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SBI Clerk Mains Exam Analysis: SBI Clerk Mains will be conducted on 15th January 2023. The main exam will be conducted in two shifts on the same day. Candidates who have qualified for the prelims will be appearing in the mains exam. In this blog, we will give a detailed section-wise exam analysis of SBI Clerk Mains 2023. This will help candidates in evaluating their performance in the examination.


SBI Clerk Mains Exam Pattern

English Language404035 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude505045 minutes
Computer and Reasoning Ability506045 minutes
General/ Financial Awareness505035 minutes
Total1902002 hours 40 minutes

SBI Clerk Mains Exam Analysis- 15th January 2023

We will provide you with a detailed exam analysis for each subject in the tables mentioned below. Candidates can check the analysis for both of the shifts of SBI Clerk Mains.

Reasoning Ability

TopicShift 1Shift 2
Puzzles (Classification and Double Variable) & Seating Arrangement620
Coding Decoding54
Competitive Reasoning8-98
Syllogism coded3
Direction Coded3
Alpha Numeric Series43
Data Sufficiency3-44
Input Output54
Blood Relation (order comparison)33
Coded Inequalities3

English Language

TopicShift 1Shift 2
Reading Comprehension1815
Para Jumble (1 Statement)55-6
Match the Column4-5
Grammatically Correct/Incorrect5-63
Word Replacement4-55-6
Synonym Pair2-3
Error + Rearrange3
Word Error3-4

Quantitative Aptitude

TopicShift 1Shift 2
Data Sufficiency5-6
Missing Table DI5
Caselet DI55
Linear DI15
Pie Chart DI15

General Awareness- 1st Shift

  • Top Cement Producer
  • NSE Limited- Public Sector
  • Nobel Prize winners for chemistry in 2022
  • UNICEF Edu 4.0= Tie-up
  • IASH Report Cities Judged
  • NARCL- Bad Bank
  • Kisan Mandhan Scheme
  • Nobel peace prize- places of winners
  • Who topped IIFL List?
  • NBFC-CGSS Limit?
  • Ombudsman (Internal)- Date
  • Terms used for fake phone calls in banks
  • Russian Architect- Glasscode
  • Kenya- Olympics- Person’s name
  • Three appointments in PM Care Fund
  • KLEMS- Full form
  • NBFC Base layer
  • Exports as per Ministry of Finance
  • Components- External Debt
  • Hurricane- Florida
  • National Logistics Policy
  • CBI Ban removed from which?
  • NBFC Soft recovery- 3rd party
  • Who topped Livability index?
  • Foreign Trade Policy Extended
  • Cheetah Extinction
  • Which fund was raised together by India and World Bank?
  • July Windfall
  • SDR allocation
  • NAVIK Full form
  • Where is Kumbal Fort?
  • BSNL and MTNL Collaboration of 1900 crores
  • Cost of PMEGP Project
  • R.Gandhi appointment in YES Bank
  • Internal Ombudsman- Static
  • ACC Cement belongs to which country lately acquired by Adani group
  • In which year China and India will have same population
  • MDR- 2500 cr Nil charge
  • Annual Percentage Rate
  • B2B- Turnover
  • Indian Super League Sponsor
  • CGSL Coverage
  • Anna Sakina-Altitude
  • Bank rate percentage
  • EXIM- Line of Credit

General Awareness 2nd Shift

  1. Corpus of AIF
  2. Full form of LLP
  3. 3 Statement based questions of E-rupee
  4. Which award was given to Payal Kapadia lately?
  5. Secretary of MOSPI- Chief Statistician of India
  6. Name of Public Sector Banks
  7. Sandeep Bakshi
  8. Weight of Javelin Throw
  9. Full form of ICE
  10. Laurence World Sports award
  11. Which company is not listed company
  12. Degree of Tropic of cancer
  13. Maruti signed an agreement with which university
  14. 100m gold medalist in Tokyo Olympics
  15. How much MSP has raised for sugarcane?
  16. Narendra Batra is head of which organization?
  17. Which company has issued the highest number of master cards as of November 2020?
  18. Vistara acquired by Tata sons is which country’s airline?
  19. Mohd. Yunus noble prize winner
  20. Goa liberation day in which month
  21. Atal Pension Yojana- Slab
  22. In which sports Thomas Bech won a medal in the Olympics?
  23. Oil and Refinery FDI before it was done 100%
  24. United Nations University headquarters
  25. Second highest producer of tea in the world
  26. Argumentative Indian Book by Amartya Sen
  27. Renewable water resource country
  28. PLI Scheme related
  29. SDG Index for north-east
  30. IFSC Unit started in
  31. FPO According Budget 2020
  32. Savdhan rahe, safe rahe campaign belongs to
  33. Top Country in India FDI
  34. New York City Marathon Sponsor
  35. The company not dealing in term insurance
  36. Insurance Act
  37. Which model is the government planning to implement after the success of the Tokyo Olympics?
  38. Which is the national mission for financial inclusion?
  39. Which number city is Brisbane hosting the 2032 Olympics?
  40. First fully electric railway zone
  41. GIBNA Act Year

SBI Clerk Mains Exam Overall Analysis – 1st Oct 2021

This shift question sequence – GA, English, Maths, Reasoning

SectionsQuestionsDurationGood Attempts
Reasoning Ability & Computer Knowledge5045 Minutes30-32
Quantitative Aptitude5045 Minutes22-25
English4035 Minutes20-22
General/Finance Awareness5035 Minutes28-30
Overall1902 Hours 40 Minutes100-109

SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2021: Subject Wise Analysis

Reasoning Ability

This section had 50 questions and the level of reasoning was moderate to difficult level. Following were types of puzzles asked in the reasoning section of SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2021:

  1. Month & Year Based Puzzle- (4 months, 2 years) Variable- Country- 5 questions
  2. Circular Seating Arrangement- (10 person, inward-facing)- 5 questions
  3. Floor & Flat Based Puzzle- (3 floors, 2 flat, 6 people) Variable- 1- 5 questions

The questions from the Logical Reasoning section were from the conclusion, assumption, argument, decision making, course of action.

TopicShift 1Shift 2
Sitting Arrangement and Puzzles7-10
Coded Inequality (3 conclusions)04
Coded Direction04
Syllogs (5 statement/3 conclusion)04
Letter Based (Step based)10
Logical Reasoning10
Data Sufficiency03
Machine Input05
Blood Relation (order comparison)02

English Language

English section had Reading Comprehension as always. Different topics like word arrangement, cloze test/fillers, inference based questions, passage-based questions all are clubbed into various short passages of reading comprehensions.

  • 2 Reasoning Comprehension was asked 1st on Technology & Employee & 2nd on Species of Birds in New Zealand. 
  • Topic of Para Jumble was- Children affected by Tumour
TopicShift 1Shift 2
Reading Comprehension14
Para Jumble (7 statements)05
Error Detection + Sentence Rearrangement04
Combination Fillers04
Vocabulary (Pair of Antonyms)03
Phrase Replacement04

Quantitative Aptitude

Questions asked in the Quantitative Aptitude section were of moderate in level. Questions from Profit and loss, Time and Work, Average, Boat and Stream, Mixture and allegation, Mensuration, Probability, Percentage, Ratio and proportion, Simple interest and Compound Interest were asked.

  1. Tabular DI- Average number of books in 3 different libraries (Easy)
  2. Tabular DI- Time & Work-Based (Calculative)
  3. Double Pie-Chart- Male/Female
  4. Mixed DI- Bar (No. of male & female)+ Table- Ratio
  5. Caselet-1: Based on Income Expenditure (Easy)
  6. Caselet-2: Calculative

The  following are the distribution of topics in SBI Clerk Mains 2021:

TopicShift 1Shift 2
Data Interpretation20
Wrong Number Series02
Q1- Q2 (2 equations & 3 Arithmetic)05

General Awareness

This section had 50 questions and a time limit of 35 minutes. Overall the level of this section was Easy to Moderate. Most of the questions were from current affairs and banking awareness. Questions from the static section were few. The questions will be updated here soon.

  1. Global Hunger
  2. Gender Budget state-wise
  3. Red Cross Day
  4. Which company is not included in FMCG?
  5. TOPS- P stands for
  6. Recover term is related to which sport
  7. NASA ROVER related question
  8. From which company did Shiv Nadar resign?
  9. Highest Motorable Road
  10. PMJDY- overdraft
  11. NIRVIK Yojna
  12. AI for all initiatives- CBSE + INTEL
  13. Merchant Stalk
  14. Ola Electric is associated with which bank
  15. FIH Hockey 5-S World Cup
  16. Performance Index
  17. Kailash Satyarthi- Nobel Peace Prize
  18. Who won the award before PV Sindhu
  19. Men’s & Women’s Hockey Sponsor
  20. Olympic Slogan/Motto
  21. Hemis Wild Life Santacury
  22. CSIR percentage in Company Act
  23. AISHE- Growth of Enrollment
  24. In DEAF Scheme, A stands for
  25. STALE Cheque
  26. SUPACE portal
  27. How many types N. Rangaswami elected for the CM post?
  28. Top Company in India
  29. Equator Price by
  30. DICGC related question
  31. AKASA Airlines
  32. Rakesh Jhunjunwala
  33. Government Stake in ITC
  34. NABARD RIDF Fund – State With Max Amount

SBI Clerk Mains Exam Overall Analysis, 2020

General Awareness: (50 questions) Difficulty Level: Easy

Static GK5-6 questions
Current affairs (Aug, Sep, Oct)Last 3-4 months (25 questions)
Banking and Finance18-20 Questions

English: (40 questions) Difficulty Level: Moderate

3 sets Reading Comprehensions (2-3 Inference-based questions each)Set of 4 questions each = 12 questions
1 cloze test (words given in bold – to be replaced)Set of 6
Vocabulary based (based on synonym and antonym – new type)5 questions
Para completion1 questions
Para jumbles (normal type with 4 sentences – final arrangement in options) 1 questions
Slip Cycle 
Error Detection 5 questions
Idioms and Phrases2-3 questions
Sentence Rearrangement3-4 questions
Match the column 4 questions
Rest to be updated… 

Quantitative: (50 questions) Difficulty Level: Moderate

Pie chart – partnerships2 (set)
Normal Pie chart3 (set)
Normal Table DI5 (set)
Normal Caselet (Percenage-based) 5 (set)
Caselets (CI/SI, Mensuration)10 (set)
Quantity Comparison – 2 statements5 questions
Data sufficiency – 2 statements5 questions
Quadratic equations data comparison4 questions
Miscellaneous (allegation, work, speed, partnership, mensuration, etc)9 questions
Arithmetic 15 Questions

Reasoning: (50 questions) Difficulty Level: Moderate

Data Sufficiency (Blood Relation, Direction)4 (set)
Circular Seating Arrangement – 10 seats 8 people 2 vacant5 (set)
30 stairs 3 people (Moving) + Even Odd Conditions5 (set)
Double Row Puzzle5 (set)
Box Puzzle5 (set)
Floor Based Puzzle 5 (set)
Pentagon Seating Arrangement5 (set)
Coding decoding 4 Questions
Machine I/O5 (set)
Critical LR7-9 Questions
Misc – Alpha-numeric / Coding Decoding 5 Questions
Rest to be updated soon.. 

You can also go through the 2019 and 2018 SBI Clerk Mains Exam Analysis below.

SBI Clerk Mains Exam Analysis – 2018

Reasoning: (50 questions) Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

1 Dates based puzzle5 (set)
1 linear arrangement + direction sense based puzzle5 (set)
1 stack based puzzle5 (set)
1 square arrangement based puzzle5 (set)
1 puzzle based on slots 5 (set)
1 linear arrangement + comparison based puzzle5 (set)
Resultant number3 (set)
Input – output (based on only numbers and 4 steps were there)4 (set)
Coded blood relation1 questions
1 floors + card picking type (new type – basically operation on numbers in a matrix with card picking)3 (set)
Coding – decoding (slightly different)4 (set)
Critical Reasoning5 questions (situation and solution, statement conclusion, situation and reason, cause and effect)

Quantitative: (50 questions) Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

Pie chart – partnerships2 (set)
Normal pie chart3 (set)
Normal Table DI4 (set)
Normal Casellet (info given for each variable in individual paragraphs) 5 (set)
Bar Graph – profit-loss5 (set)
Quantity Comparison – 2 statements5 questions
Data sufficiency – 2 statements5 questions
Quadratic equations data comparison6 questions
Miscellaneous (allegation, work, speed, partnership, mensuration, etc)9 questions
One set of paragraph type question (with 6 blanks – questions varied across topics)6 (set)

English: (40 questions) Difficulty Level: Moderate

3 sets Reading Comprehensions (based on 1 paragraph)Set of 4 questions each = 12 questions
1 cloze test (words given in bold – to be replaced)Set of 5
Vocabulary based (based on synonym and antonym – new type)5 questions
Para completion1 questions
Parajumbles (normal type with 4 sentences – final arrangement in options) 1 questions
One Fill in the blank in a paragraph (to be filled with idiom/phrase)1 questions
Correct/incorrect sentence1 questions
Combine 3 sentence to 1 sentence1 questions
Combining 3 sentences in same given order with help of 2 different connectors4 questions
Word replacement to form a sentence opposite in meaning 5 questions
Sentence completion (new type)4 questions

General Awareness: (50 questions) Difficulty Level: Moderate

Static GK5 to 8
Current affairs (May to July)25 to 27
Banking and Finance15 to 17

Hope this was helpful. 

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