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List of Mountain Ranges in India: This topic has its own prominence when it comes to get the preference in the exams. People generally memorize few famous summits and mountain ranges in India. Given the uncertainty in the exam pattern, we believe that it is essential for an aspirant to be aware of the major mountain ranges that are present in India and are acting as a monumental tourist site. We bring you a free pdf to download and read all about the mountain ranges, summit, their geographical locations, and their ranking in India based on their heights. So, read along to know more;

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Mountain Summits:

1 Kanchenjunga 8,586 Himalayas Sikkim (Shared with Nepal)


2 Ghent Kangri 7,401 Saltoro Karakoram Ladakh


3 Kangto 7,060 Assam Himalaya Arunachal Pradesh


Mountain Ranges:

Aravalli Range starting in North India from Delhi and passing through southern Haryana, through to Western India across the states of Rajasthan and ending in Gujarat.

Cardamom Hills The Cardamom Hills or Yela Mala are mountain range of southern India and part of the southern Western Ghats located in southeast Kerala and southwest Tamil Nadu in India. Their name comes from the cardamom spice grown in much of the hills’ cool elevation, which also supports pepper and coffee

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