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IBPS PO 2018 : How to Beat Topper’s Time

IBPS PO Mock Tests

Time management is the most important aspect for outshining your performance in any exam. You might have heard the saying, “Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves”. But in the age of extreme competition, forget about the minutes, even the seconds you invest on one question would be the deciding factor. With Just over a month to go for the eagerly awaited IBPS PO Exam, we are sure that you are following the IBPS PO Study Plan and IBPS PO General Awareness Study Plan provided earlier by us. Considering the difficulty level of exam, it is high time that you start working on ways to build speed along with the accuracy and what could be the best way to enhance your performance than taking mock tests on daily basis. Oliveboard IBPS PO Mock  Tests would help you track your progress for the actual face-off.

On Oliveboard, You’ll get up-to-date exam content created by Exam Toppers, Experts and Top Faculty across the country. Attempt Free IBPS Mock Test to get started.

Oliveboard provides latest questions with different difficulty levels– Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3Attempt Different Levels of IBPS PO Mock Tests to master all the topics. It would not only give you the real-time exam experience but would also boost your confidence during exam preparation as you would get accustomed to tougher questions.

IBPS PO Mock Test

Analyze your performance in each Mock. Identify Strong, Slow & Weak areas. Take Expert’s Feedback after each Mock to understand what mistake you made. This way you can improve your performance in next Mock Test. Make sure you take as many mock tests you can score well in the IBPS PO exam.

IBPS PO Mock Test

Want to make it even more exciting? Make Topper-time-taken Comparison. Compare your marks with that of topper’s and try to beat the timing when you attempt IBPS Mock Tests next time. Try to solve questions with short-tricks and techniques. Do not get stuck on one question. Skip questions that are too lengthy to solve. Attempt maximum number of questions with 100% accuracy. This way you can not only improve your speed and accuracy but would also get the confidence for the final day when you’ll be competing with lakhs of aspirants.

IBPS PO Mock Tests

Steps to Attempt IBPS PO Mock Tests :

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This is all from us. Hope you find it useful.

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All the Best!

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