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Union Budget 2019-20 – Free Online Quiz

Union Budget 2019-20 Quiz

Union Minister, Piyush Goyal presented the Interim Budget 2019-20 in the Parliament on 1st of February 2019 on behalf of Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley. Budget 2019-20 facts and figures will be of extreme importance for all the upcoming Banking and Government  Exams in 2019 such as  SBI PO and Clerk, IBPS PO and Clerk, RBI Grade B Officer and Assistant, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO, IBPS RRB PORailways RRBSEBI and many more.Take the Union Budget 2019-20 Quiz and check your knowledge of the Interim Budget 2019-20.

Here in this blog we provide you all with a Union Budget 2019-20 Quiz which will help you in revising the various important announcements made in the budget as well aid you in retention.

Check the key highlights of Budget 2019.

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Union Budget 2019-20 Quiz

Q1. According to the interim budget 2019-20, what is estimated fiscal deficit?

  1. 3.4%
  2. 3.3%
  3. 3.2%
  4. 3.1%

Q2. What is the revised TDS threshold on rental income as per the interim budget 2019-20?

  1. Rs 2 Lakhs
  2. Rs 2.5 Lakhs
  3. Rs 2.4 Lakhs
  4. Rs 1.8 Lakhs

Q3. What is the amount allocated to the MGNREGA for the year 2019-20 according to the interim budget 2019-20?

  1. Rs 80,000 Crores
  2. Rs 90,000 Crores
  3. Rs 50,000 Crores
  4. Rs 60,000 Crores

Q4. What is the allocation for the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) for the year 2019-20 as per the interim budget?

  1. Rs 19,000 Crores
  2. Rs 25,000 Crores
  3. Rs 15,000 Crores
  4. Rs 30,000 Crores

Q5. The 22nd All India Institute of Medical Sciences will be established in which of the Indian States?

  1. Jammu & Kashmir
  2. Himachal Pradesh
  3. Assam
  4. Haryana

Q6. What is the outlay of Pradhan Mantri Shram-Yogi Maandhan (PMSYM) Scheme introduced for the unorganized sector workers with monthly income upto Rs. 15,000?

  1. Rs 600 Crores
  2. Rs 500 Crores
  3. Rs 800 Crores
  4. Rs 100 Crores

Q7. What is the allocation for defence budget as per the interim budget for the first time ever?

  1. Rs 6 Lakh Crores
  2. Rs 4 Lakh Crores
  3. Rs 3 Lakh Crores
  4. Rs 10 Lakh Crores

Q8. What is the Disinvestment target for year 2019-20 as per the interim budget?

  1. Rs 80,000 Crores
  2. Rs 65,000 Crores
  3. Rs 90,000 Crores
  4. Rs 60,000 Crores

Q9. Which scheme is introduced in the interim budget 2019-20 for the sustainable genetic upgradation of cow resources and enhance production and productivity of cows?

  1. Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog
  2. Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayaat
  3. Bhartiya Kamdhenu Aayog
  4. Bhartiya Kavach Aayog

Q10. The Interim Budget 2019-20 puts total expenditure for year 2019-20 at?

  1. Rs 36,23,500 crore
  2. Rs 27,84,200 crore
  3. Rs 24,13,800 crore
  4. Rs 15,72,300 crore

Union Budget 2019-20 – Answer Key

Q. No.  Q. 1 Q. 2 Q. 3 Q. 4 Q. 5 Q. 6 Q. 7 Q. 8 Q. 9 Q.10
Correct Option  1 3 4 1 4 2 3 3 1 2


This was all from us at Oliveboard in this Union Budget 2019-20 Quiz and we hope you like the same. Visit the daily updates page for more such quizzes.

You can download the free E-book for summary of Interim Budget 2019-20.

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