IBPS Clerk Post: Work Profile, Salary and Career Prospects

In this post, we explain about IBPS Clerk post salary, duties promotions and more. Each year IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) holds examinations to induct IBPS clerical cadre in various public sector banks. In 2011, IBPS first started CWE (Common Written Examination) to recruit clerks and officers in public sector banks. The IBPS Clerk exams are held in various examination centres throughout India.

The candidate must meet all the eligibility criteria to sit for the IBPS clerk exam. Studying rigorously is extremely vital to pass this highly competitive exam. Each year more than 25 lakh candidates appear for this exam, making it very difficult to crack, but with efficient preparation, one can clear the IBPS clerk exam and bag a good job in a public sector bank.

IBPS Clerk Post – Duties

An IBPS bank clerk is responsible for maintaining various bank records depending on the specialization. They play an important role in the banking system, ensuring that all records and files are in place.

A bank clerk’s task is segregated into many fields such as:-

  • Security Clerk- Filing, recording and looking after investment documents, bonds and stocks.
  • Exchange Clerk- Translating or converting any foreign currency into pounds and vice versa.
  • Statement Clerk- Checking the accounts of customers and preparing monthly balance sheets.
  • Loan Clerk- Organising and recording loan information.
  • Interest Clerk- Keeping a record of the interest owed to the bank from investments and loans and the interest owed to the savings accounts.

The primary responsibilities of IBPS clerk are as follows –

  • They are responsible for cash withdrawals and deposits. They also handle receipts of drafts, cheques and pay orders.
  • Keep a record of balance on a daily basis.
  • Authenticate clients and issue cheque books to them
  • Responsible for performing vital tasks like ledger maintenance, issuance of ESI stamps, tally balance sheets and collect receipts.
  • In some banks, clerks also play an important role in marketing various financial products like mutual funds, loans, deposits etc.

IBPS Clerk Post – Salary

The basic pay of a clerk is around Rs 7200.

The actual pay will vary depending on whether you are placed in a metro city, rural area or a state capital. In addition to the basic pay, you will get allowances like house rent allowance, dearness allowance and transport allowance.

IBPS Clerk Post – Career Prospects

Once you are selected as a clerk, you will get multiple opportunities for promotion. The promotion will depend on your work performance during your probation period. Generally, in IBPS, the promotion of employees from the clerical cadre to the office cadre occurs within a year.

To conclude, the IBPS clerk recruitment is a great opportunity for you to enter the banking sector.

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