How to Prepare for SBI PO in 60 Days – SBI PO Study Plan

As we await the SBI PO 2020 notification to be released, it is always suggested to be one step ahead. Start your prep early and lead the way to your dream. Are you confused about whether you will be able to clear the exam or not? The answer is, of course, you can and if you have the vision, we have the plan!  With our SBI PO Study Plan, all you need is hard work and perseverance and you can tame the exam

So, to help you kick start your preparation in the right direction, Oliveboard brings to you 60 Days SBI PO Study Plan,

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5. Understand all PO and Clerk Level Question Types – The tests are a complete mixture of questions from both prelims and mains level for different exams. This would help you understand the level of questions that are asked in the exam. Take A Test yourself and get a complete understanding of the exam and its pattern.

SBI PO Study Plan – Clear SBI PO 2019 in 60 days

Before going through the study plan, check the SBI PO Exam Pattern first and the SBI PO Detailed Syllabus to proceed with your preparation in an organized way.

Make sure to follow the Weekly study plan which is distributed for better understanding.

SBI PO Study Plan

Yes, Just Like this!

SBI PO Study Plan – Week 1 Schedule

Days Slot 1 Slot 2
Day 1 SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 1 Take The Diagnostic Mock | Spend Time Analyzing Your Performance | Identify Strengths & Weaknesses
Day 2 Seating Arrangements Concept & Practice Single & Double Fillers
Day 3 Reasoning Puzzles Concepts Reasoning Puzzles Practice
Day 4 Correct Usage Number Series Practice
Day 5 Simplification/ Approximation Simplification/ Approximation
Day 6 Reading Comprehension SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 2
Day 7 Cloze Test Concept Cloze Test Practice


SBI PO Study Plan – Week 2 Schedule

Days Slot 1 Slot 2
Day 8 Tables and Caselets Error Spotting Practice
Day 9 Inequality Concepts Inequality Practice
Day 10 Syllogism Concepts Syllogism Practice
Day 11 Bar and Line Graphs, Pie Charts Input-Output Practice
Day 12 Data Sufficiency Concepts SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 3
Day 13 Quadratic Equations Idioms and Phrases
Day 14 Averages, Mixtures and Alligation Concepts Averages, Mixtures and Alligation Practice


SBI PO Study Plan – Week 3 Schedule

Days Slot 1 Slot 2
Day 15 Profit & Loss SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 4
Day 16 Simple & Compound Interest Concepts Simple & Compound Interest Practice
Day 17 Coding-Decoding Time, Speed & Distance Practice
Day 18 Syllogism Practice Sentence Improvement/ Correction Practice
Day 19 Logical Reasoning Concepts Logical Reasoning Practice
Day 20 Blood Relations SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 5
Day 21 Direction Sense Concept Direction Sense Practice


SBI PO Study Plan – Week 4 Schedule

Days Slot 1 Slot 2
Day 22 Order And Ranking Concept Order & Ranking Practice
Day 23 Percentages & Partnership Concepts Percentages & Partnership Practice
Day 24 Ratio, Proportion & Variation One Word Substitution
Day 25 Time & Work Concepts Time & Work Practice
Day 26 Probability Concepts SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 6
Day 27 Alphanumeric Series Concepts Alphanumeric Series Practice
Day 28 Problems on Ages Concepts Problems on Ages Practice

Your consistency will help you reach your goal. Keep following the study plan just like this.

SBI PO Study plan

SBI PO Study Plan – Week 5 Schedule

Days Slot 1 Slot 2
Day 29 Coding-Decoding Practice Para-jumbles Practice
Day 30 English Sectional Test 1 Reasoning Sectional Test 1
Day 31 Quant Sectional Test 1 & English Sectional Test 2 SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 7
Day 32 Reasoning Sectional Test 2 Quant Sectional Test 2
Day 33 English Sectional Test 3 Reasoning Sectional Test 3
Day 34 Quant Sectional Test 3 English Sectional Test 4
Day 35 Reasoning Sectional Test 4 Vocabulary Test


SBI PO Study Plan – Week 6 Schedule

Days Slot 1 Slot 2
Day 36 Reasoning Sectional Test 5 SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 8
Day 37 Quant Sectional Test 5 Complete Revision
Day 38 Quant Sectional Test 4 English Sectional Test 5
Day 39 SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 9 Complete & Detailed Analysis | Remedial Topic Tests
Day 40 Quant Sectional Test 7 Complete & Detailed Analysis
Day 41 English Sectional Test 6 Reasoning Sectional Test 6
Day 42 Quant Sectional Test 6 English Sectional Test 7


SBI PO Study Plan – Week 7 Schedule

Days Slot 1 Slot 2
Day 43 Reasoning Sectional Test 7 High-Level Reasoning Test
Day 44 English Sectional Test 8 Reasoning Sectional Test 8
Day 45 Quant Sectional Test 8 English Sectional Test 9
Day 46 Reasoning Sectional Test 9 Quant Sectional Test 9
Day 47 English Sectional Test 10 Reasoning Sectional Test 10
Day 48 Quant Sectional Test 10 Complete Revision
Day 49 SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 10 Complete & Detailed Analysis | Remedial Topic Tests


SBI PO Study Plan – Week 8 Schedule

Days Slot 1 Slot 2
Day 50 SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 11 Complete & Detailed Analysis | Remedial Topic Tests
Day 51 SBI PO Prelims – Mock Test 12 Complete & Detailed Analysis | Remedial Topic Tests
Day 52 SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 13 —-
Day 53 Reasoning & Quant Revision —-
Day 54 SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 14 —-
Day 55 SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 15 Complete & Detailed Analysis | Remedial Topic Tests
Day 56 SBI PO Prelims | Mock Test 16 Complete & Detailed Analysis | Remedial Topic Tests


Your Mantra for Success Could be just like this:

SBI PO Study plan


In the remaining 4 days, your major focus should be on the analysis of your test performances so far. Go through your performance and act on your strong & weak points accordingly.

1 day before the exam, take enough rest and keep your mind calm. You have prepared well and your hard work will pay off.

Few Tips to Crack SBI PO 2020 in First Attempt

Respect the time limit per question and pace yourself accordingly

In the SBI PO Prelims, you shall have 40 seconds per question of English Language and 34 seconds per question of Reasoning Ability and Quantitative Aptitude.

When you practice with the mock examinations, try to keep a timer or track of the amount of time you take to finish each question correctly.

In this case, to crack the SBI PO exam in the first attempt, you need to answer maximum questions correctly.

Use the method suggested to track and time your responses and their accuracy.

In the mock examinations, try to strike a balance between being fast and being right, because to crack the SBI PO in the first attempt, that’s exactly what’s needed.

  • Know your syllabus clearly and the kind of questions to expect

To crack the SBI PO exam in the first attempt, you must have a perfect understanding of all the sections and all the topics in each section.

This might sound quite hard, but with the help of proper and consistent practice, it shouldn’t be a challenge.

  • Practice previous years’ question papers.

This goes without saying. While mock examinations from various test preparation series and packs have made it so that you can get the exam – feeling.

But, it is necessary that you practice with the real test papers of the previous years to get the exact conditions as you would when you take the real examination.

This is applicable for both SBI PO Prelims as well as SBI PO Mains exams.

  • Focus on weak areas first, but do not ignore strong areas

This thought often confuses the aspirants. Thinking too much about what to focus on, makes you lose your focus. Your focus on both should go hand in hand.

Want to know your strong and weak areas? Give a free mock test, get the Mock Test Analysis done for you free of cost but spend at least an hour to go through the detailed analysis so that you can proceed accordingly.

  • Study for the SBI PO Prelims and SBI Mains together

It is always suggested to start your preparations early and keep the prep for both simultaneous. And who better than Oliveboard to help you do just that.

Join Our SBI PO Cracker Online Course (A Unique blend of Foundation & Advanced Course) and learn from the top faculties.

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What are the highlights of the SBI PO Mock Test Series?


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SBI PO Study plan


That brings us to the end of this article. We hope you found the information provided here useful. Remember that SBI PO examinations are a test of your determination as well as your willpower.

Just follow 2 months SBI PO Study Plan and the tips listed above and you can surely crack the SBI PO exam in the first try itself. Take Oliveboard’s SBI PO 2020 Free Mock Test now and start your preparation.

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