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JAIIB Exam Analysis

JAIIB Exam Analysis 2023: The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance is conducting the October cycle of JAIIB 2023. The dates for the same are as follows- IEIFS (8th Oct.), PPB (14th Oct.), AFM (15th Oct.), and RBWM (29th Oct.). Candidates appearing for any or all of these exams can find the detailed analysis for both the October 2023 and May 2023 cycles here.

JAIIB Exam Analysis 2023 – October Cycle

The exam analysis for all four papers of JAIIB 2023 are linked below:

Paper 1: Indian Economy and Indian Financial SystemCheck Here
Paper 2: Principles and Practices of BankingCheck Here
Paper 3: Accounting and Finance for BankersCheck Here
Paper 3: Retail Banking and Wealth ManagementCheck Here

JAIIB Exam Analysis 2023 – May Cycle

The Difficulty Level of the JAIIB Paper was from easy to moderate as per the candidate’s responses. JAIIB 2023 Examination was conducted in three shifts.

JAIIB IEIFS Exam Analysis 2023

The shift-wise exam analysis of JAIIB IE and IFS for May 2023 is as follows:

Shift 1

  • Reforms in 1992
  • GDP Deflator
  • Meaning Of NNP
  • Calculation Of NNP
  • Paid Up Capital Of RBI
  • Narshiman Committee Recommendations
  • Reforms Included in 1997
  • Foreign Exchange Regulated By
  • Factoring(2-3 Questions)
  • Priority Sector(3-5 Questions)
  • Joint Venture(3-4 Questions)
  • Primary Deficit
  • Fiscal Deficit
  • Gati Shakti
  • Money Supply(M1, M2)
  • Treasury Bills Number Of Days
  • RBI Act, 1934
  • NABFID Related Which Is True
  • Demand Curve Graph X axis Y axis
  • Self Help Groups
  • Business Cycles Characteristics Of Boom Economy
  • Merchant Banking
  • CRR Limit
  • Meaning of Sunrise Sector
  • Death Benefit of PMJJBY
  • Micro Finance Loan given upto income of
  • World Bank Classification Of Countries based on per capita income
  • RBI Act banks allowed how much percent to invest in subsidiary
  • SFB priority sector limit based on ANBC
  • Banking which sector(Primary/Secondary/Tertiary)
  • Balance Of Payment Committee Headed By
  • COP 26 Targets
  • NITI Aayog 2022 23 Framework
  • Venture Capital Related
  • SLR
  • Sponsored Bank share holding in RRBs
  • Notice Money
  • Health Insurance
  • Type Of REIT
  • LTRO
  • PSLC
  • Minimum Threshold For Banks Deposit For Nationalization in 1969
  • MSF Rate
  • ACU (Member Country)
  • Insurance Case Study
  • LP Theory and Classical Theory Merged By
  • Multimodal Connectivity Plan
  • SDG Given By
  • One Sun One World One Grid Purpose
  • Capital Market Characteristics
  • Budget Day
  • Derivatives Include
  • RBI Act-RBI Enna share la vanglm
  • Keynes Theory By Whom
  • Hire Purchase Characteristic
  • PSL For Small Finance Bank
  • RBI Section 17

JAIIB Exam Analysis 2023- Shift 2 and 3

The second and third shifts of JAIIB IE & IFS Exam 2023 has been held across various centers of the nation and the level of the exam was Moderate-Tough. Here, we have listed down the topics from which questions were asked.

  • Merchant Banking
  • Factoring
  • NITI Aayog
  • SDG
  • Brownfield Investment
  • Prof. Raj Krishna Committee
  • GDP Deflator
  • Scare and Mean Definition
  • Sunrise Sector
  • Micro Finance
  • Malegam Committee
  • Mutual Fund
  • PMJJBY-Death Benefit
  • RBI Related Questions(4-5)
  • Operating Leasing
  • Hirer(Hire Purchase)
  • Types of REIT-Odd Man Out
  • NBFC
  • Venture Capital
  • Monetary Policy Tools
  • Money Market Investments
  • Money Multiplier
  • Credit Rating and Credit Scoring
  • Banking Revolution Act
  • Characteristics Of Currency
  • Definition Of Merchant Banker
  • Atal Pension Yojana
  • Public Provident Fund-Lock in Period
  • Bad Bank

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JAIIB Exam Analysis: The IE & IFS Paper of the JAIIB Exam in the previous cycle was believed to be tough.

JAIIB PPB Exam Analysis 2023 – 13th May 2023

JAIIB PPB exam has been held and here you can check the complete JAIIB PPB Exam Analysis 2023. Exam was easy to moderate.

  • Official Valid Document(OVD)
  • Cheque Truncation System(CTS)
  • National Automated Clearing House(NACH)
  • Unified Payments Interface Settlement Cycle
  • Maximum Members Of Self Help Groups(SHG)
  • Pos Limit
  • Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana
  • Debts Recovery Tribunal(DRT)
  • IMPS(3-4 Questions)
  • Difference Between Router & Hub
  • White Label ATM
  • Digital Currency
  • Not  A Part Of CBS
  • Bill Of Exchange Interest
  • Ethics(4-5 Questions)
  • Section 131 Of NI Act
  • Attachment Order
  • Numerical on Working Capital and Fixed Capital
  • Principal and Agent Relation Section
  • Non Banking Financial Company-MFI
  • Insider Trading
  • NPA Provisions
  • Capital Conservation Buffer
  • PSL Target
  • Loans To Commercial Bank
  • Local Area Network(LAN)
  • Dupilcate Demand Draft
  • Star Topology

JAIIB Exam Analysis 2023: Conclusion

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JAIIB Exam Analysis 2023- Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What was the level of JAIIB Exam Analysis 2023?

Ans. According to the candidate’s response, the paper was easy to moderate.

Q.2 In how many shifts exam was conducted?

Ans. JAIIB Exam 2023 was conducted in 3 shifts.


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