NABARD 2019 Official Handout – Solved Paper for GA, ESI & ARD

The NABARD Grade A and Grade B Exams Admit Cards were released yesterday by the Bank on its official website. Along with the Admit cards, NABARD also published an Official Information Handout both for Grade A as well as Grade B officers Preliminary Exam. The information handout comprised of sample questions from sections of the NABARD Prelims Exam namely Test of Reasoning, English Language, Computer Knowledge, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, Economics & Social Issues and Agriculture & Rural Development. Solving these sample questions becomes of utmost importance as the questions in the NABARD Prelims Exam will be on the lines of these sample questions only. Therefore, we at Oliveboard have come to your rescue with this free Ebook that contains the complete solutions of sample questions from sections of GA, ESI and ARD. It is advised to solve the sample questions from NABARD 2019 Official handout and then refer to the solutions given in this Ebook of NABARD 2019 Official handout –  Solved Paper for GA, ESI & ARD.

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NABARD 2019 Official handout – Solved Paper for GA, ESI & ARD

Download the Free Ebook from the adjoining link of the link given below:    

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Take a Free Oliveboard Mock Test for NABARD Grade A & B Exams

NABARD 2019 Official handout – Sample Questions 

Q. The ‘Food and Agriculture Organisation’ is an agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to defeat hunger. It is presently headquartered in _____

  1. Rome, Italy
  2. Paris, France
  3. Quebec, Canada
  4. New York, USA
  5. Washington DC, USA

Answer: 5

Q. The ‘New Development Bank’ (NDB) which was formerly referred to as the BRICS Bank is headquartered in _____

  1. Singapore
  2. Shanghai, China
  3. Beijing, China
  4. Hong Kong, China
  5. Johannesburg, South Africa

Answer: 2

Take a Free Oliveboard Mock Test for NABARD Grade A & B Exams

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We hope that you benefit from the free Ebook of “NABARD 2019 Official handout – Solved Paper for GA, ESI & ARD” provided and ace your exams. For Information and Study material for NABARD Exams, Stay tuned to Oliveboard.

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