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English Cloze Test 10 – Practice Now

English Cloze Test 10

While preparing for any Bank, Insurance or Government Exams one of the biggest challenges the aspirants face is preparing for the  Cloze Test. Cloze Test is one of the recurring topics under the English Language section of various competitive exams. It tests a candidates understanding of the passage, grammatical skills and vocabulary, and like RC, it is one of the most scoring topics under the English Language section.To ace the Cloze Test questions you will have to practice and solve them regularly. Keep this point in mind, we have started a new series –Practice Cloze Test. In this series, we are going to provide you with Free Cloze Test Questions regularly. So, let’s begin with English Cloze Test 10. 

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English Cloze Test 10

Directions for Questions 1 to 10: In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the most appropriate word in each case.

Some causes of delay in corning to economic decisions in our country seem to lie in the (A) realm. There is such a thing as the psychology of Power which motivates people: Power of control and patronage, power to delay an application, power to hold up a file, power to keep people (B) in an ante room, all of which are consciously or subconsciously treated as symbols of (C) and hallmarks of importance.

A further psychological cause of (D) is a combination of mistrust, of unwillingness to take responsibility, of a fear of being criticized and, of possibly being subjected to enforcement investigation. A large number of (E) which ought to be taken by civil servants, and were so taken in the old days, now go up to the top to await the (F) of the Minister. The Minister, in turn, is (G) to take the responsibility for fear of criticism from Parliament or from within his own party and seeks (H) in a Cabinet decision. The Cabinet, split on ideological grounds and under political and other pressures, is reluctant to reach a decision which is not (I). Thus, the various layers of economic decision-making in government- civil servants, Ministers and Cabinet as a whole all exercise the happy (J) of postponing a decision.

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  1. A

(1) Scientific

(2) Financial

(3) Medical

(4) Political

(5) Psychological

  1. B

(1) Wandering

(2) Resisting

(3) Gossiping

(4) Waiting

(5) Lingering

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  1. C

(1) Prestige

(2) Control

(3) Aggression

(4) Affection

(5) Proud

  1. D

(1) Power

(2) Control

(3) Insecurity

(4) Politicians

(5) Delay

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  1. E

(1) Decisions

(2) Assignments

(3) Undertakings

(4) Projects

(5) Justifications

  1. F

(1) Meeting

(2) Opinion

(3) Stamp

(4) Appreciation

(5) Approval

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  1. G

(1) Unfortunate

(2) Uneasy

(3) Proposed

(4) Reluctant

(5) Pushed

  1. H

(1) Assistance

(2) Safety

(3) Monopoly

(4) Autonomy

(5) Place

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  1. I

(1) Comprehensive

(2) Beneficial

(3) Unanimous

(4) Profitable

(5) Successful

  1. J

(1) Facility

(2) Situation

(3) Trick

(4) Sanction

(5) Prerogative

Answer key

Q1.    Q2.    Q3.    Q4.    Q5.    Q6.    Q7.    Q8.    Q9.    Q10. 
5 4 1 3 1 5 4 2 3 5

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That’s all from us. Hope you liked the English Cloze Test 10 from our series of Practice Cloze Test. To practice more English questions for Bank Exams, keep visiting Oliveboard’s Daily Updates.

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