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The Railway Recruitment Board Non-Technical Popular Categories (RRB NTPC) offers an enticing salary structure, attracting candidates seeking a rewarding career in the Indian Railways. With competitive pay scales, allowances, and perks, the RRB NTPC salary reflects the significance of various positions within the organization. This blog will provide you with all the details of the RRB NTPC Salary 2024.

RRB NTPC Salary 2024

Candidates are recruited for non-graduate and graduate posts through the RRB NTPC examination. Both posts have different salary structures and pay scales. We have mentioned below the salary for the Graduate and Non-Graduate posts for a better understanding of the candidates.

Non-Graduate Posts Salary Structure

S. No.Name of the postLevel in 7th CPCInitial pay (Rs.)Medical Standard
1Junior Clerk cum Typist219900C-2
2Accounts Clerk cum Typist219900C-2
3Junior Time Keeper219900C-2
4Trains Clerk219900A-3
5Commercial cum Ticket Clerk321700B-2

Graduate Posts Salary Structure

S. No.Name of the postLevel in 7th CPCInitial pay (Rs.)Medical Standard
1Traffic Assistant425500A-2
2Goods Guard529200A-2
3Senior Commercial cum Ticket Clerk529200B-2
4Senior Clerk cum Typist529200C-2
5Junior Account Assistant cum Typist529200C-2
6Senior Time Keeper529200C-2
7Commercial Apprentice635400B-2
8Station Master635400A-2

RRB NTPC Salary 2024 – Allowances & Perks

Railway employees receive various allowances and perks along with their salary. We have mentioned below the list of allowances for the candidates.

  1. Pension Scheme
  2. House Rent Allowances
  3. Transport Allowance
  4. Dearness Allowance
  5. Medical Benefits

RRB NTPC Salary 2024 – Job Profile

We have mentioned below the detailed job profile and career path of the various posts of the RRB NTPC 2024.

RRB NTPC Traffic Apprentice Job Description

Traffic Apprentice (TA) are employed in the Operations and Transportation Department of the Indian Railways. Once selected, a Traffic Apprentice has to undergo 2 years of training. You can work as a Station Master/Yard Master/Guard during training also. Once the training period is over, you will either be posted as Station Master, Yard Master (now these posts have been combined), or as Section Controller.

  • The Operations Department of the Indian Railways takes care of the train movement and facilitates the smooth functioning of railways. The job can be quite stressful as you always need to be on your toes (for example, you have to chart the train rules, inform other departments in case of any change of routes or emergency, and so on)
  • Also, the working hours will depend on the designation you are posted. For example, if you are posted as a Guard, your work hours will be similar to a guard and if you are posted as a Station Master, the work hours of SM will be applicable.

Career Path/Future Prospects/Promotion 

  • Traffic Apprentice ==> Station Master ==> Station Superintendent
  • Traffic Apprentice ==> Station Controller ==> Chief Controller
  • You can also appear for the Limited  Departmental  Competitive  Examination  (LDCE) to get promoted into Gazetted ranks (Group B) such as Assistant Operations Manager ==> Divisions Operation Manager

RRB NTPC Station Master Job Description

  • A person who is appointed as a Station Master has the responsibility to look after the arrival and departure of the train.
  • A Station Master has to look after all the amenities of the passengers so that the passengers can have a smooth journey.
  • A Station Master acts as a Point Of Contact for all the necessary operations related to a Railway Station.
  • The number of Station Masters depends on the size of the Railway Station, the bigger the station, the higher the number of required Station Masters.
  • The Punctuality of the scheduled arrival/departure of the trains is monitored by the Station Master.
  • Workings such as monitoring the signals, to ensure that his subordinates do everything as per the rule book are a few things that come under the duty of a Station Master.
  • A person working as a Station Master has to work in shifts.

RRB NTPC Station Master Career Path

Following is the list of different posts an RRB NTPC Station Master is promoted to during his career.

  • Station Master
  • Station Superintendent
  • Assistant Operations Manager
  • Divisional Operations Manager

RRB NTPC Commercial Apprentice Job Profile

  • A candidate who has applied for the post of Commercial Apprentice, after successfully clearing the RRB NTPC 2019 Exam is posted as Multi-Skilled Supervisors in various commercial branches of Indian Railways.
  • A Commercial Apprentice is posted as Commercial Supervisor / Goods Supervisor / Commercial Inspector / Parcel Supervisor in the commercial departments. These commercial departments in Indian Railways are majorly responsible for collecting revenue.
  • These apprentices after their joining are trained for around 100 days in different sub-departments of a commercial branch.
  • They are trained as Goods Clerk, Catering, Parcel Clerk, Chief Commercial Clerk, Commercial Inspector etc.
  • After the successful completion of the training period, a commercial apprentice is posted as Chief Commercial/Parcel/Goods Clerk or Commercial Inspector.
  • An RRB NTPC Commercial Apprentice Job Profile is such that he gets work experience in all the commercial sections of the Indian Railways.

Career Path/Future Prospects/Promotion

  • Parcel/Goods Supervisor
  • You can also appear for the Limited  Departmental  Competitive  Examination  (LDCE) to get promoted into Gazetted ranks (Group B) such as
    1. Assistant Commercial Manager
    2. Divisional  Commercial Manager
    3. Senior Divisional  Commercial Management

RRB NTPC Goods Guard Job Profile – Duties to perform

The job Profile of a Goods Guard includes the list of duties mentioned below;

  • A Goods Guard is in charge of all the technical work related to the running of a train.
  • The duty of the Goods Guard also includes works such as exchanging flags or lamp signals with stations on departure and when passing through.
  • A Goods Guard also checks the technical nuances related to the ‘Brake Power’ and signs the BPC (Brake Power Certificate).
  • He/She has to take responsibility for managing the condition of the train such as Vehicle Guidance Report, cross-checking safety, and other requirements of the train.
  • A person designated to this post has to look after the scheduling of the trains such as Late Arrivals, and travel timings on different routes.
  • A Goods Guard has to cross-check all the safety requirements for any possible defects that might endanger train safety.
  • A Goods Guard will have to work in shifts depending upon the schedule of respective trains as they have to be in the last wagon of the train.

Career Path/Promotion/Future Prospects

The Career Path for a Goods Guard is as follows;

  • Goods Guard
  • Passenger Guard
  • Section Controller
  • Chief Controller

RRB NTPC Trains Clerk Job Profile – Roles and Responsibilities

A person entitled to this position is responsible for looking after all the operational duties to maintain the coaches of the train such as how many compartments need to be added into the trains, scheduled cleaning of the compartments, etc.

  • The general records related to the maintenance of the train and its conditions are being looked after by a Trains Clerk
  • A train clerk has to have a proper record that allocates the number of coaches assigned to each train.
  • A document known as a Vehicle Guiding Document is prepared by a Trains Clerk.
  • The working shifts depend on the size of the Railway Stations. The larger the stations, the more the shifts.

Career Path/Promotion/Future Prospects

Following are the positions a Train clerk can get promoted to in his career.

  • Trains Clerk
  • Senior Trains Clerk
  • Chief Trains Clerk

RRB NTPC Junior Clerk Job Profile: Roles And Responsibilities

  • The main duty of the Junior Clerk will be to assist the Senior Clerks in every way possible.
  • The Department under which the Junior Clerk will work is called the Department of Finance and Accounts.
  • Any transactions made concerning the workings of the department have to go through an internal check which may involve receipt, challan, or expenditure.
  • The Job of a Junior Clerk has no night duties.
  • The clerical work may vary from department to department as decided by the Senior Clerk.

Career Path of Junior Clerk

The career path of Junior Clerk cum typist is given below


Inquiry cum Reservation Clerk Job Profile and Responsibilities

  • An ECRC is responsible for helping the passengers plan their travel. He/She is responsible for reservation and issuing of computerized tickets to the passengers
  • He/she also has to respond to passenger queries and make announcements.
  • It’s a suitable job for female candidates as most of the job is indoors and hardly any traveling is involved.

Career Path/Future Prospects/Promotion

  • ECRC Grade II ==> ECRC Grade I ==> Reservation Supervisor
  • You can also appear for the Limited  Departmental  Competitive  Examination  (LDCE) to get promoted into Gazetted ranks (Group B) such as Assistant Operations Manager ==> Divisions Operation Manager

Railway Guard Job Description

A Railway guard is a person who is technically in charge of running a train. A Goods Guard is responsible for managing the running of a Goods Train. The job description includes:-

  • The guard is responsible for assuring himself that the station master (directly or indirectly) has authorized the departure of the train from the station.
  • The guard exchanges flag or lamp signals with stations on departure and when passing through.
  • Ensuring that the train has sufficient ‘Brake Power’ and signing the BPC (Brake Power Certificate)
  • Constantly monitoring any abnormalities- in the train as well in the signals
  • Preparing and delivering train reports (such as Late Arrival Reports)
  • Providing information on travel timings and different routes
  • Checking basic requirements such as lighting and heating in carriages
  • Maintaining the VG (Vehicle Guidance) Document
  • To cross-check all the safety requirements for any possible defects that might endanger train safety

If selected, you will undergo training in the Zonal training institute where you will be acquainted with the exact nature of your job and the general and commercial rules of Railways.

Career Path/Future Prospects/Promotion 

  • Goods Guard => Passenger Guard => Express Guard
  • Goods Guard => Section Controller => Chief Controller
  • You are also eligible to appear for the LDCE exam for the Group B Gazetted post of Assistant Operations Manager(AOM)

RRB NTPC Junior Account Assistant(JAA) Cum Typist Job Profile

A Junior Account Assistant works in the Department of Finance and Accounts. A Junior Accounts Assistant is responsible for the Clearing of bills if anything needs to be purchased and has to be verified to process the order further. Some of the main responsibilities which a Junior Accounts Assistant is entitled to are as follows;

  • To ensure that the accounts of the railways are within the guidelines and rules set by the management.
  • Discussions of budgets in consultations with other departments and analyzing the procedures needed for budgetary control can be written down in proper relevant order and code rules from time to time.
  • A Junior Account Assistant is responsible for the “checking done internally” related to the transactions which may affect the expenditure of Railways.
  • He/she is the financial advisor related to any administrative-related work in the railway department and plays an important role in passing any tender/projects for railways.
  • It is the job of the Junior Account Assistant to ensure that any monetary claims made against the railways are settled with prompt action.
  • A Junior Account Assistant makes sure he/she sees that there are no financial irregularities related to the transactions made in any department of railways.

RRB NTPC Junior Account Assistant (JAA) cum typist: Career Path

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A Junior Account  assistant cum typist has a very bright list of career paths, they are mentioned below;

  • Junior Accounts Assistant
  • Junior Accounts Officer
  • Senior Accounts Officer
  • Deputy Chief Account Officer
  • Additional Financial Adviser
  • Chief Accounts Officer
  • Chief Account Officer/Financial Adviser

We hope this blog gave you a better understanding of the RRB NTPC Salary 2024. To read more such blogs, visit the Oliveboard website!

RRB NTPC Salary 2024 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the RRB NTPC Salary 2024?

Ans. Candidates can check the detailed salary for each post mentioned in the blog.

Q.2 What are the allowances provided to the Railway Employees?

Ans. Railway Employees receive additional allowances like the Pension Scheme, House Rent Allowances, Transport Allowance, Dearness Allowance, and Medical Benefits.


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