The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Words – 10 January 2020

Let us move ahead in this new year by learning something new daily. What would be better than learning a few new English words daily which will not only enhance our English Language Vocabulary but also would raise our confidence levels while having day-to-day conversations in the English Language? We will be coming up with this daily article on Oliveboard giving you a list of English Vocabulary Words taken from The Hindu Editorial, with their correct meanings, synonyms, antonyms and correct usage. This blog-post will aid you immensely in your competitive exams preparation if you are consistent in reading this article daily. So, read along the Daily Vocabulary Words 10 January 2020.

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The Hindu – Daily Vocabulary Words 10 January 2020


Meanings & Synonyms Antonyms


Disproportionate Too large or too small in comparison with something else


Not commensurate with, Relatively too large for, Relatively too small for, Inordinate

Proportional There are a disproportionate number of girls in the class.
Evacuation The action of evacuating a person or a place.

Clearance, Shifting, Expulsion, Deportation, Emptying, Depopulation, Desertion

Occupy, Seize, Fill, Hold, Influx The first evacuations came ten days after the disaster.
Foster Encourage the development of something, especially something desirable.


Encourage, Promote, Further, Stimulate, Advance, Forward

Neglect, Suppress, Destroy


The teacher’s task is to foster learning.
Indelibly In a way, that cannot be removed or forgotten.

Always, Eternally, Ever, Everlastingly, Evermore, Forever

Once, Never, Nevermore


The blood had left an indelible mark on her shirt.
Inferno A large fire that is dangerously out of control.

Conflagration, Fire, Holocaust

  The building was an inferno by the time the fire service arrived.
Reckon To decide the size, amount, number, or distance of something without actual measurement.

Calculate, Call, Conjecture, Estimate, Figure, Gauge

Calibrate, Measure, Scale, Compute, Work Out


I tried to reckon the size of the crowd at the stadium.
Tremendous Very great in amount, Scale, Or Intensity.

Very Great, Huge, Enormous, Immense, Colossal, Massive

Tiny, Small, Slight, Soft They were making a tremendous amount of noise last night.
Uninhabitable Place unsuitable for living in.



Habitable, Fit to live in, Fit to occupy, Usable, Liveable-in If there’s no roof, then the house is uninhabitable.
Unprecedented Never done or known before.

Unparalleled, Unequalled, Unmatched, Unrivalled

Normal, Common


The government took the unprecedented step of releasing confidential correspondence.


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We hope that you find the blog “Daily Vocabulary Words 10 January 2020 and its contents beneficial. Stay-tuned to Oliveboard for more such articles.

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