JAIIB Important Topics for AFB and PPB 2024

JAIIB Important Topics

JAIIB Important Topics: JAIIB is an flagship course of IIBF. It is the statutory professional body for Bankers in India. Around 1.50 Lac candidates appear for the exam, this makes JAIIB Exam competitive. Syllabus of the JAIIB exam is huge, as working professionals you won’t get much time to prepare for the exam, hence we are providing you a list of JAIIB important topics that you must cover before exam. Find out the list below.

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JAIIB Important Topics AFB

Module A and Module B are the most important modules of AFB. Often many questions come from these two modules. It is evident from all the previous exams that Module A and B are highly significant.

JAIIB Important Topics AFB – Module A Priority list Chapter wise

  • Depreciation and its accounting 
  • Foreign Exchange Arithmetic 
  • Calculation of YTM 
  • Capital Budgeting 
  • Calculation of Interest and Annuities

Module B – Priority List Chapter Wise

Module B consists of some of the theory part as well, so it is scoring for non commerce candidates as well. It helps non-commerce candidates to score well in the exam.

  • Trial balance, rectification of errors and adjusting and closing entries 
  • Capital and revenue expenditure 
  • Bank reconciliation statement 
  • Basic accounting procedures 
  • Definition, scope and accounting standards 
  • Bills of exchange 
  • Maintenance of cash/ subsidiary books and ledgers

Module C – Priority List Chapter Wise

Ratio Analysis is an must topic of JAIIB. You have to prepare for Ratio Analysis without fail.

  • Ratio analysis 
  • Preparation of final accounts 
  • Balance sheet equation 
  • Company accounts 
  • Final accounts of banking company 
  • Accounting in computerized environment 

JAIIB Important Topics PPB

Just like AFB, even in PPB module A and B are extremely Important. Covering these two module is mandatory.

JAIIB Important Topics PPB – Module A Priority list Chapter wise

  • Indian Financial System: role of RBI, and the entities that consists the Indian Financial System 
  • Factoring And Forfaiting Services and Off-Balance Sheet Items; 
  • Risk Management and Basal Records: Basel I, II & III Accords 
  • Banking Regulation; objects, tools, functions & restrictions; 
  • Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking & International Banking: requirements, products & instruments etc. 
  • CIBIL, Fair Practices Code for Debt Collection And BCSBI: role & functions of CIBIL, Codes of BCSBI 
  • Role Of Money Markets, Debt Markets and Foreign Market: Kinds of money, Debt instruments, FEMA etc. 
  • Role And Functions of Capital Market And SEBI: Stock exchanges, Financial products, ASBA, QIP, Stock Brokers etc. 
  • Mutual Funds and Insurance Companies: the management, role & functions of IRDA 
  • Recent Development in The Financial System

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Module B Priority List Chapter Wise

  • Priority Sector Advances; Targets & Sub-targets 
  • Different Mode of Charging Securities; Assignment, Lien, Set-off, Pledge, Hedge, & Mortgage etc. 
  • Payment And Collection of Cheques and Other Negotiable Instruments; Bouncing, Forging, return etc. 
  • Consumer Protection Act & Ombudsman Scheme: operational aspects 
  • Bankers Special Relationship: Garnishee Order, Attachment Order, Right of Setoff, Banker’s Lien 
  • Know Your Customer, Anti Money Laundering: Norms 
  • Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME): Act, Policy Package, Credit rating 
  • Non-Performing Assets: Income recognition, Asset classification & norms; 
  • Agriculture Finance: Loans & Risk mitigation 
  • Documentation: Stamping and Securitization; procedures 
  • SHG: Self Help Groups and Other Schemes; functions, role & capacity building etc. 
  • Types Of Collaterals and Their Characteristics: definitions of various securities that can be taken as collateral. 
  • Principles Of Lending, Working Capital Assessment and Credit Monitoring: Non fund-based lending, Term Loans, credit monitoring etc. 
  • Banker Customer Relationship: Deposit products & the services available for customers. 
  • Credit Loans, Home Loans, Personal Loans, Consumer Loans 
  • Financial Literacy: how is customer made aware of the various customers 
  • Opening Accounts of Various Types of Customers: operational aspects & maintenance etc.
  • Ancillary Services such as Remittances, Safe, Deposit Lockers: Electronic Benefit Transfer etc. 
  • Cash Operations 
  • Financial Inclusion: BC & BFs, mobile based transactions, rural training institutes. 

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