IBPS Clerk Study Plan: Crack IBPS Clerk 2021 In Just 65 Days

The expected time for the release of the official IBPS Clerk Notification for the 2021 Recruitment is in the last week of June 2021 or the first week of July 2021. Last year almost 3000 vacancies were announced, so we can expect 3000+ for IBPS Clerk 2021. Now, as soon as the notification is out we have to start our preparation for IBPS Clerk 2021. For this, you need a daily study plan for better preparation. So, we are providing you a 65 days study plan for a planned preparation which will help you to strategize your preparation and also assure you to score well in the exam. Let us first go through the IBPS Clerk Prelims & Mains exam pattern and then we will see the IBPS Clerk study plan.


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IBPS Clerk 2021 Latest Update

IBPS Clerk examination is put on hold by the Finance Ministry. The Finance Ministry on Tuesday directed IBPS to put on hold the examination for clerical cadre in public sector banks (PSBs) till a final view is taken on conducting tests in regional languages. In order to look into the demand for holding examination for clerical cadre in Public Sector Banks (PSBs) in local/regional languages, a Committee has been constituted to look into the matter in its entirety. The Committee will give its recommendations within 15 days. The ongoing process of holding the examination initiated by IBPS will be kept on hold until the recommendations of the Committee are made available.

IBPS had earlier released the recruitment notification for the IBPS Clerk exam 2021 on 11th July 2021. A total of 5830 vacancies have been released by the IBPS for 2021. As per the latest official notification, IBPS Clerk prelims is scheduled to be held on August 28th & 29th and September 4th 2021, and the mains examination is scheduled to be held on 31st October 2021. Check out all the latest news on IBPS Clerk exam like admit card, result, free mock test etc. Now with the release of the notification, it is important to prepare for the IBPS Clerk exam with the latest pattern mock test series and online courses on Oliveboard.

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IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam Pattern

  • The IBPS Clerk Prelims exam is of 100 marks
  • The Prelims exam of IBPS Clerk will have three sections of a total duration of 1 hour
  • Candidates will have to qualify in each of the three tests by securing minimum cut-off marks
Sr. No.Name of TestNo. of QuestionsMaximum marksTime allotted for each test
1English Language303020 minutes
2Numerical Ability353520 minutes
3Reasoning Ability353520 minutes
 Total10010060 minutes

IBPS Clerk Mains Exam Pattern

  • The IBPS Clerk mains exam is of 200 marks. The mains exam will have a total of 190 questions with a duration of 160 minutes.
  • The mains exam of IBPS Clerk will have four sections i.e Reasoning & Computer Aptitude, Numerical Ability, General/ Financial Awareness, English Language.
Name of Test No. of Question Maximum marks Duration
Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude 50 60 45 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 45 minutes
General/Financial Awareness 50 50 35 minutes
English Language 40 40 35 minutes
Total 190 200 160 minutes

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65 days study plan for IBPS Clerk 2021

The following study plan is a planned way to prepare for IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam within 65 days in which we have covered all the important topics asked in the paper. This study plan will help you in recognizing the better way of preparation and also in utilizing your effort and time efficiently.

Days Slot 1Slot 2
Day 1Coding-Decoding Sentence Improvement
Day 2Revise Day 1 TopicsRevise Day 1 Topics
Day 3Attempt IBPS Clerk Free Mock TestAnalyze Your Mock Test
Day 4PuzzlesMachine Input-Output
Day 5Revise Day 4 TopicsRevise Day 4 Topics
Day 6Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 2Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 7Data InterpretationSpeed Distance and Time
Day 8Revise Day 7 TopicsRevise Day 7 Topics
Day 9Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 3Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 10Cloze TestsPara-jumbles
Day 11Revise Day 10 TopicsRevise Day 10 Topics
Day 12Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 4Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 13Seating ArrangementsInequalities
Day 14Revise Day 13 TopicsRevise Day 13 Topics
Day 15Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 5Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 16Data InterpretationSpeed Distance and Time
Day 17Revise Day 16 TopicsRevise Day 16 Topics
Day 18Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 6Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 19InequalitiesProbability, Permutation and Combination
Day 20Revise Day 19 TopicsRevise Day 19 Topics
Day 21Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 7Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 22Direction SenseAlpha-Numeric-Symbol Series
Day 23Revise Day 22 TopicsRevise Day 22 Topics
Day 24Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 8Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 25Fill in the blanksParagraph Based Questions
Day 26Revise Day 25 TopicsRevise Day 25 Topics
Day 27Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 9Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 28Number SeriesMensuration
Day 29Revise Day 28 TopicsRevise Day 28 Topics
Day 30Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 10Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 31Approximation and SimplificationAverage, Ratio and Proportion
Day 32Revise Day 31 TopicsRevise Day 31 Topics
Day 33Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 11Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 34Sentence ErrorsInappropriate Usage
Day 35Revise Day 34 TopicsRevise Day 34 Topics
Day 36Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 12Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 37Direction SenseAlpha-Numeric-Symbol Series
Day 38Revise Day 37 TopicsRevise Day 37 Topics
Day 39Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 13Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 40Vocabulary based questionsIdioms & Phrases
Day 41Revise Day 40 TopicsRevise Day 40 Topics
Day 42Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 14Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 43Data SufficiencyPartnership
Day 44Revise Day 43 TopicsRevise Day 43 Topics
Day 45Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 15Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 46HCF and LCMProblems on Boats and Streams
Day 47Revise Day 46 TopicsRevise Day 46 Topics
Day 48Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 16Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 49Profit and LossProblems on Trains
Day 50Revise Day 49 TopicsRevise Day 49 Topics
Day 51Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 17Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 52SyllogismsNumber System and Conversions
Day 53Revise Day 50 TopicsRevise Day 50 Topics
Day 54Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 18Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 55Blood RelationsData Sufficiency
Day 56Revise Day 55 TopicsRevise Day 55 Topics
Day 57Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 19Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 58SI & CIMixture and Alligation
Day 59Revise Day 58 TopicsRevise Day 58 Topics
Day 60Attempt IBPS Clerk Mock Test 20Analyze Your Mock Test
Day 61Problem on AgesPipes and Cisterns
Day 62Revise Day 61 TopicsRevise Day 61 Topics
Day 63Analyze Your Mock TestAnalyze Your Mock Test
Day 64Order and RankingLogical Reasoning/ Input-Output
Day 65Take Rest!Take Rest!

Along with the above study plan, there are some important points to be taken into consideration:

  • Since there are sectional timings in the exam, so focus on every section individually.
  • Practice as much as different type questions to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses and work on them.
  • Give mock tests, analyze them, and track your performance to recognize your success rate towards your selection.

That’s all from us in this blog. We hope this study plan for the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam helps in your preparation.

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Where can I get the IBPS Clerk Prelims study plan 2021?

This blog features a 65-day study plan for IBPS Clerk Prelims.

Is the IBPS Clerk Prelims exam bilingual?

Yes, the exam will be available in English and Hindi. Candidates may opt for language at the time of the test. All Oliveboard Mocks are bilingual so that candidates that the actual exam-like experience.

How many sections are there in the IBPS Clerk prelims exam?

There are four sections in the IBPS Clerk prelims 1 exam, namely English Language, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning Ability.

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