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UGC NET Salary 2024

UGC NET Salary 2024 – The NTA (National Testing Agency) is scheduled to conduct the UGC NET (University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test) exam from 10th to 21st June 2024. The candidates who qualify the UGC NET 2024 exam and get selected, are offered a handsome salary which also includes other perks and benefits. The UGC NET Salary 2024 is one of the important reasons to attract a lack of candidates to appear for the examination and to qualify it. In this article, we will delve into the details of the UGC NET Salary 2024 and job profile to provide a comprehensive understanding of the benefits and growth prospects available.

UGC NET Salary – Assistant Professor

Persons appointed to the post of assistant professor will draw a UGC NET Salary 2024 in the range of Rs 25,000.00 to 50,000.00 at the start.  The variation in UGC NET 2024 Salary is wide. The reason for the wide range in the initial salary is caused by two major factors:

  1. The skills that the candidate comes with 
  2. The university where the candidate secure the appointment
  3. The post being of a professor or assistant professor
  4. Whether or not the candidate holds a PhD degree.

UGC NET Salary 2024 – Junior Research Fellowship

  1. Those chosen as Junior Research Fellows will be given a fellowship of Rs. 31,000.00 for the first two years.
  2. Certain institutes may also provide House Rent Allowance (HRA) along with the fellowship.
  3. From the third to the fifth year, the fellowship amount increases to Rs. 35,000.00.
  4. Additionally, depending on the institute of appointment, there may be an extra amount provided as House Rent Allowance (HRA).

If someone qualifies in the UGC NET 2024 Examination and gets a job in a government institute, their UGC NET Salary 2024 can range from Rs. 35,000.00 to Rs. 60,000.00. If they also have a Doctorate degree, their salary will typically be increased even more.

A candidate who passes the UGC NET 2024 exam can apply for a research position in a corporate company using their JRF certificate. If they are selected, they will typically receive a regular fixed stipend amount.

UGC NET Salary – Benefits

The very first benefit of qualifying in UGC NET 2024 is that the candidate immediately becomes eligible for appointments such as Professor, Assistant Professor, and/ or Junior Research Fellow.  All these posts come will attractive UGC NET Salary 2024 or stipend which increases over the following years. The candidates become eligible to join Government institutes or private institutes. 

UGC NET Salary 2024 – NTA JRF Fellowship

If you become eligible for a Junior Research Fellowship position, it means you can get paid while studying for higher degrees like M.Phil and PhD. Whether you work at a government institute or a private one, you will receive a monthly stipend of Rs. 31,000.00 for the first 2 years and Rs. 35,000.00 for the remaining time. In addition to the fellowship amount, if you don’t live on campus, you can also receive a House Rent Allowance.

UGC NET Salary 2024 – Job Promotion

Even if someone is already working as an assistant professor, professor, or junior research fellow, they can still take the UGC NET Examination if they meet the other necessary requirements. If they pass the examination, their UGC NET Salary will increase. If someone is in a lower position than an assistant professor or junior research fellow and they pass the UGC NET Examination, they will be eligible for promotion, regardless of whether they work in a government institute or a private institute.

PositionsPosition After Promotion
Junior Research Fellow (JRF)Senior Research Fellow (SRF)
Project Fellow (PF)Senior Project Fellow (SPF)
Project Assistant/Associate (PA)Senior Project Assistant/Associate (SPA)
AuthorSenior Author
Project ManagerProject Head
Assistant Professor
Junior Assistant ProfessorAssistant Professor
Assistant ProfessorSenior Assistant Professor
Senior Assistant ProfessorAssistant Professor (Selection Grade)
Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)Associate Professor
Associate ProfessorProfessor
ProfessorGeneral Head/Manager

UGC NET Salary 2024 – Salary Structure

The UGC NET Salary 2024 after clearing the UGC NET 2024 exam and other benefits after clearing the UGC NET 2024 exam are mentioned below.

Tenure of fellowship – Initially for 3 years.

If required the time span can be extended by the related department of the University or College.

  • Scholarship Amount for NET JRF – INR 31,000 for the first 2 years and INR 35,000 for the remaining tenure.
  • Contingency for Humanities and Social Sciences – INR 10,000/- each year for the first two years and INR 20,500/- every year for the remaining three years.
  • Contingency for Science – INR 12,000/Year, for the initial 2 years. and INR 25,000/Year for the remaining years.
  • Escorts or Reader Assistance – INR 2,000/- every month in case of physically and visually challenged candidates.
  • HRA – As per the rules of the concerned University or Institute.

UGC NET Salary 2024 – Payscale

PostSalaryPay BandAcademic Grade Pay
ProfessorRs. 37400-670004Rs. 10,000.00 (minimum starting salary at Rs. 43000)
Associate ProfessorRs. 37400-670004Rs. 9,000.00
Associate ProfessorRs. 15600-391003Rs. 6,000.00

Here is a UGC NET Salary 2024 split that will make things a bit more clear.

Minimum PayAmountMaximum PayAmount
Basic payRs. 15,600.00Basic payRs. 39,100.00
Grade PayRs. 6,600.00Grade PayRs. 6,600.00
TotalRs. 22,200.00TotalRs. 45,700.00
DA (125%)Rs. 27,750.00DA (125%)Rs. 57,125.00
HRA (30%)*Rs. 6,660.00HRA (30%)*Rs. 13,710.00
TARs. 3,200.00TARs. 3,200.00
DA on TA (125%)Rs. 4,000.00DA on TA (125%)Rs. 4,000.00
Gross SalaryRs. 63,810.00Gross SalaryRs. 1,23,735.00
Professional TaxRs. 230.00Professional TaxRs. 230.00
NPS (Basic DA)* 10%Rs. 4,995.00NPS (Basic DA)* 10%Rs. 10,283.00
Average TaxRs. 3,000.00Average TaxRs. 10,000.00
Net in Hand PayRs. 55,585.00Net in Hand PayRs. 1,03,223.00

Career Choices after UGC NET Exam 2024

  • If any student desires to become a professor or a researcher in college or university, then they should appear for this exam. It will give them tremendous access and opportunities to establish oneself as a professor.
  • But to achieve this, one needs to qualify UGC NET 2024 with a good score.
  • UGC NET exam provides candidates with numerous opportunities in teaching and research professions. These are not the only two career choices, candidates can also get a job in Public Sector Undertakings which considers the UGC NET 2024 exam score to hire for certain positions.

UGC NET Salary Benefits 2024

Apart from this basic salary, certain allowances are also given to the employees. Here are the details about the perks and benefits that an employee who is clearing the UGC NET apart from his basic UGC NET Salary 2024 will get.

  1. NTA UGC NET JRF Fellowship: One of the most common and the best benefits for the candidates who clear UGC NET is that the candidates get eligible for JRF Fellowship. This helps a lot for the candidates who wish to go for other higher studies such as Ph.D. and M.Phil. Under the JRF scholarship, the eligible candidates get Rs. 31,000 for the first 2 years and then Rs. 35,000 for the rest of the tenure as a stipend. Apart from this amount, the candidates who live outside the college campus will get a certain amount as the House Rent Allowance amount.
  2. NTA UGC NET Job Promotion: Candidates who have cleared the UGC NET examination will not just get promotions in the positions of professors or assistant professors but also in other areas such as research work and scientific streams. If you work as a laboratory assistant in a private or a Government institute, you can always get a promotion in your work after you have scored well in the NTA UGC NET and have qualified in the exam.
  3. Candidates who are clearing the UGC NET examination 2024 are also eligible for certain jobs in Public Sector Companies and a good amount of UGC NET Salary 2024 is also offered to them as part of the package.

UGC NET Salary 2024 – Conclusion

Persons qualifying for UGC NET are eligible for positions in government and private institutes of professor, assistant professor, and Junior Research Fellow.  The UGC NET Salary 2024 they earn (and based on conditions HRA) is a handsome amount each month and increased in two years at the most. 

For persons who qualify in the UGC NET Examination but do not want the position of a professor of Junior Research Fellow, there are still other options of post and good salary. They could join any of the various high-ranking Public Sector Undertakings.  Besides teaching, the other areas in which these candidates can seek positions are human resources, finance, research, and development, to name a few. The official website of UGC provides information about the available positions. Another option is to start your own enterprise and even be of help to others by publishing a comprehensive book.

UGC NET Salary 2024 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the various aspects that affect the UGC NET Salary 2024 of an assistant professor?

Ans. The various aspects that affect the UGC NET Salary 2024 of an assistant professor are:
The skills that the candidate comes with 
The university where the candidate secure the appointment
The post being of a professor or assistant professor
Whether or not the candidate holds a Ph.D. degree.

Q2. What is the UGC NET Salary of a Junior Research Fellow in a Government institute after clearing UGC NET?

Ans. In the case of appointment in Government institutes as Junior Research Fellow, the salary for those who have qualified in the UGC NET Examination can range from Rs. 35,000.0 to Rs. 60,000.00.  In case the appointee has a Doctorate also, the salary will generally be further increased. 

Q3. What is the starting in-hand UGC NET salary for Assistant Professor?

Ans. The salary for an Assistant Professor ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 60,000, depending on the institution or university.

Q4. What is the salary of UGC NET JRF in 2024?

Ans. The salary of the JRF fellowship is Rs 31,000 for the first two years.


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