SBI PO Salary 2024 After 2, 3, 5, 10 Years, Complete Information

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SBI PO Salary 2024

SBI provides one of the most prestigious and challenging government jobs in India for Probationary Officers (POs). As a PO at SBI, you will get a basic starting salary of Rs. 41,960 with 4 advance increments. The salary structure follows a range from Rs. 36,000 to Rs. 63,840. In this blog, we will discuss the SBI PO Salary after 2, 3, 5, and 10 years.

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SBI PO Salary 2024 – Overview

The salary for SBI PO posts is appealing, starting at Rs. 41,960 (plus 4 advance increments). These jobs are highly sought-after among banking aspirants due to their attractive pay and benefits. The given table consist of SBI PO salary structure as per the latest notification.

Basic PayRs. 41,960
Special AllowanceRs. 6,881
DARs. 12,701
Location AllowanceRs. 700
Learning AllowanceRs. 600
Special AllowanceRs. 6,881
Gross SalaryRs. 65,780
DeductionsRs. 12,960
Net SalaryRs. 52,820

Salary Deductions for SBI Probationary Officers

From the gross monthly salary of INR 65,780 for an SBI Probationary Officer, certain deductions are made before the officer receives their net take-home pay. These deductions are detailed below:

PF Contribution4,196
Income Tax3,290
Professional Tax200
Contributory Pension Fund5,274
Total Deductions12,960
Gross Salary65,780
Total Deductions12,960
Net In-hand Salary52,820

SBI PO Salary 2024 After Probation Period

Here is the table with the details for SBI PO Salary 2024 during the training period:

Basic SalaryRs. 41,960 (including 4 advanced increments)
Pay ScaleJunior Management Grade Scale-I (Rs. 36,000 – Rs. 63,840)
Allowances– Dearness Allowance (D.A.)
– House Rent Allowance (H.R.A.) / Lease Rental
– City Compensatory Allowance (C.C.A.)
– Medical Allowance
– Other benefits as per prevailing rules

SBI PO Salary 2024 After 2 Years

Candidates who are interested to know about salary increment after 2 years. Here we complied the answer you are looking for. The Basic pay of SBI PO is INR 1,490. An SBI PO officer usually gets 4 advance increments. The 2nd year increments will be INR 54,310. This will be the 1st increment of SBI PO. The increment is offered with the basic pay INR. 54,310. Approximately the In hand salary after 2nd year would be 55,800.

Basic Pay41,960
Advance Increments4
Basic Pay after Advance Increments47,920
Increment after 2 years6,390
Basic Pay after 2 years (1st Increment)54,310
Approximate In-hand Salary after 2 years55,800

SBI PO Salary 2024 After 3 Years

Candidates looking for information on SBI PO Salary after 3 years. Here is the perfect answer for you. Basic pay of an SBI PO Officer on the 2nd year would be 55,800 after getting increment of INR 1,490. For the 3rd year increment the officer will get the same increment amount as previous that is INR 1,490. So approximately the in-hand salary will be Rs. 57,290.

YearBasic Pay (INR)Increment (INR)Approximate In-hand Salary (INR)

SBI PO Salary 2024 After 5 Years

This table shows the increment and basic salary structure for SBI POs over the years, highlighting the potential for salary growth.

TimeIncrementBasic Salary
First 7 yearsRs. 1490Rs. 36,000
Next 2 yearsRs. 1740Rs. 46,430
Another 7 yearsRs. 1990Rs. 63,840

SBI PO Salary 2024 After 10 Years

Here’s the table with the details on SBI PO salary after 10 years:

ParticularsAmount (INR)
Basic Pay after 10 years49,910
Approximate In-hand Salary after 10 years64,815


  • After 10 years of service, the basic pay for an SBI Probationary Officer is expected to be Rs. 49,910.
  • Taking into account the basic pay and other allowances, the approximate in-hand salary for an SBI PO after 10 years is estimated to be around Rs. 64,815.
  • The salary increases over the years due to increments in the basic pay, as well as additional perks and allowances provided by the bank.

Hope this article provides you enough information on SBI PO Salary After 2,3,5,10 Years. For more information like this visit Oliveboard Website.

SBI PO Salary After 2,3,5,10 Years – FAQs

Q1. What will be the SBI PO salary after 5 years in hand?

Ans. The Inhand salary of SBI PO after 5 years will be approximately Rs.60270.

Q2. What is the SBI PO salary after 10 Years?

Ans. The Inhand salary of SBI PO after 5 years will be approximately Rs.64815.

Q3. What will be the basic pay for an probationary officer?

Ans. The basic pay of an probationary offer will be Rs.23,700. 

Q4. Are there any other factors that influence the SBI PO salary progression?

Ans. Yes, factors such as performance appraisals, promotions, revisions in the salary structure, and changes in government regulations can also impact the salary progression of an SBI PO over the years.


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