SBI PO Study Plan [2020] | Crack SBI PO 2020-21 in Just 7 days

Are you confused about whether you will be able to clear the exam or not? The answer is, of course, you can and if you have the vision, we have the plan!  With our SBI PO Study Plan, all you need is hard work and perseverance, and you can tame the exam.


So, to help you kick-start your preparation in the right direction, Oliveboard brings to you a 7 Days SBI PO Study Plan. 

SBI PO Study Plan – Clear SBI PO 2020 in Just 7 days

Make sure to follow the Daily study plan which is distributed for better understanding.

SBI PO Study Plan


SBI PO Study Plan | Crack SBI PO Mains In Just 7 Days 

Day Slot 1 Slot 2
Day 1 SBI PO Mains Mock Test  1 (Free) + Analysis Spotting Errors, Parts   of Speech, Order & Ranking
Analogy, Classification, Word formation
Day 2 SBI PO Mains Mock Test   2 & Analysis + Sentence Improvement + Vocabulary + Series (Missing No. +   Alphanumeric)
Day 3 SBI PO   Mains Mock Test 3 + Analysis, Simplification Para Jumbles + Vocab +   Cloze Test
Day 4 SBI PO Mains Mock Test 4 + Analysis, Filler + Vocab Syllogism, Sentence   Correction + Vocabulary
Blood Relations Data   Interpretation, Close Passages, Passage completion, Direction Sense
Day   5 SBI PO Mains Mock Test 5 + Analysis + Permutations & Combinations SBI PO Mains Mock Test  6+ Analysis + Blood Relations, Input/output, Assertion and reasoning,   Inequalities
Day 6 SBI PO Mains Mock Test  7 + Analysis+ Line Charts, Pie Chart, Bar Charts, Tabular Data SBI PO Mains Mock Test   8 + Analysis, Decision-making test, Puzzles
Day 7 SBI   PO Mains Mock Test 9 + Analysis+ Probability, Series SBI PO Mains Mock Test   10 + Analysis, Figure series, Sitting Arrangement

Computer Aptitude and General Awareness are not bound to specific topics and is not featured in the plan above. To help candidates with these two sections we have –

Your consistency will help you reach your goal. Keep following the study plan just like this.

SBI PO Study plan

Your Mantra for Success Could be just like this:

2. Few Tips to Crack SBI PO 2020 in First Attempt

  • Respect the time limit per question and pace yourself accordingly

In the SBI PO Mains, you shall have 52 seconds per question of English Language, 45 seconds per question of Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude, 46 seconds per question of Data Analysis & Interpretation, and 68 seconds per question for General/Economy/Banking Awareness.

When you practice with the mock examinations, try to keep a timer or track of the amount of time you take to finish each question correctly.

In this case, to crack the SBI PO exam in the first attempt, you need to answer maximum questions correctly.

Use the method suggested to track and time your responses and their accuracy.

In the mock examinations, try to strike a balance between being fast and being right, because to crack the SBI PO in the first attempt, that’s exactly what’s needed.

  • Practice previous years’ question papers.

This goes without saying. While mock examinations from various test preparation series and packs have made it so that you can get the exam – feeling.

But, it is necessary that you practice with the real test papers of the previous years to get the exact conditions as you would when you take the real examination.

This is applicable for both SBI PO Prelims as well as SBI PO Mains exams.

  • Focus on weak areas first, but do not ignore strong areas

This thought often confuses the aspirants. Thinking too much about what to focus on, makes you lose your focus. Your focus on both should go hand in hand.

Want to know your strong and weak areas? Give a free mock test, get the Mock Test Analysis done for you free of cost but spend at least an hour to go through the detailed analysis so that you can proceed accordingly.

SBI PO Study plan


That brings us to the end of this article. We hope you found the information provided here useful. Remember that SBI PO examinations are a test of your determination as well as your willpower.

Just follow the 7 Days SBI PO Study Plan and the tips listed above and you can surely crack the SBI PO exam on the first try itself. 

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