50 New Pattern Syllogism PDF [Only a Few Type]- Free Ebook

We have brought to you the Syllogism Questions of Only a Few types in this New Pattern Syllogism PDF here in this blog. These types are being frequently asked in competitive exams these days. So, why not master these with adequate practice and also learn the right approach to solve them? Let us not waste any more time and solve some of the Syllogism Questions for Bank and SSC Exams.

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New Pattern Syllogism PDF – Free E-book

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Sample Questions & Answers

Syllogism Questions for Bank and SSC Exams – Only a Few Type Questions

I. Statements 

  • All onions are costly.
  • Only a few costly are tomatoes.
  • No tomatoes are brown.


1. All costly can be brown. 

2. All onion can be brown. 

Answer: Only 2 follows

II. Statements

  • All the beds are wooden.
  • Some wooden are tables.
  • Only a few tables are iron.


1. Some beds are iron is not a possibility.

2. No tables are bed.

Answer: Neither follows

III. Statements

  • No fresh are stale.
  • Some greens are stale.
  • Only few fresh are grapes.


1. All grapes can be stale.

2. Some greens can be fresh.

Answer: Only 2 follows

IV. Statements

  • Only a few blue are water.
  • Some water are ice.
  • No ice are blue.


1. Some water is not ice.

2. All ice can be water.

Answer: Both follow

V. Statements

  • Some offices are building.
  • Only a few buildings are houses.
  • Only a few buildings are green.


1. Some offices are green.

2. Some houses can be green.

Answer: Only 2 follows

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VI. Statements

  • No kings are knights.
  • Some knights are warriors.
  • Only a few prince are warriors.


1. All prince can be kings.

2. All king can be warrior.

Answer: Both follow

VII. Statements

  • No blues are honey.
  • Some honey are brown.
  • All brown are black


1. Only a few honey are black.

2. Some black can be blue.

Answer: Only 1 Follows

VIII. Statements

  • Some planets are pluto.
  • Only a few pluto are mercury.
  • No sun is mercury.


1. Some pluto is not sun.

2. All planets can be sun.

Answer: Both Follow

IX. Statements

  • All horses are mares.
  • Only a few mares are foals. 
  • Some foals are breeds.


1. All horses can be foals.

2. Some breeds are not mares.

Answer: Only 1 Follows

X. Statements

  • Some breads are butter.
  • No butter is tea.
  • All tea is biscuit.


1. Some biscuits are not butter.

2. Some butter are not biscuit.

Answer: Only 1 Follows

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Solve the above-given questions at your end first and then watch the below-given video to know the approach to solve the questions. 

This is all from us in this blog “Syllogism Questions for Bank and SSC Exams”. We will be coming up with more questions on syllogisms and many other relevant topics. 

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