Here’s why you should apply for RRB jobs


Dear Aspirants,


IBPS has announced a whopping 12,237+ vacancies this year, with Officer Scale – I and Office Assistant forming the majority (4863 & 7374 respectively). 

The vacancies mentioned are indicative & anticipated as communicated by the Regional Rural Banks (RRBs). However, provisional allotment will be made based on the actual vacancies reported by the RRBs. 

Regional Rural Banks are a fundamental part of the banking sector. RRBs are formed with an objective to promote development in rural areas by providing loans and advances to small farmers, entrepreneurs, artisans and various agricultural co-operative societies. Around 70% of India’s population still lives in the rural areas and hence, RRBs have a vast scope for growth in this sector. As a result the demand for RRB jobs is rapidly growing across the country.

However, a lot of you may still be skeptical about applying for the post. Therefore, in the following article we are providing you a brief overview of RRB Officer Scale – I and RRB Office Assistant in an attempt to provide clarity to those of you who are still confused about applying for the RRB exam.


Selection Process

Aspirants wanting to be recruited for Officer Scale – I or Office Assistant must start by taking the common written exam for the respective exam, conducted by the IBPS. The candidates who clear the exam are shortlisted for the interview in their respective states. The recruited candidates are then allotted a post at a rural branch of the respective bank, usually within their home state.


RRB Officer Scale – I

  • The candidate should be between the age group 18 and 30
  • The candidate must have a degree (in any discipline)
  • He/she must be proficient in their local language
  • Must possess basic computer skills


After the recruitment the PO will be given training for 10-20 days & assigned the designation of a ‘Manager Trainee’. The Probation period is for two years, during which the PO is trained in various departments of the bank. After the Probation, the PO is confirmed as Assistant Manager.

Following are the duties of a RRB PO:
  1. Serve customers:

    The Probationary Officer/Assistant Manager will be responsible for handling the customers coming to the bank, helping them open bank accounts, issue ATM cards, receipts, Demand drafts, cheques, loans, etc.

  2. Handle the cash:

    The PO’s are responsible for the inflow and outflow of cash in the region they’re posted and for authorizing the transactions. Sometimes PO’s are required to perform clerical activities too if the clerk is absent.

  3. Make reports:

    PO’s are also required to verify the day’s transactions and generate a report of the same, including deposits, withdrawals and other transactions.

  4. Providing loans:

    Officers in RRB are in-charge of issuing loans to rural people, especially marginal farmers, artisans & artisans, after verifying their documents. POs duties also include clearance of payment made through Cheques, DDs, NEFT, RTGS, etc.

  5. Business:

    PO’s need to be aware of the various products and schemes offered by the bank, to be able to introduce them to the customers to bring new business to the bank.


Basic Pay Annual Increment Number of years
23,700 980 7
30,560 1145 2
32,850 1310 7


Total starting emoluments (including DA and HRA): 36,400/- (Approx.)


RRB Office Assistant (Multi-purpose)


  • The candidate should be between the age group 18 and 28
  • The candidate must have a degree (in any discipline)
  • He/she must be proficient in their local language
  • Must possess basic computer skills


After recruitment the Office Assistant is given training for a period of 1 year.

Following are the duties of an Office Assistant:
  1. Administrative activities:

    Duties include responding to emails, receiving courier packages, taking phone calls, collecting documents from employees and assist with office administration work.

  2. Bank activities:

    Helping customers open accounts, collect cash, verify cheques, demand drafts and serving as a supporting hand for various other bank functions.


Basic Pay Annual Increment Number of years
11,765 655 3
13,730 815 3
16,175 980 4
20,095 1145 7
28,110 2120 1
30,230 1310 1


Total starting emoluments (including DA and HRA): 18,100/- (Approx.)


Scope of work:
  1. Salary:

    The salaries of RRB Officer and Office Assistant are at par with most nationalized banks. The House Rent Allowance is lesser compared to those working in banks in Metro cities. However, since the posting is in rural areas the cost of living is less.

  2. Nature of work:

    The work pressure and stress is less compared to commercialized banks. Since the chances of getting posted within the home state are more, it allows the employees to have a good work-life balance. The work is limited, since RRBs’ main focus is to provide credit and banking facilities to rural populace, especially small sector loans to farmers, entrepreneurs and rural co-operative societies.

  3. Career growth:

    Career growth of candidates recruited in RRB is limited compared to commercialized banks. Promotions and increments mostly rely on influence and seniority. RRBs are small in scale and exist for a specific purpose. They provide limited options in products and schemes.

  4. Job security & satisfaction:

    The job security is much higher compared to private sector banks. Job satisfaction is also high since the employees get a chance to work & interact with the rural people, provide them small sector loans and assist them with agriculture finance and help in development of backward areas.

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All in all, RRB jobs are great for people who need time for commitments like family, social life, travel and other activities and are looking for a job with less stress and more job satisfaction. Hope this article helps you in making the right career choice.

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Check out the notification here: IBPS RRB 2017 Recruitment Notification

(Disclaimer: Although it appears like a genuine notification document, please note that it has not been officially released by IBPS as yet and is expected to be released on July 11th)