks in Banking BusinessRisk in Banking Business
Types of Credit FacilitiesTypes of Credit Facilities | Oliveboard
Practice Questions e-Books
LRAB Practice MCQsLRAB Practice MCQs
AFB Practice MCQsAFB Practice MCQs
PPB Practice MCQsPPB Practice MCQs
JAIIB Genius- Weekly Practice Questions

Every week, Oliveboard publishes a compiled e-book of 30 questions with 10 questions each from the three papers. This e-book is very useful in practicing the maximum number of questions and revising any you may need to revise. You can find the master blog of JAIIB Genius here:

Best Sites for JAIIB: Conclusion

There are numerous sites available online for JAIIB preparation. However, the abovementioned sites will help provide focused preparation material in an organized manner that will help reduce your confusion drastically and provide you with a clear understanding of how to proceed. With comprehensive study plans, materials, mock tests, video lectures, and more, you can rest assured of your success in the JAIIB exam this November.

Best Sites for JAIIB: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clear JAIIB on the first attempt?

Certainly. JAIIB can be easily cleared on the first attempt as you require only 50 marks to clear the exam. You can find the detailed qualifying criteria here.

How difficult is the JAIIB exam?

JAIIB is an exam for those who are already employed in the banking and finance sector. In this case, it is relatively easy to clear this exam as you would have already learned more than half the topics tested. It helps immensely to have practical knowledge of the concepts being tested too.

When will the JAIIB exam be held?

The JAIIB exam for 2022 was first held in June. The second cycle will be held in November 2022. The dates of the exam are the 12th, 13th and 20th.

Is there any change in the JAIIB exam pattern?

From the 2023 May/June cycle onwards, the exam pattern for JAIIB, CAIIB, and DBF will change. There are changes in the syllabus, qualifying criteria, and marking scheme. For a more detailed analysis of these changes, you can refer here and here.


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