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SSC Typing Test Error Guidelines: SSC will be conducting Tier-2 of SSC CGL 2022 from 2nd to 7th March 2023. With Tier-2 fast approaching, candidates must be wanting to know about the typing tests. These include the typing speed test and Data Entry Skill Test or DEST. The main doubt must be about what counts as errors for SSC typing tests and DEST. Knowing the marking scheme for the SSC CGL typing test and DEST will help you know how to avoid making them. This instantly boosts your score. Therefore, this blog will provide a rundown of the Error guidelines for SSC Typing Tests.

SSC Typing Test Error Guidelines

SSC has officially provided guidelines for the Typing test marking scheme. With this candidates who are appearing for SSC exams having typing tests, will have a better idea of how to practice. The following guidelines will help you understand where you may go wrong so that you are aware and will do your best to avoid making these mistakes.

SSC Typing Test Error

Full Mistakes

These are the mistakes that will reduce more marks if these errors are committed.

i. For every omission of a word/figure

Basically, for every word/figure you miss, it is counted as a complete mistake. So make sure that you’re reading the text thoroughly as you type because you cannot miss any word.

ii. For every substitution of a word/figure except the transposition of words

In case you replace a word given in the question paper with another word, it will be counted as a full mistake. However, if you interchange the position of two words given in the question paper then it is not a full mistake.

iii. For every addition of a word/figure not found in the passage

Adding any new words that are not anywhere in the passage will result in a full mistake

iv. For every spelling error committed by way of repetition, or addition, or omission, or substitution of a letter/letters, e.g. the word ‘spelling’ typed as seeplings; seplling; speling; seepling; spelling, etc.

Errors, where the letters in a word are omitted or repeated, will get you a full mistake. As the example shown above, this error can happen in many ways even for one word. So make sure to see whether you’re typing the correct spelling of the word.

v. For repetition of word/figure, e.g. ‘I shall shall be grateful ……….’

If in a sentence, you repeat a word, it will be a full mistake. Avoid this by reading slowly and steadily rather than reading fast and repeating a word.

vi. Incomplete words (half-typed words will be treated as mistake).

Words that are incomplete or left half-typed will be treated as full mistake. While speed is essential, make sure that you are not leaving the words you’re typing incomplete in favor of being fast. Go steadily while completing words.

Half Mistakes

These mistakes will reduce marks, but lesser in comparison to full mistakes.

i. Spacing Error

Where no space is provided between two words, or there is unwanted space between the words or letters of a word. E.g. ‘Ihope’ (no space between ‘I’ and ‘Hope’; also eg. ‘I have’, ‘I h ave’ (space left between letters of a word).

ii. Wrong Capitalisation

Wrong typing of a capital letter for a small letter and vice-versa (not applicable for Hindi typing)

Eg. “the sun rises in the east.”; “She went back Home.”

iii. Punctuation Error

When the candidate misses, adds, or uses a different punctuation mark than what is in the question paper, it is a punctuation error

Eg: “Apple mango orange and banana are fruits.”; “They, wanted to go see a movie.”; “Do you know the route.

iv. Transposition Error

When you change the order of the words as compared to the passage, it is a transposition error.

Eg. Instead of “I hope” you type “hope I”

iv. Paragraphic Error

When you provide unneeded space before the start of any paragraph, it is a paragraphic error. Another form can be when you do not press the Tab key before a paragraph or give manual spaces in a paragraph.

SSC Typing Test Error: Instructions for Candidates

For candidates giving the typing test and DEST, SSC has provided some instructions. So candidates should make sure to go through these instructions carefully to give their best performance.

  • Candidates should type the words/figures and numerical/years in the form that is in the question paper. This is applicable for both English and Hindi typing tests.
  • If a candidate types differently or in another language, it will be a Mistake. This rule applies to both English and Hindi Typing Tests.
  • The candidate has to type the Test Passage in the medium they choose. This means that if they choose English, then they can only type in English.
  • Candidates who do not type in the medium chosen by them do not receive any credit.
  • Candidates have to use the Tab Key at the beginning of any paragraph instead of manual spacing. Every paragraph that begins without pressing the Tab Key is a half-mistake.
  • Candidates don’t have to repeat the passage if they have completed it once and have spare time. They are allowed to correct their mistakes, if any, in the given time.
  • After every punctuation mark, there should be only one space. Candidates should carefully observe the question paper for this.
  • Any word/figure the candidate types which don’t appear in the passage will be a full mistake. Similarly, any incomplete word is also one full mistake.

SSC Typing Test Error Guidelines PDF

Candidates can download the above guidelines in PDF form here:

SSC Typing Test Error: Conclusion

That concludes our article for the SSC Typing test error evaluation guidelines. Make sure to go through them carefully so that you can practice avoiding making these mistakes. Practice well and do as many typing mock tests as possible.

Best of Luck!

SSC Typing Test Error: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of errors in SSC CGL CHSL Typing tests?

SSC typing tests have 2 types of errors- full mistakes and half-mistakes.

What do full mistakes and half-mistakes mean in SSC CGL CHSL Typing tests?

Full mistakes refer to bigger errors like omitting a whole word, misspelling words, etc. Half-mistakes are small errors like punctuation, transpositions, etc.

When is SSC CGL 2022 Tier-2?

SSC CGL Tier-2 will be held from 2nd to 7th March 2023.

What is DEST in SSC CGL?

DEST in SSC CGL refers to Data Entry Skill Test. It basically tests the candidate’s skill in entering data as accurately and as fast as possible.

How much speed is required for SSC CGL Typing Test?

The ideal speed for SSC CGL Typing test is 35 words per minute in English and 30 words per minute in Hindi.

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