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JAIIB Exam Analysis PPB: JAIIB Exam 2022 is scheduled on 12 November 2022, first shift of the exam is over and in this blog, you will find the exam analysis of the JAIIB Exam November 2022. In this blog, you will find the topics which were asked in JAIIB Exam in November 2022 and the Previous Cycle in June 2022.

JAIIB Selection Batch Oct-Nov 2024

JAIIB Exam Analysis PPB – November 2022

JAIIB 2022 November Cycle Exam was scheduled on 12th November. The first paper was Principals and Practices of Banking or PPB. The JAIIB exam is in three shifts. The exam analysis of JAIIB Exam November 2022 Paper 1 was moderate to tough level.

No. of QuestionsTopic
3-4 [Numerical]CC (Cash Credit)
4-5CRR and SLR
3NPA Provisions
2-3 Working Capital

Topics Covered in Shift 1 of JAIIB November 2022

NPA Provision
Working Capital
LC Days
Former and Survivor
Pledge (Indian Contract Act), Hypothecation (SARFAWSI Act), Mortgage (Transfer and Property)
AS – 18 (Party Disclosure)
MKIS (Subsystem)
Core Banking
CRR & SLR Penalty
Morale Judgement Theory
Housing Loan Interest Rate
Promissory Note is defined in (NI Act Section 3)
Counterfeit Notes should be reported to
Bank definition
Insurance is regulated by
Business facilitator
Who appoints Ombudsman
Digital app by RBI
RSETI comes under which ministry
FEMA comes under which ministry
Documents Titles to Goods (Sales of Goods Act)
Minor Case
Difference between Bank Guarantee and LC
Business Ethics

JAIIB Exam Analysis- June 2022 [Shift-1]

JAIIB June Cycle Exam was on 11th June. The JAIIB exam is in three shifts. The exam analysis of JAIIB Exam June 2022 Paper 1 was moderate to tough level.

No. of QuestionsTopic
3-4 [Numerical]WC and CC
4-5CRR and SLR
2-3 Working Capital

Topics Covered in Shift 1 of JAIIB June 2022

Right to Set off
Negotiable Instruments
RBI MPC Members
Integrated Ombudsman Scheme
Capital Ratio
Business Ethics and Values
Working Capital – 3 Qs based on turnover and projected method
LC Credit Period
Accounting Standard 18 Party Disclosure
Transfer of Goods
Banking Ombudsman
SHG – Corpus Fund
Middle Management
Counter Cyclical Buffer
ATM Committee
Mutual Fund Performance


Money Market -Transfer of funds
Hypothecation SARFESI ACT
MPC – Monetary Policy Committee
NPCI – Bharat Bill Payment System
Factoring and Forfeiting
Sale of Goods
Marketing- Channel, 7Ps of Marketing
Joint A/c operations
Universal Banking
White Label ATM

Analysis is the Critical Starting point of Strategic Thinking

Kenichi Ohmae

Principles and Practices of Banking – PPB

JAIIB Exam Analysis: The PPB Paper of the JAIIB Exam in the previous cycle was believed to be moderate to difficult level.

Some Important Topics

There are some important topic which you need to cover before appearing to your exam.

  • Priority sector advances- Targets and sub-target
  • Non Performing Assets 
  • Classification of NPA 
  • Provisioning norm for NPA 
  • NPA 
  • Different Modes of Charging Securities – Assignment, Mortgage, Hypothecation, Pledge 
  • Garnishee order 
  • KYC norms 
  • Financial inclusion BC and BF 
  • Factoring & Forfeiting

JAIIB Exam Pattern

First Let’s Peek into the Exam Pattern

The JAIIB examination pattern has been officially released. There will be three papers in the examination. The details of the JAIIB Exam Pattern are mentioned below:

The JAIIB Examination has three papers

  1. Principles and Practices of banking.
  2. Accounting and Finance for Bankers
  3. Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking.

JAIIB Exam Type

  1. It is an objective type examination.
  2. Each paper has 120 questions.
  3. The total marks of each paper are 100.
  4. The time limit of the examination is 120 minutes.
SubjectsNo. of QuestionsTotal MarksDuration
Principles & Practices of Banking1201002 hours
Accounting and Finance for Bankers1201002 hours
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking1201002 hours


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