IBPS Clerk Study Plan :Crack IBPS Clerk 2020 In 60 Days

As we know, IBPS has released exam dates for the IBPS Clerk exam which is to be scheduled in December. For this, you need a daily study plan for better preparation with limited time. So, we are providing you a 60 days study plan for a planned preparation which will help you to strategize your preparation and also assure you to score well in the exam. Let us first go through the syllabus for the IBPS Clerk prelims exam and then we will see the IBPS Clerk study plan.

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IBPS Clerk exam syllabus – Prelims

There are three sections asked in the prelims exam – Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Language.

Reasoning Ability Syllabus

  • Alphabetic and Alphanumeric series
  • Blood relations
  • Coded inequalities
  • Coding-decoding
  • Data sufficiency
  • Direction sense
  • Input-output
  • Logical reasoning
  • Order and Ranking
  • Puzzles
  • Seating arrangements
  • Syllogisms

Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus

  • Ages and Averages
  • Approximation/Simplification
  • Boats and streams
  • Data interpretation
  • Data sufficiency
  • Mensuration
  • Mixture and Allegations
  • Number series
  • Partnerships
  • Percentages
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Probability
  • Profit, loss and discount
  • Quadratic equations
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Speed, time and distance
  • Time and work

English Language Syllabus

  • Cloze test
  • Connectors
  • Error spotting
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Para jumbles
  • Phrase replacement
  • Reading comprehension
  • Sentence completion
  • Vocabulary
  • Word usage

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60 days study plan for IBPS Clerk 2020

The following study plan is a planned way to prepare for IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam within 60 days in which we have covered all the important topics asked in the paper. This study plan will help you in recognizing the better way of preparation and also in utilizing your effort and time efficiently.

Day Tasks Day Tasks Day Tasks
Day 1 Data interpretation Day 21 Order and ranking Day 41 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 14
Coding-decoding Boats and streams Percentages
Fill in the blanks Sentence completion Fill in the blanks
Day 2 Free IBPS Clerk Mock Test 1+Analysis Day 22 Puzzles and seating arrangement Day 42 Simple and compound interest
Number series Word usage Word usage
Syllogisms Quant sectional test Puzzles and seating arrangement
Day 3 Puzzles and seating arrangements Day 23 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 8 Day 43 Sentence completion
Para jumbles Data interpretation Probability
Profit, loss and discounts Input-output Direction sense
Day 4 Error spotting Day 24 Mensuration Day 44 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 15
Direction sense Reading comprehension Mensuration
Approximation/simplification Coded inequalities Vocabulary
Day 5 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 2 Day 25 Vocabulary Day 45 Data interpretation
Data interpretation Profit, loss and discount Cloze test
Order and ranking Blood relations Reasoning sectional test
Day 6 Reading comprehension Day 26 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 9 Day 46 Fill in the blanks
Blood relations Cloze test Quadratic equations
Quant sectional test Partnerships Direction sense
Day 7 Ages and averages Day 27 Fill in the blanks Day 47 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 16
Logical reasoning Partnerships Connectors
Cloze test Reasoning sectional test Permutation and combination
Day 8 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 3 Day 28 Time and work Day 48 Ages and averages
Quadratic equations Alphabetic/alphanumeric series Coding-decoding
Coded inequalities Phrase replacement Para jumbles
Day 9 Mensuration Day 29 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 10 Day 49 Alphabetic/alphanumeric series
Puzzle and seating arrangement Probability Mixture and allegations
Connectors Syllogisms Connectors
Day 10 Data interpretation Day 30 Error spotting Day 50 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 17
Reasoning sectional test Puzzles and seating arrangement Logical reasoning
Para jumbles Quadratic equations Reading comprehension
Day 11 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 4 Day 31 Simple and compound interest Day 51 Puzzles and seating arrangement
Alphabetic/alphanumeric series Reading comprehension Ratio and proportion
Speed, time and distance Blood relations English sectional test
Day 12 Logical reasoning Day 32 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 11 Day 52 Data interpretation
Reading comprehension Para jumbles Cloze test
Simple and compound interest Data interpretation Coded inequalities
Day 13 Error spotting Day 33 Alphabetic/alphanumeric series Day 53 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 18
Input-output Approximation/simplification Error spotting
Permutation and combination English sectional test Profit, loss and discount
Day 14 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 5 Day 34 Logical reasoning Day 54 Input-output
Direction sense Boats and streams Phrase replacement
Percentages Cloze test Quant sectional test
Day 15 Puzzles and seating arrangement Day 35 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 12 Day 55 Word usage
Time and work Number series Syllogisms
Connectors Coding-decoding Data interpretation
Day 16 Phrase replacement Day 36 Connectors Day 56 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 19
Data interpretation Mixture and allegations Direction sense
Blood relations Direction sense Time and work
Day 17 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 6 Day 37 Quadratic equations Day 57 Reading comprehension
Probability Puzzles and seating arrangement Number series
Coding-decoding Fill in the blanks Reasoning sectional test
Day 18 Coded inequalities Day 38 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 13 Day 58 Partnerships
Mixture and allegations Vocabulary Fill in the blanks
English sectional test Ages and averages Puzzles and seating arrangement
Day 19 Partnerships Day 39 Input-output Day 59 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 20
Fill in the blanks Data interpretation Cloze test
Logical reasoning Para jumbles Simple and compound interest
Day 20 IBPS Clerk Mock Test 7 Day 40 Reading comprehension Day 60 Simplification and Approximation
Ratio and proportion Blood relations Blood relations
Syllogisms Quant sectional test Vocabulary


Along with the above study plan, there are some important points to be taken into consideration:

  • Since there are sectional timings in the exam, so focus on every section individually.
  • Practice as much as different type questions to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses and work on them.
  • Give mock tests, analyze them, and track your performance to recognize your success rate towards your selection.


That’s all from us in this blog. We hope this study plan for IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam helps in your preparation.

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