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SBI Clerk Salary 2024

SBI Clerk Salary 2024: SBI offers a good salary and benefits for its Junior Associates, especially when compared to other banks. In places like Mumbai, the starting salary for Clerical Cadre employees can be around Rs. 37,000 per month, including various allowances and two extra increments for new graduate junior associates.

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SBI Clerk Salary Details – Increments

The details of the Basic Pay Scale component of SBI Clerk Salary 2024 are as follows:

Basic PayIncrementsPeriodYears of Service
₹ 17,900₹ 1000/-For 3 years03
₹ 20,900₹ 1230/-For the next 3 years06
₹ 24,590₹ 1490/-For the next 4 years10
₹ 30,550₹ 1730/-For the next 7 years17
₹ 42,600₹ 3270/-For the next 1 year18
₹ 45,930₹ 1990/-For the next 1 year19
₹ 47,920

SBI Clerk In Hand Salary

An SBI Clerk’s in hand salary includes the basic pay, along with different allowances and deductions. The exact amount may change based on factors like location and applicable allowances. On average, an SBI Clerk In Hand Salary between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 37,000 per month.

SBI Clerk Salary Slip 2024

The SBI Clerk In-hand salary received per month is a sum of Basic Pay and other salary components like – House Rent Allowance(HRA), Variable Pay, Dearness Allowances (DA), City Compensatory Allowance (CCA), etc. Here’s a look at the SBI Clerk Salary Slip 2024:

Basic Pay (including 2 annual increments)₹ 19,900.00
Dearness Allowances (46.5%)₹ 9,253.50
House Rent Allowances₹ 2,091.00
Transport Allowance₹ 600.00
Special Allowance₹ 3,263.00
Special Pay₹ 500.00
Gross Pay₹ 35,607.50
Deductions₹ 3,043.00
Net Pay₹ 32,564.50

SBI Clerk Allowances

Conveyance AllowanceMonthly allowance for transportation expenses provided to a newly appointed junior associate.
Provision of NewspapersMonthly amount for the provision of newspapers to an SBI Junior Associate.
Medical FacilitiesDetails of medical benefits including annual medical aid, improved medical aid for specified serious diseases, hospitalization scheme, and other medical benefits.

Conveyance Allowance

Category of EmployeesMaintaining 2 or 4 Wheelers (Petrol in litres)Not Maintaining Vehicles (Amount in Rs)Entertainment Expenses (Amount in Rs)
Chief Associate (Cash-in-charge)439001140
Chief Associate43900600
Special Associate35850540
Senior Associate25700420
Associates/Junior Associates20625360

Provision Of Newspapers

Category of StaffMonthly Salary
Chief AssociatesRs. 530
Special Associates (Cash-in-charge/ATM/Locker-in-charge/Members of outbound sales force)Rs. 530
Other chief associates/special associates/senior associates/associates/junior associatesRs. 450
Subordinate StaffRs. 350

Medical Facilities

  • Annual Medical Aid: Employees are eligible for an annual medical aid benefit.
  • Improved Medical Aid (Specified Serious Disease): Enhanced medical aid coverage is provided specifically for specified serious diseases.
  • Hospitalization Scheme: A scheme is in place to cover hospitalization expenses.
  • Other Medical Benefits: Additional medical benefits include coverage for vaccinations.

SBI Clerk Additional Benefits

Working as an SBI Clerk comes with more benefits beyond the basic pay. Here are the additional perks:

  • House Rent Allowances
  • Concessional Vehicle Finance
  • Concessional Rate for SBI Pension Plans
  • Housing Finance at concessional rates
  • Travel Allowances
  • Full coverage of medical treatment expenses for the employee and family
  • Maternity or child education leave of 2 years for women clerks.

SBI Clerk Job Profile

The role of an SBI Clerk involves a lot of interaction with customers and requires good problem-solving skills. Here are some key responsibilities of an SBI Clerk:

  1. Customer Service: Helping customers with inquiries, concerns, and transactions.
  2. Cash Handling: Managing cash transactions, withdrawals, and deposits.
  3. Account Maintenance: Assisting with account openings, updates, and services.
  4. Documentation and Record Keeping: Maintaining accurate transaction records.
  5. Data Entry and Computer Operations: Using computer systems for various tasks.
  6. Clearance and Settlement: Ensuring accurate processing of transactions.
  7. Cross-Selling of Products: Promoting bank products and services.
  8. Customer Education: Educating customers about banking services.
  9. Resolving Customer Issues: Addressing complaints and escalating when needed.
  10. Administrative Tasks: Assisting with filing, record-keeping, and office duties.
  11. Compliance and Policies: Adhering to bank policies and regulatory requirements.

SBI Clerk Promotions – In Cadre

An SBI Clerk (Junior Associate) can be promoted up to three times based on their years of service:

  • After 10 years of service, they can be promoted to Senior Assistant.
  • After 20 years of service, they can be promoted to Special Assistant.
  • After 30 years of service, they can be promoted to Senior Special Assistant.

Each promotion comes with additional allowances. At SBI, promotions within the same cadre are solely based on seniority.

SBI Clerk Promotions – Clerk to Officer 

If an SBI Clerk aspires to move up to the Officer cadre, SBI offers them opportunities to do so through two main channels:

Fast Track Promotion Channel: This option allows an SBI Clerk to take the Officer Promotion examination after just 3 years of service. To be eligible, they must pass two banking examinations:

  • JAIIB (Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking)
  • CAIIB (Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking)
    If they clear both exams, they become eligible after 3 years; if only JAIIB, then after 4 years. If they don’t clear JAIIB, they follow the normal track promotion channel.

Normal Track Promotion Channel: Under this channel, an employee needs to serve a minimum of 6 years as an SBI Clerk to be eligible for promotion to Bank PO. After 6 years, they can take the internal promotion exam and become a Trainee Officer (TO), which is equivalent to a Probationary Officer (PO) in rank. However, TOs need to work harder to reach the same level as POs, who are recruited directly at that rank.

Career Growth as SBI Clerk – Things to Remember

When an SBI Clerk aims for promotion to the Officer cadre, they must:

  • Pass SBI’s internal promotion examination, which includes a written test and an interview. This applies to both Fast Track and Normal Track promotion channels.
  • Obtain permission from SBI to take the SBI PO examination. If they pass, they become Bank POs; if not, they remain as Bank Clerks.
  • Clear the JAIIB examination before attempting CAIIB.
  • After passing the internal promotion exam, they become Trainee Officers (TOs) for a 2-year probation period at the JMGS-I rank. Following probation, they may be promoted to MMGS-II rank or revert to the Clerical cadre if they don’t clear probation.

SBI Clerk Job Postings & Transfer Policy

Many candidates have concerns about job postings away from their hometown or to distant branches. Here are some points regarding SBI Clerk posting and transfer:

  • SBI Clerk Junior Associates cannot be transferred outside the state for the initial 5 years of service.
  • For candidates selected in a special recruitment drive for Tura, Kashmir Valley, and Ladakh, this period extends to 8 years.

SBI Clerk Salary 2024 – FAQs

Q1. What is the SBI Clerk In Hand Salary?

A1. The SBI Clerk In Hand Salary ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 37,000 per month.

Q2. What are the additional benefits and allowances provided to SBI clerks?

A2. SBI clerks receive various additional benefits and allowances, including medical benefits, provident fund, gratuity, pension, leave travel concession, and reimbursement for newspaper, petrol, and house rent expenses.

Q3. Is there any probation period for SBI clerks?

A3. Yes, newly recruited SBI clerks are placed on probation for a period of 6 months. During this period, their performance and suitability for the job are evaluated.

Q4. Are there any promotional opportunities for SBI clerks?

A4. Yes, SBI clerks have good promotional opportunities. They can rise through the ranks and become Assistant Managers, Deputy Managers, Managers, and even higher-level positions based on their performance and experience.

Q5. Are there any opportunities for career growth and promotions in the SBI clerk cadre?

A5. Yes, SBI clerks have ample opportunities for career growth and promotions. They can appear for internal exams and assessments to move up the hierarchy within the bank.


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