ESI & ARD – NABARD Grade A 2020 Preparation Strategy for Phase 2

NABARD Grade A 2020 Phase 1 Paper (Prelims) got conducted on 25th of Feb 2020. As per the previous year’s trends, it could be predicted that the NABARD Grade A 2020 Phase 2 (Mains) paper might be conducted within 25-30 days posts the phase 1 exam date.

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Waiting till the result of the phase 1 exam is declared and then going on to start preparations for phase 2 might prove detrimental and reduce/undermine your chances of getting finally selected in the NABARD Grade-A 2020

Sincere aspirants who have performed fairly well and feel confident about clearly the NABARD Grade A Phase 1 paper need to pull their socks up and kick start the preparations for the two papers of phase 2.

Therefore in this article, let us chalk out a comprehensive NABARD Grade A Phase 2 preparation strategy. We would discuss what all topics have to be prepared for the ARD & ESI sections of paper 2 in NABARD Grade A Phase 2. 

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NABARD Grade A 2020

1. NABARD Grade A 2020 Phase 1 (Prelims) Exam Analysis

And as per the feedback received from the test takers (candidates), we could say that the difficulty level of the paper was easy to moderate.

Apart from the section of ARD (Agriculture & Rural Development) worth 40 marks, which students found a bit on the trickier side (static agriculture questions were asked & a very few questions were asked from current affairs), other sections (ESI, GA, Computer, English, Quants, & Reasoning) were of easy to moderate difficulty level and fairly doable.

For the detailed analysis of Phase 1, check the blog given here: Detailed NABARD Grade-A Exam Analysis 2020 [prelims] – 25th Feb

Now that you are very well acquainted with NABARD Grade A 2020 Phase 1 (Prelims) Exam Analysis, let us talk about the elephant in the room (Phase 2 Preparation Strategy).

Firstly let us go on and understand the pattern and syllabus of NABARD Grade A Phase 2 papers first and then move on to the ARD & ESI preparation. 

2. NABARD Exam Pattern – Phase II (Mains Examination)

NABARD Grade-A Main Examination will be held online and will be a mix of MCQ and descriptive pattern.

1. Paper-I – General English: (Descriptive – Online through the keyboard) 

The paper will have descriptive questions carrying 100 marks and the duration would be 1 ½ hour. 

2. Paper-II (MCQ) – Economic & Social Issues and Agriculture & Rural Development (with a focus on Rural India).

This paper would be objective (MCQs) carrying 100 marks and the duration would be again 1 ½ hour. 

3. NABARD Exam Syllabus – Phase II (Mains Examination)

Paper-I – General English: (Descriptive – online through the keyboard)

The paper will have descriptive questions carrying 100 marks.

The paper on English shall be framed in a manner to assess the writing skills including expressions and understanding the topic. The analytical and drafting abilities of the candidate shall be assessed through the Descriptive Paper on General English comprising

  1. Essay writing,
  2. Reading Comprehension,
  3. Report Writing,
  4. Paragraph/Precis’ Writing & Letter Writing.


Essay (40 Marks), Precis (20 Marks), Questions on the Precis para (20 Marks), Report / Letter Writing (20 Marks).

Paper 1 will be common for Grade ‘A’ – RDBS, Rajbhasha and Legal Posts. 

Paper-II (MCQ) – Economic & Social Issues and Agriculture & Rural Development (with a focus on Rural India).

There would be multiple choice questions on various topics mentioned under the syllabus of ESI & ARD. For complete syllabus of the exam, refer here.

4. NABARD Grade A Preparation Strategy 2020 – Phase 2

How to Prepare for the Economics & Social Issues and Agriculture & Rural Development for NABARD Assistant Manager Exam?

Your preparation for phase 2 can be bifurcated into three parts:

I. Static (Basic Knowledge)

II. Dynamic (Current Affairs) &

III. NABARD Grade A Phase 2 Mock Tests

Let us unfold the details of each of the static and dynamic parts and understand what needs to be covered for the exam. 

I. Static (Basic Knowledge)

1. Static ESI (Economics & Social Issues)

Pay special attention to Agriculture and Growth & Development chapters as there might be questions from these chapters in phase 2 of the NABARD exam. Other important chapters for Economics & Social Issues are mentioned below:

Economy Bolt for Static Economy – Free Ebook

Access Economics & Social Issues Study Notes here

2. Static ARD (Agriculture & Rural Development)

Pay special attention to the following chapters and cover the basics of these chapters as there can be direct questions from these chapters as we saw static agriculture questions being asked in NABARD Grade A 2020 Phase 1 exam.

  • Agronomy (Basics of Agriculture)
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Fisheries
  • Irrigation Management
  • Plantation & Horticulture
  • Poultry
  • Soil Science

Access Agriculture & Rural Development Study Notes here

II. Dynamic ESI & ARD Preparation

1. Latest ESI & ARD Current Affairs

i. Current Affairs need to be prepared and revised thoroughly majorly for Economics & Social Issues (ESI) and also for Agriculture & Rural Development (ARD) sections.

ii. As per the trend of the phase 1 paper seen this year (2020) and previous years papers, questions in the ESI section, to be precise, are full of latest affairs about the Economy and Social Issues.

iii. Agriculture current affairs also need to be covered by you as there might be a few questions in phase 2 paper from Agri current affairs.

iv. Now the current affairs (ESI & Agriculture) from December, January, February and March would be the most important. These need to be read and revised multiple times. If time permits cover the ESI & ARD current affairs for the entire 2019 year also. 

2. Government Schemes

i. Government Schemes related to Agriculture Ministry and Rural Development Ministry need to be given prime importance as per the syllabus of the exam.

ii. Also, Government Schemes (old and new) related to Economics and Social Issues need to be covered and revised.

3. Important Report & Indices (latest)

Other than this, the latest Reports and Indices released by various organizations need to be covered and revised.

4. GDP Forecasts

Updated GDP forecasts by various institutes and organizations would also carry huge importance.

5. Union Budget & Economic Survey 

Apart from the above-mentioned areas, the summary of Budget 2020 and Economic Survey 2019-20 should be revised so that none of your marks is lost because of lack of revision.

6. Other Important Reports & Censuses 

Census 2011, SECC 2011, State of Forest Report, the latest Agriculture Census, the latest Livestock Census, NABARD Model Bankable Project Reports from NABARD website, NABARD Annual Report, Kurukshetra Magazine (for current affairs), Annual Report of Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Rural Development & Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change etc should be revised too. 

NABARD Grade A Phase 2 Paper 2019 | ESI & FM | Free Ebook

You can refer to the Phase 1 Study Plan, Preparation Strategy & Resources Here.

This was all from us in this blog of “NABARD Grade A Preparation Strategy 2020 for Phase 2. We hope that you like the content of the blog NABARD Grade A preparation strategy and would prove useful to you. We have prepared Free Agriculture & Rural Development Notes for your extensive preparation.

Refer to them below:

  1. Minimum Support Prices (MSP) – 2018/19: Free NABARD ARD Notes Ebook (PDF)
  2. Water Conservation: Methods and Importance | NABARD ARD Notes
  3. Organizations for Rural Development of India | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  4. Institutional Financing Agencies | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  5. Impact of Globalization on Agriculture | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  6. National Income Accounting – GDP Calculation & Per Capita Income
  7. Poverty Alleviation & Employment Generation – RBI Grade B Study Notes
  8. Fisheries in India – Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  9. Animal Husbandry in India – Types, Importance & more | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  10. Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture – Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  11. Farm and Agri Engineering – Importance | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  12. Agricultural Markets: Concept, Classification, and more | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  13. Agricultural Credit System – Types and Sources | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  14. Types of Agriculture in India – NABARD Agriculture Notes
  15. Food Security in India – Free Ebook for NABARD Exams
  16. Krishi Vigyaan Kendras – NABARD Agriculture Notes
  17. Agricultural Organisations – India and World | Free ARD Notes E-Book (PDF)
  18. Irrigation: Types of Irrigation, Sources
  19. Agricultural Finance: Classification and Sources – NABARD Agriculture Notes


III. NABARD Mock Test 2019

Testing the level of your preparation and getting acquainted with the exam environment, these two points are crucial in your preparation journey. To test yourself as to where you stand in comparison to your peers, taking up Mock Tests is of utmost importance. Subscribe to a quality mock test series for NABARD Phase 2 and keep taking up mock tests at regular intervals for your holistic preparation. 

The NABARD Practice Set offered by Oliveboard is not just limited to Phase 1 & Phase 2 Mocks but also include complete study notes for Agriculture & Rural Development (ARD), Economics & Social Issues (ESI). Let’s have a look at it in detail:

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Mock Test Analysis

  1. When it comes to taking Mock Tests, after you are done with the mock tests, do allocate sufficient time for its analysis.
  2. The analysis helps you in knowing where exactly you went wrong, which all areas require your special attention and also helps you know what are your strengths.
  3. So after taking a Mock Test, do try and solve the un-attempted and wrong questions manually.
  4. Also, go through the parts of the solution of the Mock tests. It will help you know the approach that is to be followed for a particular question type.

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