IBPS RRB Office Assistant Salary 2020 [Pay Scale & Work Profile]

IBPS RRB Office Assistant Examination is held annually with lakhs of students competing for the post. In the end, only a handful of these students qualify for the post. If you are waiting for the IBPS RRB Office Assistant (Clerk) Notification 2020 and are keen to know about the IBPS RRB Office Assistant Salary 2020, Pay Scale, In-hand Salary, Perks, Allowances, Work Profile & Career Growth, then continue reading and know it all here. 

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1. IBPS RRB Office Assistant Salary 2020

Whenever applying for a post, the first thing that comes to our minds is the salary the post offers. 

1.1 IBPS RRB Office Assistant Pay Scale 

The salary structure for IBPS RRB office assistants is in the range of Rs. 7200-400/3-8400-500/3-9900-600/4-12300-700/7-17200-1300/1-18500-800/1-19300.

Now you must be thinking about what is above-mentioned numbers represent. Let us break down this complex pay scale into more simplified and understandable numbers.

Rs. 7200-400/3 – So the initial basic pay would be 7200 for the first three years and the increment after the end of each year would be 400 Rs. 

8400-500/3 – As the office attendant completes three years, the basic pay would increase to 8400 for the coming 3 years with the increment of Rs 500 after the end of each year. 

And similarly, the basic pay would go increasing with the simultaneous increase in the increment that is given at the end of each year. 


Basic Pay – A standard rate of pay that an employee gets in return for his/her work before additional payments such as allowances and bonuses.

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1.2 IBPS RRB Office Assistant In-hand Salary 

An IBPS RRB Office Assistant would be eligible to get Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 in-hand salary including the Dearness Allowance (DA), City Compensatory Allowance (CCA), and House Rent Allowance (HRA).

1.3 IBPS RRB Office Assistant Work Profile

The nature of duties that an office assistant performs are mentioned below:

i. Office Assistants are the first point of contact between the bank and the customers. Office assistants operate the counters at the bank and are responsible for answering the queries of the customers.

ii. Office assistants are in charge of handling documents involved with all transactions. The IBPS RRB office assistants will also handle cash transactions. Issuance of new debit cards is also the prerogative of these officers.

iii. Some IBPS RRB Office Assistants may also need to work in multiple departments concurrently depending on the needs of the bank. Even though the job of the Office Assistant can be hectic, it offers a great amount of exposure to the candidates.

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1.4 IBPS RRB Office Assistant Career Prospects

Office Assistants get opportunities to reach higher managerial posts in their careers, based on merit and experience.

1.5 IBPS RRB Office Assistant Perks & Allowances

IBPS RRB Office Assistants Perks & Allowances
Dearness Allowance (DA) 46.5% of the basic pay.
House Rent Allowance (HRA) For Rural Areas: 5% of the basic pay
For Semi-urban Areas: 7.5% of the basic pay
For Urban Areas: 10% of the basic pay
Special Allowances  

7.75% of the basic pay.


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