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Current Affairs and General Awareness section is one of the most important and high scoring sections of SSC Exams like SSC-CGL, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL etc. Therefore, we regularly provide you with Free Static GK and Current Affairs related E-books for your preparation. In this section, questions related to Scientific Names of Animals have been asked. Hence it becomes very important for all the candidates to be aware about all the important Scientific Names of Animals.

In all the Bank and Government exams, every mark counts and even 1 mark can be the difference between success and failure. Therefore, to help you get these important marks we have created a Free E-book on Scientific Names of Animals.

The list of all the important Scientific Names of Animals is given in this Free E-book on Scientific Names of Animals.

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Glimpse of the Ebook -:

Scientific Names of Animals

Common Name Scientific Name
African bush elephant Loxodonta africana
Amazon river dolphin Inia geoffrensis
American alligator Alligator mississippiensis
American bison Bison bison
Andean condor Vultur gryphus
Arabian camel Camelus dromedarius
Asian elephant Elephas maximus
Atlantic salmon Salmo salar
Bactrian Camel Camelus bactrianus
Bahaman raccoon Procyon lotor maynardi
Banded pitviper Trimeresurus fasciatus
Black rhinoceros Diceros bicornis
Black widow spider Latrodectus mactans


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Sample Questions –

Q. The Scientific name of ‘Human Being’ is – (SSC 2017)

(a) Homo Nigrum

(b) Melogena Sapiens

(c) Homo Sapiens

(d) Tigris Solanum

Answer: Option C – Homo Sapiens


Q. ‘Canis lupus familiaris’ is the scientific name of?

(a) Sheep

(b) Dog

(c) Cat

(d) Pig

Answer: Option B – Dog

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