The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Words – 9 January 2020

Let us move ahead in this new year by learning something new daily. What would be better than learning a few new English words on a daily basis which will not only enhance our English Language Vocabulary but also would raise our confidence levels while having day-to-day conversations in the English Language? We will be coming up with this daily article on Oliveboard giving you a list of English Vocabulary Words taken from The Hindu Editorial, with their correct meanings, synonyms, antonyms and correct usage. This blog-post will aid you immensely in your competitive exams preparation if you are consistent in reading this article daily. So, read along the Daily Vocabulary Words 9 January 2020.

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The Hindu – Daily Vocabulary Words 9 January 2020


Meanings & Synonyms Antonyms


Catastrophic Involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering;


Disastrous, Calamitous, Cataclysmic, Ruinous, Tragic, Fatal

Fortunate, Beneficial


Continued rain will cause catastrophic flooding.
Disastrous Causing great damage;


Catastrophic, Calamitous, Cataclysmic, Tragic, Devastating

Fortunate, Successful, Beneficial


Such a war would be disastrous for the country.
Disconcertingly Disturbing to one’s composure or self-possession; Upsetting, Discomfiting;


Confusing, usually in the face of something totally unexpected; Perplexing






He looked up and, rather disconcertingly, found the professor’s eyes fixed on him.
Expedite Make an action or process happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly;


Speed up, Accelerate, Hurry, Hasten, Step Up, Quicken

Delay, Hinder


Something needs to be done to expedite the process.
Formidable Inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable;


Intimidating, Forbidding, Redoubtable, Daunting, Alarming

Pleasant looking, Comforting, Easy, Weak


He worked in the property business for a number of years, acquiring a reputation as a formidable wheeler-dealer.
Proportionate Correct or suitable in size, amount, or degree when considered in relation to something else;


Balance, Coherence, Consonance, Harmony



Disproportion, Disunity, 



His success was proportionate to his efforts.
Retaliation The action of returning a military attack;


Counterattack, Revenge, Vengeance, Reprisal, Retribution, Requital, Recrimination

Pardon, Condonation, Forgiveness If someone insults you, don’t retaliate as it only makes the situation worse.
Shrug-off To brush aside;

To remove a garment by wriggling out;


Look down on something;

Brush Aside, Brush Off, Dismiss, Disregard, Ignore

Considered, pile it on thick, Put first, Place emphasis She shrugged off the criticism.
Tangible Perceptible by touch;


Touchable, Palpable, Tactile, Material, Physical, Real

Intangible We need tangible evidence if we’re going to take legal action.


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