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JAIIB Study Material

Preparing for the JAIIB exam 2024 is like embarking on a journey to become a banking expert. We prioritizes offering comprehensive study materials for JAIIB exams conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF). Our JAIIB 2024 edition study material comprises detailed notes for each unit, unit-wise MCQs, and module-wise PDFs to the updated syllabus. Preparing for the JAIIB exam 2024 initiates the journey to becoming a banking expert, and success hinges on access to superior study materials.

JAIIB Study Material 2024

The study materials are designed to make complex banking concepts and rules easier to understand.

JAIIB Study Material 2024 for Paper 1- Indian Economy and Indian Financial System (IE & IFS)

Get ready for JAIIB 2024 Paper 1 with our study materials! This paper is all about Indian Economy and the Indian Financial System and is split into four parts. To study well, go through each part step by step. Our experts have made study materials that explain Paper 1 concepts in a simple way. The modules are divided into Module A (Indian Economic Architecture), Module B (Economic Concepts Related to Banking), Module C (Indian Financial Architecture), and Module D (Financial Products and Services). With our guidance, you can easily understand these important topics and ace your JAIIB exam!

ModuleStudy Material

JAIIB Study Material 2024 for Paper 2 – Principles and Practices of Banking (PPB)

Prepare for JAIIB 2024 Paper 2 on Principles and Practices of Banking with our study materials! This paper has four parts, or modules. Our detailed PDFs break down and explain these modules in a simple way. We’ve organized the content in a clear format to make it easy for you to understand.

Each module of Paper 2 is divided into units, giving you a structured approach to your study. You can easily download the PDFs for each module to help with your preparation. This way, you can grasp the principles and practices of banking for the JAIIB exam in a comprehensive way.

ModuleStudy Material
Module A –  General Banking OperationsFree Study Material
Module B – Functions of BanksFree Study Material
Module C – Banking TechnologyFree Study Material
Module D- Ethics in Banks and Financial InstitutionsFree Study Material

JAIIB Study Material 2024 for Paper 3 – Accounting and Financial Management For Bankers (AFMB)

Gear up for JAIIB 2024 Paper 3 on Accounting and Financial Management for Bankers with our study material! This paper is split into four important modules that you should fully grasp. Our study material gives aspiring candidates comprehensive information and helps them build effective strategies for success. Following our guidelines ensures a promising future in the JAIIB exam.

Here’s how the modules are divided: Module A covers Accounting Principles and Processes, Module B focuses on Financial Statements and Core Banking Systems, Module C deals with Financial Management, and Module D explores Taxation and Fundamentals of Costing.

ModuleStudy Material
Module A – Accounting Principles And ProcessesFree Study Material
Module B –Financial Statement and Core Banking systemsFree Study Material
Module C – Financial ManagementFree Study Material
Module D-Taxation And Fundamentals of CostingFree Study Material

JAIIB Study Material 2024 for Paper 4 – Retail Banking and Wealth Management (RBWM)

For JAIIB 2024 Paper 4 on Retail Banking and Wealth Management, our study material stands as a thorough and comprehensive resource. Covering all essential concepts, it provides aspiring candidates with a deep understanding. Meticulously crafted through extensive research and expertise, our materials ensure a well-rounded preparation.

Within our JAIIB Study Materials, you’ll find clearly outlined modules such as Retail Banking, Marketing of Banking Services, Retail Product and Recovery, and Wealth Management. These resources aim to equip candidates with the knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic landscape of retail banking and wealth management.

ModuleStudy Material
Module A – Retail BankingFree Study Material
Module B –Retail product and RecoveryFree Study Material
Module C – Support Services- Marketing of Banking Services/ ProductsFree Study Material
Module D-Wealth ManagementFree Study Material
Module E-Additional Reading Material on Home LoansFree Study Material
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JAIIB Books 2024

Oliveboard has launched the first JAIIB Practice book on Amazon. Below is the Amazon link for the JAIIB Question Bank:

JAIIB Practice Book for JAIIB New Syllabus

About the JAIIB Practice Book 2024

Here are the major features that make this book a must for JAIIB aspirants:

  • Covers all the new papers and topics introduced.
  • Total 20 Full-Length Mock Tests (5 Mock Tests for each paper)
  • Total 2000 practice questions
  • Follows updated exam pattern

IIBF Recommended Books – IIBF Books PDF Free Download

IIBF has published a list of books recommended for JAIIB preparation. Candidates can purchase these via Amazon or Flipkart. These books will cover all your required topics and modules for the three papers. The books are available both in English and Hindi and the respective titles are also provided for reference.

jaiib study material

Indian Economy and Indian Financial System E-Book

IIBF has uploaded the Kindle version of the book on Amazon.

best books for jaiib

Buy the IIBF book for Indian Economy and Indian Financial System :

Principles and Practices of Banking E-Book

This book covers all the modules that will be asked in the Principles & Practices of Banking paper. This book has been updated with the latest Principles and Practices of Banking syllabus.

best books for jaiib
Buy the IIBF book Principles and Practices of Banking:

The above-shown images are samples from Amazon.

Accounting and Financial Management for Bankers E-Book

This book contains all the modules for the Accounting and Finance for Bankers paper. From the basic concepts like Simple and Compound Interest to more complex concepts of accounting, all topics are present in this book. It has been updated for the latest JAIIB syllabus

best books for jaiib

Retail Banking and Wealth Management

IIBF has now uploaded the Kindle e-book for Retail Banking and Wealth Management on Amazon. The book is catered to the updated JAIIB syllabus and exam pattern. Candidates can use the buy the kindle e-book and begin familiarising themselves with the same.

best books for jaiib

You can buy and download the Kindle e-book for use through the link below:

Principles and Practices of Banking: Study Material for the JAIIB

Module A – Indian Financial System

Indian Financial System – An Overview1. Role of RBI
2. Commercial Banks
4. Primary Dealers
5. Overview of Financial System
6. Cooperative Banks (Video)
7. CRR
8. SLR
9. Equity & Debt Market: Watch video
10. IRDA
Banking Regulation1. Banking Regulation Objectives
2. Functions of RBI
3. Tools of Monetary Control
4. Regulatory Restrictions on Lending
Retail Banking, Wholesale and International Banking1. Retail Banking- Products,
2. Opportunities
3. Wholesale Banking, Products
4. International Banking
5. Universal Banking
6. ADRs, GDRs
7. Participatory Notes
Role Of Money Markets, Debt Markets & Forex Market1. Call Money Market
2. Money Market Instruments
3. Government Securities and 11. Treasury Bills
4. Foreign Exchange Management Act
Role and Functions of Capital Markets, SEBI1. Overview of Capital Market
2. Stock Exchange
3. Types of Capital Issues
5. QIP
7. QIBs
Risk Management, Basel Accords1. Introduction to Risk Management
CIBIL, Fair Practices Code for Debt Collection, BCSB1. Role and Functions of CIBIL
2. Fair Practices Code for Debt Collection
3. What is BCSBI?
Recent Developments in the Financial System1. Indian Financial System
2. Reforms in the Indian Financial System
3. Payments and Settlement System
Factoring, Forfeiting Services and Off-Balance Sheet items

Module B – Functions of Banks

Banker Customer Relationship1. Types of Banker Customer Relationship
2. Different Deposit Products & Services
3. Services to Customers & Investors
KYC/ AML/ CFT norms1. PMLA Act
2. KYC Norms
Bankers’ Special Relationship1. Mandate
2. POA
3. Garnishee Orders
4. Banker’s Lien and Right to Set off
Consumer Protection – COPRA, Banking Ombudsman Scheme1. Consumer Protection Act, 2019
2. Banking Ombudsman Scheme
Payment and Collection of Cheques and Other Negotiable Instruments1. NI Act
2. Role & Duties of Paying & Collecting Banks
3. Endorsements
4. Forged Instrument
5. Bouncing of Cheques
6. Cheque Truncation System
Opening accounts of various types of customers1. Operational Aspects of opening and Maintaining Accounts of Different Types of Customers
2. SB rate Deregulation
Ancillary Services1. Remittances
2. Safe Deposit Lockers
Cash Operations1. Cash Management Services and its importance
Principles of Lending, Working Capital Assessment and Credit Monitoring1. Cardinal Principles
2. Non-Fund based Limits
3. Working Capital
4. erm Loan
5. Credit Appraisal Techniques
6. Sources of WC Funds & its Estimation
7. Operating Cycle Method
8. Turnover Method

JAIIB 2024 E-Books

Economic Concepts in Banking Topper Handwritten NotesEconomic Concepts in Banking for JAIIB 2023 | Oliveboard
Indian Economic Architecture Topper Handwritten NotesIndian Economic Architecture for JAIIB 2023 | Oliveboard
Fundamentals of EconomicsFundamentals of Economics for JAIIB 2023 | Oliveboard
Types of Economics and Basic Economic ProblemsTypes of Economics and Basic Economic Problems | Oliveboard
Money Market

JAIIB Study Materials 2024 PDF : Books

The resources provided for the preparation of JAIIB are free on Oliveboard and IIBF Learning Tree. However, some aspirants still prefer reading from books, so here are our recommendations for JAIIB books:

Macmillan Education offers the AIIB Exam Books. If you are interested in having a thorough grasp of concepts, these are the best books available in the market. This combination pack includes three JAIIB books published by MacMillan Education and it is more cost-effective to buy it from Amazon.

MCQ Book for JAIIB written by N S Toor. If you are the type of person who wants to practice only exam-oriented MCQs, then you should pick up N S Toor’s MCQ/Q&A books. Buying these books in a combo pack from Amazon is also a cost-effective option.

JAIIB Study Materials Compilation

Oliveboard hosts a wide range of study material from notes to practice questions to previous years’ papers. You can use the following links to access the study material of your choice or register and explore your dashboard on our site.

Principles and Practices of Banking
Principles And Practices Of Banking Principles And Practices Of Banking | Study Notes For JAIIB (
Reserve Bank of IndiaReserve Bank of India: Organisation & Functions – Oliveboard
Types Of Shares And Their IssueTypes Of Shares And Their Issue- Types, Classification, Bonus Shares (
Understanding The Balance Sheet And Its FormatUnderstanding The Balance Sheets And Its Format (
Functions of BankFunctions of Bank – Short Notes for JAIIB Exam | Oliveboard
Accounting and Finance for Bankers
Accounting And Finance For BankersAccounting And Finance For Bankers | Study Notes For JAIIB (
Assets & Liabilities Assets & Liabilities – Meaning, Legal Requirements, and more (
Calculation of Interest and AnnuitiesCalculation of Interest and Annuities-Business Mathematics For JAIIB (
Calculation of YTMCalculation of YTM(Yield to Maturity)-Basics of Business Mathematics (

Try A JAIIB Mock Test Now!

JAIIB Genius – Weekly Practice Questions for JAIIB Exam

Oliveboard has also offered weekly practice questions for JAIIB aspirants. It has launched “JAIIB Genius” E-Book. This e-book is available weekly and contains questions from each section. Candidates can collect 100+ MCQs over the course of multiple JAIIB Genius Fridays.

This E-Book now offers questions according to the revised JAIIB syllabus and exam pattern.

This eBook is released every week on Friday. So, aspirants can make a goal to solve these questions regularly. These eBooks can be accessed from here. All you have to do is register yourself first and get access to unlimited JAIIB practice questions.

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Q1. Are video courses available for JAIIB 2024 preparation?

Ans. Yes, Oliveboard is the best source of preparation for JAIIB CAIIB.

Q2. JAIIB Study Material is freely available. ?

As. Yes, JAIIB Study material is freely available you just need to login.


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