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  • Banking
  • SSC
  • Banking & Insurance
  • SSC Exams
  • Regulatory
  • UPSC
  • MBA Exams
  • Railway Exams
  • Karnataka Exams
  • Tamil Nadu Exams
  • Judiciary Exams
  • Law Entrance Exams
  • Agriculture Exams
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  • J&K Exams
  • UP Exams
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JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant Syllabus 2022

JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant Syllabus 2022

The official notification for JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant 2022 is not yet released. The official notification containing the syllabus details will be released on the official website. The syllabus is expected to be similar to the previous year syllabus. Meanwhile, potential candidates or aspirants can check out the previous year syllabus below.

JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant Notification - Overview

Exam NameJKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant
Conducting Bodyjkssb.nic.in
PostJunior Statistical Assistant
Number of Vacancies91
Junior Statistical Assistant Online registration starts27-12- 2020.
Junior Statistical Assistant Online registration ends31st Jan 2021
Exam stages of Junior Statistical AssistantThe selection process for JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant Exam will be conducted in one stage.
Junior Statistical Assistant Admit Card28th November 2021
Online examDecember 8, 2021 onwards

JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant Syllabus 2021

The  syllabus for JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant is as follows:

General Knowledge & Current Affairs

(Expected knowledge of ongoing affairs of both international and national relevance.)

  • Important dates in the History of India and the  Freedom struggle.
  • Names of famous personalities in Religion, Politics, Sports, Scientific Discoveries, History, and Geography.
  • Firsts in World – Adventure, Discoveries, and Sports.
  • Firsts in India – Adventure, Discoveries, and Sports.
  • Capitals and Currencies.
  • The Newspapers in India.
  • International Organizations – UNO, WTO, WHO, IMF,  UNCTAD, UNESCO– The member countries, their veto powers, and the principal functions of the body.
  • Cultural and Linguistic Importance.
  • Books and their Authors in General.
  • Important Blocs and Regional Organizations – SAARC, ASEAN, BRICS, G-7, OPEC, G-20, BIMSTEC, etc.
  • The World of sports.
  • Famous Awards in Science, Literature, and Sports.
  • National Awards in Science, Literature, and Sports.
  • Forms of Government and Democratic Institutions.
  • Physical and Political divisions of India and the World.
  • Crops and climate of India.
  • Foreign Trade of India.
  • New Economic Reforms.
  • Agriculture and Industrialization in Economic Development.
  • Mathematics in Economics.
  • Inflation
  • Important Indian Rivers and lakes.
  • Current Affairs of National as well as International relevance.
  • Everyday Science.
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Communicable Diseases – Cure and Prevention.
  • NCDC COVID – 19, SOPs, Guidelines, and Advisories.

General Knowledge concerning J & K

(Expected knowledge specifically about the Jammu and Kashmir State.)

  • Constitution of J & K state.
  • Climate, Crops, Transport and Weather conditions.
  • Lakes, Rivers and other water bodies.
  • Historic and Geographic Importance.
  • Important Projects related to power generation and distribution and their impact on State Economy.
  • Places of historical importance.
  • The RTI Act.
  • Important Tourist Places.
  • Treaty of Indus Water and its impact on Economy.
  • Important Dates and Abbreviations.
  • Popular Names and their contributions or achievements.
  • J & K Panchayati Raj Act 1989 (as amended in December 2020), 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments.
  • J & K Reorganization Act 2019.

Statistical Methods 

(These are techniques and Calculations required for all the roles played by a Junior Statistical Assistant regarding Data Collection, Analysis, and presentation and their application.)

  • Primary and Secondary Data – Concepts
  • Methods of collection of  primary Data
  • Collection, Classification, and aggregation of Data
  • Central Tendency Measures and Dispersion Measures along with the Merits and Demerits.
  • Probability Theory
  • Regression and Correlation Analysis
  • Theory of Attributes
  • Preparation of questionnaires
  • Theoretical Distribution methods.
  • Coefficient of Association and Coefficient of Contingency.
  • Hypothesis Tests – Chi-Square and T-test.

 Applied Statistics

  • Sampling Techniques – Simple Random Sampling, Stratified Sampling, Cluster Sampling.
  • Sampling and Non-Sampling Errors
  • Demography – census and its features.
  • Interpolation and Extrapolation Techniques.
  • Analysis of Time series components.
  • Regression and Ratio Estimates.
  • Trend Measurements and Seasonal variation.
  • Index Numbers Theory – Test of Index Numbers for Wholesale and Consumer Price Index Numbers.
  • Methods of Census-taking.
  • Vital Statistics relating to Mortality, Fertility & Crude Fertility, Specific Fertility, Gross & Net Reproduction Rates.

General Economics

(Knowledge relating to the economy, monetary, fiscal policies, and factors playing a role in the market.)

  • Meaning, Definition, Scope and methodology
  • Utility, Supply, Demand, Elasticity of Demand, Market, and Commodity Value.
  • Consumer Demand Theory and Analysis of demand.
  • Factor Pricing/ Theory of Distribution – Theory of Marginal Productivity & Ricardian Theory of Rent
  • Kenyan Theory of Interest.
  • Pricing under various market Structures and their concepts.
  • Various factors affecting production & Laws of Production.
  • Economic Growth and Development – Concept and Theories.
  • Characteristics, problems and Concepts of developing economy.
  • The rationale of Planning in Developing Countries.
  • Planning Versus Market Economy.
  • Objectives & Strategies of Indian Planning.
  • Five Year Plans
  • Banking, Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • Money, Inflation & Deflation
  • Money and Capital Markets.
  • National Income – Concepts and Determination.
  • SEBI, Foreign Trade, Balance of Payments
  • Public Finance, Public Revenue, Public Expenditure, Deficit Financing, Public Debt,
  • RBI and Developmental banks
  • Theory of Consumer Demand through Indifference Curve Techniques.
  • Concept of Consumer Surplus.
  • Theory of Production and Costs: Returns to Scale and Returns to factors.
  • Concepts and Measurement of Poverty.
  • Economic Reforms in India.
  • Green Revolution in India, Poverty issues, Unemployment, and Role of Agriculture
  • Decentralization of Roles and PRI
  • Planning of Inclusive Growth and Development Schemes.

Computer Applications

(Knowledge of the basics of computer, its working and functionality, and importance of Networking.)

  • Fundamentals of computer sciences,
  • Hardware & Software, Concept of Open Source Technologies
  • Input & Output Devices,
  • Flow Charts and Algorithms
  • Operating System:- MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Power-Point, PDF
  • Internet & E-mail, printing, and scanning
  • Concept of Computer Virus & latest Anti-Virus.
  • Data Communication and Networking.
  • Introduction to Database management.

Information Technology

(All about Application Software and hardware components)

  • Terms and Abbreviations used in IT
  • Information Technology applications in India.
  • Representation of Information.
  • Computer Appreciation
  • Information Concept and Processing
  • Elements of Computers Processing System Hardware CPU, Peripherals, Storage Media, Software Definition, Role and Categories Firmware, and Human-ware.
  • Computer & Communication.
  • Programming Language Classification
  • Basic Electronics- Semiconductor Diodes, Operational Amplifiers, Bipolar Junction Transistor, etc.


(Advanced Calculation techniques to be used in Statistics and other areas of data analysis.)

  • Set Theory – Basic Concepts & Applications.
  • Matrices & Determinants, Simultaneous Linear Equations- Cramer's Rule.
  • Analytical Geometry.
  • Differentiation- Basic Concepts (Addition, Product & Chain rule)
  • Integration- Reduction & Substitution Method.
  • Differential Equations.
  • Extrapolation and Interpolation techniques.
  • Optimization Concept
  • Linear Differential Equations.

JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant 2021 | Exam Pattern

The selection process for JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant Exam will be conducted in one stage consisting of 120 marks. The exam Pattern for Written test (Objective Type) for the post of Accounts Assistant is as follows:

General Knowledge & Current Affairs15
General Knowledge With Special Reference To UT of JK10
Statistical Methods & Applied Statistics25
General Economics25
Computer Applications15
Information Technology15

Note: The selection for the posts shall be made on the basis of merit obtained in written examination only.

(I) The Examination will consist of Objective Type, Multiple choice questions only. The questions will be set in English only.

(II) There will be a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.

(III) Tentative Answer Keys, in due course after the Examination, will be placed on the website of the Board (www.jkssb.nic.in). Any representation regarding Answer Keys received within the time limit fixed by the Board at the time of uploading of the Answer Keys will be scrutinized and the decision of the Board in this regard will be final. No representation regarding Answer keys shall be entertained, afterward.

(IV) Marks scored by candidates in the written test will be normalized if required, to determine final merit and cut-off marks.


What is the salary of JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant?

The monthly salary of the Accounts Assistant (Finance) as per the official notification is Level 5 (₹29200-₹92300/-) + Other Perks.

What is the JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant 2021 Age Limit? +

The age limit for JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant 2021 is a minimum of 18 to maximum of 40 years of age.

What is the number of vacancy for JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant 2022? +

The total number of vacancies for JKSSB Junior Statistical Assistant 2022 is yet to be announced.

What is the time allotted for the exam? +

The time allotted for the exam is a maximum of 2 Hours.

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