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Global Banking Regulations and Basel Accords – An Overview

Basel Accords

Global Banking Regulations and BASEL Accords is a very important topic when it comes to Banking and Government Exams especially RBI Grade BRBI AssistantSEBINABARDSIDBISBI PO, IBPS PO exams etc.

Here we provide you all with the complete overview of Banking Regulations that Global Banks follow and a short summary of Basel Accords. Read about them and get yourself acquainted with the regulations that the Banks need to follow to function in an efficient manner.

Download the free PDF for the Global Banking Regulations and Basel Accords from the adjoining link or from the link provided below: http://bit.ly/Basel-Norms

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Get a glimpse of the E-book for Global Banking Regulations and Basel Accords below.

Sample Questions

Q1. Which among the following is not one of the principles of Banking Regulation?

(1) Minimum Requirements

(2) Market Discipline

(3) Licensing & Supervision

(4) Coordination & Control

Correct Answer: (4)

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 Q2. When were the BASEL III guidelines Issued?

(1) 2010

(2) 2006

(3) 2007

(4) 2015

Correct Answer: (1)

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Global Banking Regulations and Basel Accords

Let us learn about the Basic Principles of Banking Regulations in this eBook. There is a brief overview of the BASEL Accords as well.

General Principles of Banking Regulations

What are Banking Regulations?

Banking Regulations are a form of Government Regulations that subject banks to certain guidelines, requirements and restrictions to create market transparency among Banking Institutions, Corporations and Individuals with whom the banking institutions conduct business.

The interconnection of the banking industry and the global economy as well as the national economy, it becomes very important to have certain regulatory controls over these banking institutions and maintain control over the standardized practices that these need to follow.


The objectives of Bank regulations are as follows:

  • Prudential – To protect the depositor’s money and to reduce the level of risk to which bank’s creditors are exposed.
  • Systemic risk reduction – To reduce the risk of disruption resulting from adverse trading conditions by banks causing multiple or major bank failures.
  • Avoid misuse of banks – To reduce the risk of banks being used for criminal purposes, for e.g. laundering the proceeds of crime (Money Laundering).
  • Protect Banking confidentiality
  • Credit allocation – To direct credit to favoured sectors (Sectors requiring credit allocation).
  • It may also include rules about fair treatment of customers and practising Corporate Social Responsibility.

To read the eBook in its entirety, download the PDF.

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