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Weekly Schedule for Mock Tests Marathon

Practice 1000+ MCQs in 6 Weeks!!!

Schedule for Week 1

TestRelevanceFocus Area
Test 1 - Current AffairsPhase-IDecember 2021 
Test 2 - ManagementPhase-IIConcept of Management, Levels of Management, Classical and Modern Theories
Test 3 - ESIPhase-I and Phase-IIMicro and Macroeconomics, Circular Flow of the Economy, National Income Accounting, Methods of National Income Accounting, GVA, HDR, HDI, GII, Lorenz Curve
Test 4 - FinancePhase-IIImportant Terms related to Finance
Test 5 - Current AffairsPhase-IDecember 2021 

Schedule for Week 2

TestRelevanceFocus Area
Test 1 - ManagementPhase-IILeadership styles
Test 2 - ESIPhase-IITools of Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Types of Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Test 3 - FinancePhase-IIRBI, SEBI, NABARD, SIDBI, EXIM etc.
Test 4 - Current AffairsPhase-IJanuary 2022
Test 5 - Current AffairsPhase-IJanuary 2022

Schedule for Week 3

TestRelevanceFocus Area
Test 1 - ManagementPhase-IIContent Theories
Test 2 - ESIPhase-IITypes of Planning, Five Year Planning, New Economic Policy
Test 3 - FinancePhase-IICommercial banks, Payment Bank, Small Finance banks etc
Test 4 - Current AffairsPhase-IFeb 2022 
Test 5 - Current AffairsPhase-IFeb 2022 

Schedule for Week 4

TestRelevanceFocus Area
Test 1 - ManagementPhase-IIProcess Theories
Test 2 - ESIPhase-IITypes of accounts in BoP
Test 3 - FinancePhase-IITypes of Risk and Risk Mitigation
Test 4 - Current AffairsPhase-IMarch 2022 
Test 5 - Current AffairsPhase-IMarch 2022 

Schedule for Week 5

TestRelevanceFocus Area
Test 1 - ESIPhase-IIExchange Rate system, REER, NEER
Test 2 - FinancePhase-IIImportant definitions and bond valuation basics
Test 3 - Current AffairsPhase-IApril 2022 
Test 4 - Current AffairsPhase-IApril 2022
Test 5 - Current AffairsPhase-IMay 2022

Schedule for Week 6

TestRelevanceFocus Area
Test 1 - Current AffairsPhase-I

Important RBI Notifications

(Jan, Feb, March, April 2022)

Test 2 - Current AffairsPhase-I

Most Important Government schemes

(Jan, Feb, March, April 2022)

Test 3 - Current AffairsPhase-I

Important Report and Indices

(Jan, Feb, March, April 2022)

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Meet RBI Grade B 2021 Toppers

Vinay Kumar

RBI Grade B 2021

"Post my clearance of Phase 1, I subscribed for Oliveboard Phase 2 course through which I strengthened ESI and Finance part which I already have some idea about. Also, the current affairs compilations were on point, to say the least!!"

Bijapur Pallavi

RBI Grade B 2021

"Oliveboard was instrumental in helping me to make a study plan. With the change in exam pattern, many doubts arose but Youtube videos helped in easing my nerves. Thank you Team Oliveboard."

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Q. What are these Weekly Mock Tests MCQs?

A. These are weekly tests based on the syllabus of Phase 1 GA, Phase 1 ESI and FM for your practice for the upcoming RBI Grade B 2022 exam. The first 7 tests would be absolutely free to attempt. This will be conducted over a period of 6-weeks but would get over before the Phase 1 exam (scheduled on the 28th of May, 2022.

Q. How can I access these weekly mock tests marathon? +

A. These weekly mock tests are a part of RBI Gr. B 2022 complete crash course. Although you can attempt the first seven tests for free.

Q. Can I purchase these Weekly Mock Tests Marathon pack? +

A. These tests are a part of the RBI Grade B complete crash course. These cannot be purchased separately.

Q. How does this Weekly Mock Tests Marathon help? +

A. These will help you practice 1000+ MCQs for the three most important sections of the RBI Grade B exam i.e. General Awareness (GA), Economic & Social Issues (ESI), and Finance & Management (FM).

Q. Are these Marathon Mock Tests free for everyone? +

A. The first 7 tests are free for everyone to attempt. The other tests can be attempted only if you are a subscriber of the RBI Gr. B Complete Crash Course.

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