7 Week NABARD Grade A 2021 – Study Plan – For Phase 1 & Phase 2

With the NABARD Grade A 2021 Phase 1 (Prelims) Exam to be held on the 18th of September 2021, we just have over 45 days left for the Phase 1 exam. A sincere aspirant would not waste any of this remaining time and fully devote it to exam preparation. We at Oliveboard have curated a well-structured study plan for the complete preparation of the NABARD Grade A Phase 1 examination. NABARD Grade A Study Plan 2021 will help you cover all the important topics under the syllabus.  

NABARD Gr. A 2021 Preparation Strategy for Phase 1 & Phase 2

NABARD Grade A 2021 Course

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NABARD Grade A Study Plan 2021 – 7 Week Study Plan 

The NABARD Grade A Study Plan 2021 given below has been made strictly as per the syllabus and pattern of the Exam. The NABARD Grade A Study Plan 2021 given below is as per our understanding of the needs of the Exam. You can make changes and customize the study plan as per your convenience, weak subjects, availability of time etc. 

ESI & ARD – Timeline/Study Plan

Week Subject
Week 1 (Aug 1st Week) ESI
Week 2 (Aug 2nd Week) ESI & ARD 
Week 3 (Aug 3rd Week) ESI & ARD
Week 4 (Aug 4th Week) ESI & ARD
Week 5 (Sep 1st Week) Revision
Week 6 (Sep 2nd Week) Revision & Start Practising Answer Writing
Week 7 (Sep 3rd Week) Revision & Start Practising Answer Writing

ARD Chapter-wise Timeline/Study Plan

Week Subject
August 3rd & 4th Week ·         Agronomy & Crops ·         Soil Science & Water Conservation ·         Irrigation & Water Management ·         Animal Husbandry ·         Poultry ·         Horticulture ·         Agricultural Engineering
September 1st Week ·         Fisheries ·         Forestry ·         Agricultural Extensions ·         Ecology & Climate Change ·         Rural Development

ESI Chapter-wise Timeline/Study Plan

Week Subject
August 2nd & 3rd Week Introduction to Economics Measurement of Growth Money & Inflation Monetary & Fiscal Policy Balance of Payments Role of Economic Planning Economic Reforms Poverty Alleviation & Employment Generation Industrial PolicyLabour Policy
August 4th week Issues in Food Security in India Rural Banking in India and its reforms

August 4th week Demographic Trends Urbanization & Migration International Economic Institutions Regional Economic Cooperation Social Justice & Gender Issues Health Education Sustainable Development & Environmental Issues Social Movements Indian Political System Human Development

Current Affairs Timeline/Study Plan

Week Months to be Covered
Week 1 (Aug 1st Week) May 2021 & June 2021
Week 2 (Aug 2nd Week) March 2021 & April 2021
Week 3 (Aug 3rd Week) Jan 2021 & Feb 2021
Week 4 (Aug 4th Week) July 2021 & Revision
Week 5 (Sep 1st Week) August 2021 (till 2nd Week)
Week 6 (Sep 2nd Week) August 2021(3rd and 4th Week)
Week 7 (Sep 3rd Week) September 2021(1st Week)

Mock Tests-Taking Schedule

Week No. of Mock Tests to be Taken
Week 1 1
Week 2 2
Week 3 2
Week 4 2
Week 5 2
Week 6 1

It is advisable to take up a topic from ESI and ARD and complete it in a stipulated time without procrastination. Revision is always very very important when it comes to competitive exams like NABARD. Whenever you learn a new topic, do not forget to revise it. The revision will help you in the retention of the basics that you learnt and will aid you in recollecting it on the Exam day. 


How to Prepare for NABARD Grade A 2021 Exam?

NABARD Grade A 2021 Preparation Tips & ResourcesSection-wise Preparation Strategy & Important Topics

1. Remember Phase 1 is a crucial step. You need to clear the Phase 1 Exam to be able to sit for Phase 2. Therefore pay adequate attention to the sections of Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability and English Language, Computer Knowledge & Decision Making. 

Preparation for Qualifying Sections
  • Quants, Reasoning & English – The questions asked here are of medium difficulty level. Do not give away too much of your precious time in preparing for these subjects. Revise the basicspractice a few questions of each type, and then gradually move on to taking topic & sectional tests and then finally to take up mock tests.
  • Mock tests would help you cover questions of varying difficulty levels from the syllabus of these subjects. Solve as many questions as possible. Analyse the questions and the solutions and assess where you lack and what else needs to be done to get most of these questions right in the stipulated time.
Preparation for Merit Sections
  • General Awareness – Cover the current affairs of the last 3-4 months prior to the date of the examination. As of now, you can start covering the current affairs starting January 2021. For General Awareness – Refer BOLT + Monthly Capsules for Phase 2Static GK has very little weightage, so do not give away much time for its preparation.
  • ESI & ARD – ESI & ARD preparation would be common for both Phase-1 & Phase-2 exams. You will have to do a simultaneous prep for Phase-1 & Phase-2. In Phase-1, 80 out of 200 marks are from ESI & ARD, when you study for ARD & ESI, you study for both the Phases.

2. Clear your basics of these topics using the videos classes available in the cracker course.

3. After you are done with the basics, start taking Mock Tests. These will help you practice and solve in a time-bound atmosphere giving you clarity over your weak and strong topics of the syllabus. 

4. Once done with taking the tests, go for an analysis of every question of the test. Solve the questions that you weren’t able to solve while taking the Mock testPay attention to where you lag and try to improve upon it. 

5. Current Affairs Coverage

  • 8-10 months prior to the exam is of great importance. 
  • As of now, the last 5 months CA will be very Important (September, August, July, June, May 2021). After this, Priority needs to be given to the CA of April, March, Feb, Jan 2021.
  • Indices, Important Schemes need to be covered from the month of November 2020, Dec 2020 till the date of the exam.

6. Pay special attention to the Economics & Social Issues current affairs, Agriculture current affairs and Government Schemes of the above-mentioned months as these are important for Economics & Social Issues & Agriculture & Rural Development sections of syllabus which carry 40 marks each. 

  Other Things that need to be covered are:


  • Government Schemes (Recent ones as well as other important ones)
  • Latest Budget 2021
  • Latest Economic Survey
  • Socio-Economic Caste Survey
  • Census of 2011
  • Other important reports if released recently.


  • Agriculture Government Schemes & Rural Development Schemes
  • Cover the chapter on Agriculture from the latest Budget and Economic Survey
  • State of Forest Report 
  • The latest Agriculture Census
  • The Latest Livestock Census
  • NABARD Model Bankable Project Reports from NABARD website
  • NABARD Annual Report 
  • Kurukshetra Magazine (for current affairs)
  • Annual Report of Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Rural Development & Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change.

For ARD Static Portion, give special emphasis to these topics while reading. 

  1. Basics of Agriculture
  2. Soil Science
  3. Irrigation Management
  4. Agriculture Engineering
  5. Horticulture
  6. Animal Husbandry & Poultry
  7. Fisheries
  8. Meteorology
  9. Forestry
  10. Basics of Agricultural Economics 
  11. Agriculture Extension 
  12. Rural Development (Mainly Govt. Schemes)

For ESI Static Portion, give special emphasis to these topics while reading. 

  1. Measurement of Growth & National Income 
  2. Human Development
  3. Role of Economic Planning 
  4. Fiscal Policy 
  5. Monetary Policy 
  6. Balance of Payments
  7. Sustainable Development & Environment Issues
  8. Industrial and Labour Policy 
  9. International Financial Institutions
  10. World Trade Organizations
  11. Urbanization
  12. Migration
Current Affairs are of prime importance here in this Exam both for Phase 1 and Phase 2. 

This was all from us in this blog of NABARD Grade A Study Plan 2021. We have provided a detailed preparation plan and the topics to be covered here. We hope that you like the NABARD Grade A Study Plan and preparation resources given in here. 

We have also prepared Free Agriculture & Rural Development Notes for your extensive preparation. Refer to them below:
  1. Minimum Support Prices (MSP) – 2018/19: Free NABARD ARD Notes Ebook (PDF)
  2. Water Conservation: Methods and Importance | NABARD ARD Notes
  3. Organizations for Rural Development of India | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  4. Institutional Financing Agencies | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  5. Impact of Globalization on Agriculture | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  6. National Income Accounting – GDP Calculation & Per Capita Income
  7. Poverty Alleviation & Employment Generation – RBI Grade B Study Notes
  8. Fisheries in India – Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  9. Animal Husbandry in India – Types, Importance & more | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  10. Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture – Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  11. Farm and Agri Engineering – Importance | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  12. Agricultural Markets: Concept, Classification, and more | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  13. Agricultural Credit System – Types and Sources | Free ARD Notes for NABARD
  14. Types of Agriculture in India – NABARD Agriculture Notes
  15. Food Security in India – Free Ebook for NABARD Exams
  16. Krishi Vigyaan Kendras – NABARD Agriculture Notes
  17. Agricultural Organisations – India and World | Free ARD Notes E-Book (PDF)
  18. Irrigation: Types of Irrigation, Sources
  19. Agricultural Finance: Classification and Sources – NABARD Agriculture Notes


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