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  • Banking & Insurance
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  • MBA Exams
  • Railway Exams
  • Karnataka Exams
  • Tamil Nadu Exams
  • Judiciary Exams
  • Law Entrance Exams
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  • J&K Exams
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NABARD Grade A Syllabus 2024 - Complete Details

Last updated on 26-Feb-2024

NABARD Grade A Syllabus

NABARD Grade A Syllabus & NABARD Grade A Exam Pattern remain the same almost every year. Last year, the NABARD Grade A Syllabus and Exam Pattern remained the same, the only difference is that the vacancies had been released only for RDBS posts. Also, a psychometric test will be conducted on the completion of the mains exam. Knowing the NABARD Grade A Syllabus 2024 is extremely important to bifurcate which topics need to be covered thoroughly.

NABARD Grade A Syllabus 2024

Both the Prelims & Mains NABARD Grade A Syllabus 2024 have been discussed below in the subsections.

NABARD Grade A Syllabus 2024 - Prelims

Check out the NABARD Grade A Syllabus for the qualifying sections of Prelims.

Name of SectionTopics Asked
Reasoning AbilityPuzzles & Seating Arrangement
Data Sufficiency
Statement Based Questions (Verbal Reasoning) 
Miscellaneous Questions
Input - Output
Blood Relations
Coding - Decoding
Quantitative AptitudeData Interpretations
Quadratic Equations
Number Series
Data Sufficiency
Arithmetic Questions
Quantity Comparisons
Mathematical Inequalities
English LanguageReading Comprehension
Cloze Test
Sentence Improvement
Spotting the Errors
Fill in the Blanks
Sentence Rearrangement
Para Jumbles
New Pattern Questions
General AwarenessQuestions based on Current Affairs, Banking, Economy, and Insurance.
Current Affairs questions will be based on recent appointments, sports, awards, and honours, new schemes, international and national news, the latest science and technological developments.
Decision MakingInterpreting Information
Recognizing Assumptions
Situation-based question
Case Studies
Computer KnowledgeTopics like 
Input - Output devices 
MS Office
History of Computers & Generations 

NABARD Grade A Syllabus 2024 Phase 1 & 2 – ARD

The candidates must prepare for both Phase 1 & 2 simultaneously for NABARD Grade A ARD as the topics are the same but the difficulty level changes.

Topic NameSyllabus Detail
AgricultureDefinition, Meaning, and Its Branches
Agronomy: Definition, Meaning, and Scope of Agronomy
Classification of Field Crops
Factors Affecting Crop Production
Argo Climatic Zones
Types of Cropping Systems and Their Definitions
Problems faced if the land is dry - Seed Production & Processing, and Seed Village
Meteorology: Weather Parameters, Crop-Weather Advisory
Precision Farming
System of Crop Intensification
Organic Farming
Soil and Water ConservationMajor Soil Types
Soil Fertility
Soil Erosion
Soil Conservation
Watershed Management
Water ResourceIrrigation Management
Types of Irrigation
Sources of Irrigation
Crop-Water Requirement
Command Area Development
Water Conservation Techniques
Irrigation Pumps
Major, Medium and Minor Irrigation
Agri and Farm EngineeringPower and Machinery Related to Farms
Power Sources on the farm - animal, human, electrical, mechanical, wind, biomass and solar, biofuels
Water Harvesting Structures
Farm PondsAgro Processing
Modified & controlled storage, storage of perishable foods, bins, godowns, and grain silos.
Horticulture & PlantationMeaning, Definition, and Its Branches
Production Technology and Agronomic practices with respect to various horticulture and plantation crops.
Value and supply chain management of Horticulture & Plantation crops, Post-harvest management of the same.
Animal HusbandryFarm animals and their role in the Indian economy.
Animal husbandry methods in India.
Commonly used terminologies pertaining to the different species of livestock.
Utility classification of breeds of cattle.
Introduction to common fodders and feeds, their utility, and classification.
Introduction to the industry of poultry in India.Common terms pertaining to poultry production and management.
Socio-Economic implications of mixed farming on the farmer in India and the concept of mixed farming.
Livestock and Poultry production and their obligatory and complementary relationship with that of agricultural farming.
FisheriesFisheries Resources
Exploitation and management – marine water, freshwater, and brackish water.
Aquaculture- Inland and Marine
Post-Harvest Technology
Importance of fisheries in India.
Common terms pertaining to fish production.
ForestryBasic Concepts of Forest and Forestry
Management, mensuration, and Economics regarding Forests, and the Principles of silviculture.
Concepts of agroforestry, social forestry, and joint forest management.
Legislation and Policies regarding forests in India, 2015 Report on the State of forests in India.
Ministry of Forest, Environment, and Climate Change
Ministry of Forest, Environment, and Climate Change and Recent developments under them.
Agriculture ExtensionsIts role and importance, evaluations methods of extension programmes.
KVK's (Krishi Vigyan Kendra) role in the dissemination of technologies based on Agriculture.
Ecology and Climate ChangeEcology and how it is relevant to man, sustainable management, and conservation of natural resources.
Climate change and its causes, GHGs (Green House Gases), countries emitting high amounts of GHGs, and climate analysis.
Distinguish between adaptation and mitigation.
Climate change and its impact on rural livelihoods and agriculture.
Carbon creditIPCC, UNFCCC, CoP meetings
Funding mechanisms for climate change projects
Indian government initiatives like SAPCC, NAPCC, and INDC.
Present Scenario of agriculture and allied activities in IndiaTrends of recent times
Major challenges in agriculture measures to enhance.
Viability of agriculture
Factors of Production in Agriculture
Agricultural Finance and Marketing
Globalization and its impacts on Indian Agriculture and the issue of food security.
Concept and Types of Farm Management.
Rural DevelopmentConcept of Rural Area
Structure of the Indian Rural Economy.
Rural sector of India and its importance and role.
Social, Demographic, and Economic characteristics of the rural economy of India.
Causes of Rural Backwardness.
Rural population in India
Occupational structure
Agricultural Laborers, Handicrafts, Tribes/Forest dwellers, Farmers, Artisans, Traders, and others in the rural parts of India.
Changing trends in the rural workforce and rural population in India. Problems and conditions of rural labour Issues and challenges in Hand-looms.
Panchayati Raj Institutions – Functions and Working. NRLM, MGNREGA – Drinking Water Programmes in Rural India, Aajeevika, Swachh Bharat, Housing in Rural Area, PURA, and other programs related to rural development.

NABARD Grade A Syllabus 2024 Phase 1 & 2 – ESI

For NABARD Grade A ESI as well, the topics are the same but the difficulty level changes. In Mains, you will find more difficult questions.

Topic NameSyllabus Detail
Indian Economy and Its NatureInstitutional & Structural Features
Economic Underdevelopment
Opening Up the Indian Economy
Economic Reforms in India
InflationVarious trends regarding inflation and the impacts they have on Individual Income and National Economy
Employment Generation & Poverty Alleviation in IndiaUrban & Rural
Measurement of Poverty
Poverty Alleviation Programmes of the Government.
Population TrendsPopulation Growth and Economic Development
Population Policy in India.
AgricultureCharacteristics / Status
Technical and Institutional changes in Indian Agriculture
Agricultural performance
Issues in Food Security in India
Non-Institutional and Institutional Agencies in rural credit.
IndustryIndustrial and Labour Policy
Industrial Performance
Regional Imbalance in India's Industrial Development
Public Sector Enterprises.
Financial Institutions and Rural Banking in IndiaReforms in the Financial Sector / Banking.
Economic GlobalizationInternational Funding Institutions and their roles
IMF & World Bank
Regional Economic Co-operation.
Social Structure in IndiaMulticulturalism
Demographic Trends
Urbanization and Migration
Gender Issues Joint Family System
Social Infrastructure
Health and Environment.
EducationStatus & System of Education
Socio-Economic Problems Associated with Illiteracy
Educational Relevance and Educational Wastage
Educational Policy for India.
Social Justice pertaining to the various castes and classesProblems of scheduled tribes and scheduled castes
Socio-economic programmes directed towards Scheduled castes, Scheduled tribes, and Other Backward Classes.
Positive Discrimination or steps to favor the underprivileged classesSocial Movements
Indian Political Systems
Human Development

NABARD Grade A Syllabus PDF

Candidates can download the NABARD Grade A Syllabus PDF version from the direct ink given below. Additionally, this PDF version of the NABARD Grade A Syllabus offers a convenient and printable resource for candidates to thoroughly prepare for the examination. It contains comprehensive details on the topics and subjects covered in the syllabus, aiding candidates in their exam readiness. Aspirants must make a note that as 2024 notification is not yet out, so the PDF given below is of previous cycle and it is expected to remain same.

Download NABARD Grade A Syllabus PDF

Also, check out the below-given links

How to Prepare for NABARD Grade A Exam?

If you are a candidate who has never prepared for the NABARD Grade A Exam before and is scared of the Agriculture section that is asked in the exam, then you must check out the following success stories:

Success Story of Anantha Giri Padmanabhan
Success Story of Himanshu Baliyan

Special Note: Any Graduate candidate from any discipline can apply for this exam. With a systematic way of preparation, aspirants can smoothly get good marks in the Agriculture section.



How many vacancies for NABARD Grade A 2024 has been released?

The total number of vacancies for the year 2024 are not yet released.

When will NABARD Grade A Notification 2024 release? +

Well, NABARD Grade A Notification 2024 will be released soon and we will update it here as and when out.

What is the age limit for NABARD Grade A? +

Minimum 21 years and maximum 30 years. However, certain age relaxations are being provided to several categories.

What is the application fee for NABARD Grade A? +

For SC/ST/PWD there is no application fee, while others need to pay Rs.650 towards the application fee. Also, an intimation charge of Rs.150 is applicable for any category of applicant. Please note that this is expected for the year 2024.

Will there be NABARD Grade A in 2024? +

Yes, NABARD Grade A Exam will be conducted in 2024. The notification will be released soon.

Is there any limit to the number of attempts in NABARD Grade A Exam? +

No, there is no such limit. The candidate just needs to fulfill the age limit and other eligibility criteria.

What is the selection process of NABARD Grade A Exam? +

For the post of RDBS, the candidates will have to undergo three stages which are Prelims, Mains & Interviews.

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