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RBI Grade B Cracker Course – Ace RBI Grade B 2019 with Oliveboard

RBI Grade B Online Preparation

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” Your dream of cracking RBI Grade B 2019 Exam will come true and we at Oliveboard will make it happen for you. Oliveboard is starting its Cracker Course for RBI Grade B Online Preparation from April 23, 2019 which will be an all in one solution for all your problems faced during RBI Grade B Preparations. This is a golden chance for aspirants who want to pursue a career in Reserve Bank of India which is also called Banker of Banks in India. And we at Oliveboard as always have been there to hold your hands and take you closer to success. In this blog we would tell you all about our coveted RBI Grade B Cracker Course for RBI Grade B Online Preparation.


RBI Grade B Online Preparation – Enroll for RBI Grade B Cracker Course

  • Being the central bank of the country, RBI offers its officers great opportunities to excel in their careers in addition to the attractive perks, allowances and postings in the capital regions of the country.
  • With our RBI Grade B Cracker Course, we promise you that it will be the most comprehensive course that you will enroll in for RBI Grade B 2019 Exam.
  • It will cover all aspects of both Phase I and Phase II Exam. The entire cracker course has been designed as per the 3-step strategy that is : LEARN, PRACTICE & SUCCEED.

You can enroll for the classes using the link given below.

Enroll here for RBI Grade B 2019 Cracker Course

RBI Grade B Live Course – What is all Included in the Course?

1. Covers Complete Syllabus for Phase 2 (ESI, F&M) 

Most of the students struggle to cover the syllabus for Phase II of RBI Grade B Exam. But the cracker course covers the entire syllabus for Phase II in the form of Video Lessons and live Classes taken by our prestigious faculty.

2. Phase 1 (GA)

GA in Phase 1 of RBI Grade B Exam carries the maximum weightage that is 40% of the Marks. Therefore, it becomes very important to prepare thoroughly for the GA section. The same is covered in the RBI Grade B Cracker Course. There are weekly current affairs classes which will cover the entire GA for that week taken by GA Guru Faculty. In this way you will be all prepared for the Current affairs section which is very important in phase 1 as well as phase 2. There are also Video Classes on key Financial Awareness Topics. The knowledge of these will aid you in Phase 1, Phase 2 as well as Interview of the RBI Grade B Exams.

3. Weekly Live Classes and video lectures for ESI, and F&M 

Now comes the dreaded subjects that are Economic and Social Issues and Finance and Management. The syllabus is vast and the preparation difficult. But no worries RBI Grade B Cracker Course provides you the most comprehensive Video Lectures for all the major and minor topics in the RBI Grade B syllabus. The video lecture will cover extensively each and every topic explained in the layman language to the aspirants so that they do not have trouble understanding any concept. The topics covered will give you conceptual clarity as well help you learn the most complicated topics in Economics and Finance which otherwise are not that easy to understand.

4. 10 Live Practice Sessions 

Our Faculty will take 10 Live Practice Sessions in which topics under the ESI and FM syllabus and approach to study would be discussed extensively for the aspirants and would also take your questions and answer them for you. It would be the most interactive session in which the topics would be explained thoroughly as well as entertain your queries.

5. Complete Notes for ESI, F&M 

In addition to the Live Classes and Video Classes, Cracker course for your RBI Grade B Online Preparation will give you well structured notes and study material for Economic & Social Issues and Finance & Management. Notes will help you revise better and  will also help you in retention of whatever you studied earlier. You can read these notes anytime anywhere just by logging into your account.

6. Weekly Live Classes for GK 

GK being the most crucial part of the RBI Grade B Examination, Cracker Course will cover the entire GK portion by means of Weekly Live Classes. The interactive classes will cover the key topics of current affairs from the past six months covered in detail so that you do not miss any key event that might be asked in the Exam.

7. 10 (Phase 1) + 25 (Phase 2) Mock Tests 

During your learning phase, testing your knowledge as to how much you have learnt or basically to test the level of your preparation, Taking time bound Mock Test is of extreme importance and the cracker course provides you the same. RBI Grade B Cracker Course provides you with Mock Tests for Phase I as well as Phase II under the package. You can take Mock tests and analyse your performance in them.

RBI Grade B Online Preparation – Know your Faculty

Get to know your Faculty for the RBI Grade B Online Preparation Cracker Course for RBI Grade B 2019 Exam. Read the description, area of expertise and get to acquaint with your Faculty members.


This was all from us in this blog RBI Grade B Online Preparation – Online Cracker Course for RBI Grade B 2019 Exam. You can enroll for the course now as the classes would start from 23rd of April 2019. Do not miss this opportunity as this is the best trade-off between quality and price. Enroll for it below:

Enroll here for RBI Grade B 2019 Cracker Course

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