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SSC CPO Syllabus

The SSC CPO Syllabus 2024 has been released on the official website of SSC. The SSC CPO Recruitment exam consists of 2 papers – Paper 1 and Paper 2. Both the papers would be of objective type. In this blog, we will look at all the topics covered under the SSC CPO Exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern. So, let’s begin with our section-wise SSC CPO Syllabus. Before moving on to the Syllabus let’s have a look at the SSC CPO Exam Pattern and overview of the exam.

SSC CPO Syllabus – Overview

Candidates preparing for the SSC CPO Exam 2024 must be aware that the SSC CPO Exam date has been rescheduled due to the General Election 2024. The new exam dates for the SSC CPO are provided in the table below:

Particulars SSC CPO 2024 Details
NameStaff Selection Commission Central Police Organization (SSC CPO)
Conducted byStaff Selection Commission (SSC)
Exam LevelNational
Exam ModeOnline
Purpose of Exam To select candidates for the post of Sub-Inspector
SSC CPO Exam Date 27th, 28th, and 29th June 2024
Exam Helpdesk No.011-69999845

SSC CPO Exam Pattern 2024

The SSC CPO (Staff Selection Commission Central Police Organization) exam pattern comprises two stages: Paper I and Paper II.

SSC CPO Exam Pattern 2024 for Paper I 

Each section carries 50 questions with a maximum of 50 marks, making a total of 200 questions and 200 marks for Paper I. There is a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer. Candidates have 2 hours to complete Paper I.

SubjectNo. of QuestionsMaximum Marks
General Intelligence & Reasoning5050
General Knowledge5050
Quantitative Aptitude5050 
English Comprehension5050

SSC CPO Exam Pattern 2024 for Paper II

  • The total time duration of the exam is 120 minutes i.e. 2 hours.
  • The total number of questions asked will be around 200 and the maximum marks for Paper-2 will be 200
  • The test will be of English Language and Comprehension will be conducted online.
Exam detailsParticulars
SubjectEnglish Language and Comprehension
Total Number of Questions200
Maximum Marks for Paper 2200
Mode of ConductOnline

SSC CPO PET/ PST Test Pattern

HeightChest (Expanded/Un-expanded)Height
Belonging to Hilly regions & areas of J&K, North East & Sikkim16580/85155
Scheduled Tribes162.577/82154

Both Male and Female candidates have to qualify for the PET test. Some important points on the same are given below:

TestsMale CandidatesFemale Candidates
100-metre race16 seconds18 seconds
Race1.6 Km Race in 6.5 minutes800-metre race in 4 minutes
Long Jump3.65 metres – 5 chances2.7 metres or 9 feet – 3 chances
High Jump1.2 metres – 3 chances0.9 metres or 3 feet – 3 chances
Short put 16 LBS4.5 metres – 3 chancesSSC CPO Medical Test

The criteria for the Medical Test is given below:

  • Minimum Near Vision: (better eye)-N6  and (worse eye) N9
  • Minimum Distant Vision: (better eye) 6/6  and (worse eye) 6/9
  • Must not have a flat foot, varicose vein, knock knee, or squint in eyes
  • Eye standards should be without visual correction of any kind even by glasses.

SSC CPO Syllabus 2024

To clear the SSC CPO Paper 1 and Paper 2 candidates must prepare all the topics of each section of the SSC CPO 2024 Exam. Let’s go through the complete SSC CPO Exam Syllabus for each section of both papers.

SSC CPO Paper 1 Syllabus

The detailed SSC CPO Paper 1 Syllabus Is as follows:

SSC CPO Syllabus 2024 For General Intelligence and Reasoning

This section will include questions of both verbal and non-verbal types. Topics, as mentioned in the official notification are:

Topic Details
Semantic AnalogyExamining relationships between words based on their meanings.
Symbolic/Number 9 AnalogyEstablishing relationships between symbolic representations or numbers in a pattern similar to the number 9.
Figural AnalogyIdentifying relationships between figures or shapes.
Semantic ClassificationCategorizing words based on their meanings.
Symbolic/Number ClassificationGrouping symbolic representations or numbers based on certain criteria.
Figural ClassificationCategorizing figures or shapes based on specific characteristics.
Semantic, Number, and Figural SeriesRecognizing and continuing patterns in sequences of words, numbers, or figures.
Problem-SolvingApplying logical reasoning to find solutions to various problems.
Word BuildingConstructing new words based on given rules or patterns.
Coding & DecodingTransforming and interpreting codes to convey or decipher information.
Numerical & Symbolic OperationsPerforming mathematical or symbolic operations on given elements.
TrendsIdentifying and predicting patterns or trends in data.
Space OrientationUnderstanding spatial relationships and orientation.
Space VisualizationMentally visualizing and manipulating spatial relationships.
Venn DiagramsAnalyzing relationships between sets using Venn diagrams.
Drawing InferencesMaking logical conclusions based on given information.
Punched Hole/Pattern-Folding & UnfoldingUnderstanding patterns created by folding or unfolding paper with punched holes.
Figural Pattern-Folding and CompletionCompleting a pattern by folding a figure or shape.
Embedded FiguresIdentifying smaller figures hidden within larger ones.
Critical ThinkingEvaluating information and making reasoned judgments.
Emotional & Social IntelligenceAssessing and understanding emotions and social cues.

SSC CPO Syllabus 2024 For General Knowledge & General Awareness

Questions will be designed to test the following:

  • General awareness of the environment
  • Knowledge of current events
  • Matters of everyday observation

The test will also include questions relating to India and its neighboring countries especially pertaining to the following:

HistoryStudy of past events, developments, and civilizations.
CultureExploration of the customs, traditions, and arts of a society.
GeographyExamination of the physical features and landscapes of the Earth.
Economic SceneAnalysis of the economic conditions and activities within a region or country.
General PolityUnderstanding the principles and structure of governance.
Indian ConstitutionStudy of the foundational legal document of India, outlining its political system and rights of citizens.
Scientific ResearchInvestigation and exploration of scientific principles, discoveries, and advancements.

SSC CPO Syllabus 2024 For Quantitative Aptitude

The questions will be designed to test the ability of appropriate use of numbers and number sense of the candidate. Topics, as mentioned in the official notification, are:

Percentages and PartnershipsUnderstanding and calculating percentages. Principles of partnerships including profit-sharing and loss-sharing.
Profit, Loss, and DiscountsCalculating profit and loss.
Applying discounts and determining the selling price.
Ratio and ProportionRelationships between quantities are expressed in ratios and proportions.
Solving problems involving proportions.
Squares and Square RootsUnderstanding square numbers, square roots, and basic properties of squares.
Averages, Mixtures, and AllegationCalculating averages.
Solving problems related to mixtures and allegations.
InterestSimple and compound interest calculations. Understanding interest rates and periods.
Time and DistanceSolving problems related to speed, time, and distance.
Understanding relative speed.
Time and WorkCalculating work done over time.
Solving problems involving multiple workers.
Basic Algebraic Identities and Elementary SurdsUnderstanding basic algebraic identities.
Simplifying expressions involving surds.
Graphs of Linear EquationsPlotting and interpreting graphs of linear equations. Understanding slopes and intercepts.
Triangles (Centers, Congruence, Similarity)Exploring triangle properties, centers (centroid, incenter, circumcenter, orthocenter), congruence, and similarity.
Circles (Chords, Tangents, Angles Subtended, Common Tangents)Understanding properties of circles, including chords, tangents, and angles subtended; exploring common tangents.
MensurationCalculating areas and volumes of geometric shapes such as:
Trigonometry (Ratios, Degree-Radian Measures, Standard Identities, Complementary Angles)Exploring trigonometric ratios, converting between degrees and radians, using standard identities, and solving problems involving complementary angles.
Height and DistanceSolving problems related to height and distance using trigonometric concepts.
Histogram, Frequency Polygon, Bar Diagram & Pie ChartUnderstanding and interpreting graphical representations of data, including
Frequency polygons
Bar diagrams
Pie charts

SSC CPO Syllabus 2024 For English Comprehension

Candidate’s ability to understand correct English, basic comprehension and writing ability, etc. would be tested in this paper. Some question types are:

Topics Details
Error RecognitionIdentifying and correcting errors in grammar or syntax.
Fill In The BlanksCompleting sentences or passages by filling in missing words.
VocabularyAssessing knowledge and use of words in a given context.
SpellingsChecking the correctness of the spelling of words.
GrammarEvaluating the proper use of language and sentence structure.
Sentence StructureExamining the arrangement and construction of sentences.
Synonyms and AntonymsRecognizing words with similar or opposite meanings.
Sentence CompletionCompleting sentences with the appropriate words or phrases.
Idioms and PhrasesUnderstanding and using common expressions or phrases.
ComprehensionTesting the ability to understand and interpret written passages.

SSC CPO Syllabus 2024 For Paper 2

Paper 2 will be an objective paper on English Language and Comprehension for 200 Marks.

SSC CPO Syllabus 2024 For English Comprehension Topics

Questions in this components will be designed to test the candidates’ understanding and knowledge of the English Language and will be based on:

  • Error recognition
  • Filling in the blanks (using verbs, prepositions, articles, etc)
  • Vocabulary and spellings
  • Sentence Structure
  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Sentence Completion
  • Phrases and Idiomatic Use of Words
  • Comprehension

SSC CPO Syllabus PDF Download Link

Candidates preparing for the SSC CPO Exam 2024 can download the SSC CPO Syllabus PDF, which outlines all the topics needed for the exam. The Syllabus PDF can be downloaded through the direct link provided below.

We hope this blog gave you a better understanding of the SSC CPO Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2024. To read more such blogs, visit the Oliveboard website!

SSC CPO Syllabus 2024 – FAQs

Q.1 Will the SSC CPO Paper I be in an online mode?

Ans. Yes, SSC CPO Paper I will be conducted online mode.

Q.3 When will the SSC CPO Exam be held?

Ans. The SSC CPO Exam will be held on the 27th, 28th, and 29th of June 2024.

Q.2 Will there be a negative marking in the SSC CPO Paper II?

Ans. No, there will be no negative marking on Paper II.


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