SBI PO: How to Improve your Data Interpretation & Analysis

SBI PO is one of the most awaited banking examinations in India. This is for good reason as SBI is one of the most generous employers in the banking industry in the country and becoming an SBI PO is a dream for many. With the SBI PO examinations already scheduled to be conducted in July 2018, right now is a crucial time for your preparations, so every second of preparation counts in improving your chances of clearing the SBI PO examinations.

Data Analysis and Interpretation is a section that appears in the SBI PO Mains examination and arguably is a difficult section to score good marks in due to the time-consuming nature of the questions. Hence, to aid your preparation efforts, we have brought an article, ‘SBI PO: How to Improve Your Data Analysis & Interpretation’. We are confident that after having read this article, your questions such as ‘How to prepare for the data interpretation and analysis section for SBI PO?’ or ‘How to prepare for data interpretation for SBI PO?’ will be answered.

SBI PO: Data Analysis & Interpretation Syllabus

To prepare for the Data Analysis and Interpretation section, it is necessary to be aware of what all questions may be asked in the examination, which means understanding all types of questions and knowing the syllabus properly. For reference, the Data Analysis and Interpretation section may include the following kinds of questions based on –

  • Charts and Graphs – Line Graph, Pie Chart, Mixed DI
  • Caselets and Paragraphs
  • Probability-based Questions
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Table/Illustration-related Questions

Hence when looking out for ways to prepare for the data analysis and interpretation section of SBI PO, it is necessary to be confident about answering questions from any of the aforementioned topics.


SBI PO: Data Analysis & Interpretation Tips

  • Learn mental calculations such as the squares and square roots of all numbers from 1-20 and the same goes for their cubes and cube roots
  • When computing for DI questions, use approximate figures to reduce the time taken to find the actual answer
  • While this is a no-brainer, read the question and understand what the question asks from you. If you do not read the question properly, it is possible to get confused with regards to what is asked from you and how to find it. In such cases, you may end up doing calculations that aren’t necessary.
  • Increase your practice of the question types you are not sure about. You must be comfortable with all kinds of data to analyse and assess them with ease
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation section has time consuming questions, so one may be tempted to do them fast. However, the element of accuracy is also as important as the speed. Attempt the questions reasonably fast but make sure you are getting the answers right.

That’s all for Data Interpretation and Analysis; make sure to follow those points if you are not doing so already, and if you are, great! Just continue practicing and you will surely clear the SBI PO examinations with an excellent grade.

All the Best!

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