SBI Clerk Mains Exam Analysis – 5th Aug 2018 | Detailed Section-Wise Analysis

SBI Clerk Mains 2018 Exam was conducted today and we bring to you here the SBI Clerk Mains Exam Analysis. Our experts also conducted a Live Session on Oliveboard’s YouTube channel with in-depth Analysis of Question Types, Number of Good Attempts and Expected Cutoffs. 

SBI Clerk Mains Exam Analysis – 5th Aug 2018

Reasoning: (50 questions)

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

1 Dates based puzzle 5 (set)
1 linear arrangement + direction sense based puzzle 5 (set)
1 stack based puzzle 5 (set)
1 square arrangement based puzzle 5 (set)
1 puzzle based on slots 5 (set)
1 linear arrangement + comparison based puzzle 5 (set)
Resultant number 3 (set)
Input – output (based on only numbers and 4 steps were there) 4 (set)
Coded blood relation 1 questions
1 floors + card picking type (new type – basically operation on numbers in a matrix with card picking) 3 (set)
Coding – decoding (slightly different) 4 (set)
Critical Reasoning 5 questions (situation and solution, statement conclusion, situation and reason, cause and effect)

Quantitative: (50 questions)

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

Pie chart – partnerships 2 (set)
Normal pie chart 3 (set)
Normal Table DI 4 (set)
Normal Casellet (info given for each variable in individual paragraphs) 5 (set)
Bar Graph – profit-loss 5 (set)
Quantity Comparison – 2 statements 5 questions
Data sufficiency – 2 statements 5 questions
Quadratic equations data comparison 6 questions
Miscellaneous (allegation, work, speed, partnership, mensuration, etc) 9 questions
One set of paragraph type question (with 6 blanks – questions varied across topics) 6 (set)

English: (40 questions)

Difficulty Level: Moderate

3 sets Reading Comprehensions (based on 1 paragraph) Set of 4 questions each = 12 questions
1 cloze test (words given in bold – to be replaced) Set of 5
Vocabulary based (based on synonym and antonym – new type) 5 questions
Para completion 1 questions
Parajumbles (normal type with 4 sentences – final arrangement in options) 1 questions
One Fill in the blank in a paragraph (to be filled with idiom/phrase) 1 questions
Correct/incorrect sentence 1 questions
Combine 3 sentence to 1 sentence 1 questions
Combining 3 sentences in same given order with help of 2 different connectors 4 questions
Word replacement to form a sentence opposite in meaning 5 questions
Sentence completion (new type) 4 questions

General Awareness: (50 questions)

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Static GK 5 to 8
Current affairs (May to July) 25 to 27
Banking and Finance 15 to 17

Hope this was helpful. 

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