JAIIB Scorecard- Process, Analysis, Forex, General Questions

The results of the May 2021 IIBF- Indian Institute of Banking and Finance or IIB as it was formerly known exams were declared officially on October 22nd, 2021. The results have been posted and can be accessed online at their official website. Candidates who took the written online examination in May 2021 can check their JAIIB Scorecard using their Membership and Registration numbers with their login password. The JAIIB 2021 test is held biannually as a professional test for in-service banking applicants.

The exam syllabus specifies three-subject question papers to be answered within a time limit of 2 hours. Namely, 

  • Practice and Principles of Banking (herein called PPB).
  • Finance and Accounting for Bankers (shortened to FAB or AFB).
  • Regulatory and Legal Aspects of Banking (using acronym RLB or LRB). 

Each of the above papers has four modules, with 30 questions per module. There are 120 questions in total, and the JAIIB Scorecard values each of the papers for a maximum of 100 marks. The MCQ-format online exam is conducted across 100 cities in India and has no negative marks for wrong answers or for not attempting the questions.

Candidates can take the exam for a maximum of 4 attempts in 2 years from filing the first attempt application form. If the candidate still does not clear the exam, re-enrollment can be sought for without the benefit of any papers they may have passed.

Here is an overview of the upcoming JAIIB-2022 exam.

Name of ExamJAIIB
Last Date for RegistrationNovember 29th, 2021
Exam DatesPaper-1 on January 8th, 2022
Paper-2 on January 9th, 2022
Paper-3 on January 22nd,2022
TypeOnline and in the written format
Conducting OrganizationIndian Institute of Banking and Finance-IIBF, formerly called IIB.
Examination FeeAttempt-1 INR 2700
Attempt-2 INR 1300
Attempt-3 INR 1300
Attempt-4 INR 1300
Certification earnedJunior Associate 
Official websitehttps://iibf.org.in/

JAIIB Scorecard Process:

To check your results and JAIIB Scorecard, you will need to visit the official website of IIBF at (https://iibf.org.in/). It can also be accessed using this direct link. (https://iibf.esdsconnect.com/marksheet/jaiibresult/MTIx). 

When the home page draws up, 

  • Select the examination and course from the screen’s left-side drop-down menu.
  • Enter your membership, registration number, and password to access the JAIIB results.
  • Click on ‘Submit’, and the JAIIB Scorecard should pop up.
  • Save this to your files for future reference or use when taking the next round of IIBF exams.

JAIIB-2021 Analysis of questions:

To score a great-looking JAIIB Scorecard in the first attempt, read carefully through the topics mentioned below.

Numerical Questions:

The JAIIB 2021 held in May 2021 had fewer numerical questions in the first tranche than later ones. Bear in mind that a computer randomly picks the 120 JAIIB Scorecard questions, and hence it would be best to concentrate on the topics and subtopics instead. 

Numerical Analysis:

The questions and test itself were of moderate to easy difficulty levels. The numerical questions were to do straightforward calculations on the inflation index value of a bond, the numerical turnover ratio, etc. Topics like bank reconciliation statements, bank ratios, creditors and debtor’s ratios, and such topics are important in banking practice and to score an easy 2 or 1 mark.

Accounting Concepts:

The Accounting Concepts JAIIB Scorecard questions were based on banking concept-based and straightforward theoretical questions. Topics like conservatism, dual aspects, matching, debt-equity ratio, holding value, banking subsidiaries, balance sheet concepts, depreciation methods, ratio analysis, scrap value, cross-rate calculation, etc., are all-time favourites and easy scoring questions present in the JAIIB 2021 Exam. 


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Legal Aspects and regulations:

There were 15 to 20 questions on the PPB and LRB topics. Types of companies, straight-line and methods of depreciation were present. Accounting practice questions of 30 marks were also easy scoring questions in the MCQ format test. Most of the JAIIB Scorecard questions included commission and omission errors, preparation of consolidated financial statements, CTR reports, etc.


There were Forex questions in the JAIIB Scorecard based on exchange rate calculations, the banking concept of buy low and sell high, buying rate, selling rate calculations, bid and offer rates, types of exchanges, PE ratio, forward point, closing stock, banking ombudsman, and some easy numerical calculation questions. However, there were no questions on NPI, EMI calculation, simple and compound interest calculation, annuity, etc., which were present in almost all test papers until JAIIB 2020.

General Questions:

General entry questions in the JAIIB Scorecard Focused on banking concepts like where received money is posted, purchase book and its entries, single-person companies, public, associate, holding, and private companies formation, bonus share, money measurement concepts, financial ratios, the three depreciation methods, revenue and expenditure, bank finance, back and front office concept, real and nominal account, copyright, patents, and goodwill entries, NDAs etc. are accounting standards questions that appeared as two and one mark questions.


The JAIIB results are an exciting time for most banking professionals who collect their JAIIB Scorecard questions, share them with other candidates, and strategize  how to get a JAIIB Score that helps with earning the increment and promotion. Take jaiib mock test to test your prep.


Is there a minimum pass score for the papers in a JAIIB Scorecard?

Yes. The minimum score is 45% to be declared successful when you pass all three papers simultaneously. However, a paper-wise pass score needs a 50% score.

Can I get a duplicate JAIIB Scorecard?

Getting a duplicate JAIIB Scorecard certificate is straightforward and in the e-format. You have to apply for the duplicate @iibf.org.in, which is the official website of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance or apply for it via an email to [email protected] Normally the e-certificate is emailed to your email ID about a month from application submission, and fees may apply.

When were the JAIIB results out?

The JAIIB Scorecard and the JAIIB-2021 results were recently announced on 22nd October 2021. However, getting them may take two months or more from the date of announcement of the results.

Can I download and use the mobile for the online JAIIB Scorecard?

The IIBF clarifies that no candidate should download the E-Certificate from any mobile device, and they caution candidate’s use a laptop/Desktop to download the same.