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ESI & ARD – NABARD Grade A Preparation Strategy for Phase 1

NABARD Grade A Preparation Strategy

The Preliminary Phase of NABARD Grade A Exam 2019 is scheduled to happen on 15th and 16th of June 2019. With just about a month left for the phase 1 of the Exam, the preparations should be on full swing for the Exam. So. here we are with the NABARD Grade A Preparation Strategy for Economics & Social Issues and Agriculture & Rural Development. Both of these subjects ESI & ARD are part of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of NABARD Grade A Exam 2019 for the recruitment of Assistant Manager. The Grade A Exam conducted by NABARD for the recruitment of officers for the Assistant Manager Posts is a direct entry into the premier organization and a great opportunity for the aspirants to secure a career with the apex development institution. Read the strategy to prepare for both these subjects in detail.

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NABARD Grade A Preparation Strategy 

For Phase 1

Economics and Social Issues 

Economics & Social Issues in Phase 1 will mostly be based on Current Affairs related to Economics and Social Issues with emphasis on Rural India. You need to prepare the following broad things for ESI

  • It is advisable to cover the Basics of India Economy from a Basic Economy Book say Ramesh Singh or Sanjeev Verma. The basics of the Indian Economy should be clear in the mind so that you are able to answer any static Economy Awareness question if asked.
  • The Latest Current Affairs related to Economics & Social Issues should be learnt and revised thoroughly for atleast past 6 months prior to the Exam. It is highly advisable to read an English newspaper daily with focus on ESI related current affairs. You can also go for the consolidated monthly current affairs capsule for Economy and Social Issues related daily affairs.
  • Be thorough with the Union Budget 2019. You should be aware of the schemes announced in the Union Budget and Budget allocated to those schemes (especially schemes related to ESI and Agriculture). 
  • Now comes the Government Schemes which are a very important from the perspective of NABARD Exam  2019. Try to cover the recently launched Government Schemes related to ESI and ARD as well as older schemes which are relevant to the syllabus of the NABARD Exam 2019.
  • Read the FAQs given on the NABARD’s website. Read about the organisation, its functions, its subsidiaries, its responsibilities, its history, how it came into existence etc.
  • You can also read relevant affairs from Yojana & Kurukshetra Magazine from the past 6 months prior to the Exam.

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Agriculture & Rural Development

  • All the important latest as well as past schemes related to Agriculture sector and Rural Development launched by the Union and State Governments are required to be covered.
  • Clear your basics of the Agriculture and Agronomy from a basic book. 
  • Pay special emphasis on Agriculture current affairs. You can read it from the Kurukshetra Magazine.
  • Important statistical data with respect to agriculture and rural development is important.
  • Socio-Economic caste census.
  • Read the notes of Agriculture census.

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Now this is all from us in this blog of ESI & ARD – NABARD Grade A Preparation Strategy Phase 1. We hope that you will benefit from the resources and strategy provided in the blog of “NABARD Grade A Preparation Strategy” above. 

You can refer to the Phase 1 Study Plan Here.

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Mock Test Analysis

  1. When it comes to taking Mock Tests, after you done with the mock tests, do allocate sufficient time for its analysis.
  2. Analysis helps you in knowing where exactly you went wrong, which all areas require your special attention and also helps you know what are your strengths.
  3. So after taking a Mock Test, do try and solve the un-attempted and wrong questions manually. Also go through the solutions parts of the Mock tests. It will help you know the approach that is to be followed for a particular question type.

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