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SBI Clerk Salary 2023

SBI Clerk Salary 2023: SBI provides a handsome pay scale for its SBI Junior Associates at the entry level with various perks. Therefore, in comparison to other banks, SBI provides a better basic salary. The total starting emoluments of a Clerical Cadre employee payable at Metro like Mumbai will be around Rs.29,000/- per month inclusive of D.A., other allowances at the current rate and two additional increments for newly recruited graduate junior associates.

SBI Clerk Salary Details – Pay Scale, Increments, Salary Slip

The details of the Basic Pay Scale component of SBI Clerk Salary 2023 are as follows;


The starting Basic Pay is Rs.19900/- (Rs.17900/- plus two advance increments admissible to graduates).

SBI Clerk Salary Increments

Let us note down the details of the above-given payscale;

  • Compensation – Starting Salary for a candidate will be Rs 17,900/- with a year-on-year increment of Rs 1000/- on the Basic pay for three years.
  • Salary 3 years from the year of joining: Rs 20,900/- with a year-on-year increment of Rs 1230/- for the next 3 years
  • For the next 4 years, Rs 24,590/- with a year-on-year increment of Rs 1490/-
  • Salary after the next 7 years: Rs 30,550/- with a year-on-year increment of Rs 1730 for the next 7 years.
  • After the next 1 year: Rs 42600 with a year-on-year increment of Rs 3270 for the next 1 year.
  • Salary after another 1 year: Rs 45,930 with a year-on-year increment of Rs 1990 for the next 1 year.
  • The Maximum Basic Salary of an SBI Clerk- Rs 47,920/-
Clerk Basic SalaryRs.19900/- (Rs 17,900 + two advance increments given to graduates)
Salary after 1st Increment- Rs. 20900/-
Salary after 2nd Increment-Rs. 24590/-
Salary after 3rd Increment- Rs. 30550/-
Salary after 4th Increment- Rs. 42600/-
Salary after 5th increment- Rs 45930/-
Salary after 6th increment- Rs 47920/-
Dearness AllowanceBased on the Consumer Price Index
House AccommodationDepends on the place of posting.

SBI Clerk Gross Monthly Income

The SBI Clerk In-hand salary received per month is a sum of Basic Pay and other salary components like – House Rent Allowance(HRA), Variable Pay, Dearness Allowances (DA), City Compensatory Allowance (CCA), etc. Here’s a look at the salary slip:

Particulars of SBI Clerk Salary Slip 2023Amount (Approx.)
SBI Clerk Salary 2023 Basic PayRs.19900/- (Rs.17900/- plus two advance increments admissible to graduates).
Dearness Allowance (DA)Rs.6352 (26%)
Transport Allowance (TA)Rs.600
House Rent Allowance (HRA)Rs.2091
Special AllowanceRs.3263
Gross SBI Clerk Salary 2023Rs.32000 (Approximate)
Net SBI Clerk Salary in hand 2023Rs.29200 (Approximate)

SBI Clerk Allowances

A person joining as an SBI Clerk will have many perquisites, the SBI Clerk Salary comes with some added benefits in the form of allowances such as-

  • Dearness Allowance (DA): A SBI Clerk gets 26.18% DA of the Basic Pay (Depending upon the City Posted in). The Dearness Allowance increases quarterly basis and is dependent on the Inflation rate of the Country if the inflation increase the DA goes up and vice versa.
  • House Rent Allowance(HRA): A SBI Clerk gets 35% to 40% HRA of the Basic Pay(Depending upon the City Posted in).
  • Other Allowances include transport allowance, Special Allowance, and Special Pay-New.

SBI Clerk Additional Benefits

In SBI an individual working in the Clerk Cadre has some additional benefits in addition to the Basic Pay of the SBI Clerk Salary 2023 which they received. Given below are the additional benefits or perks of working as an SBI CLERK;

  • House Rent Allowances
  • Concessional Vehicle Finance
  • Concessional Rate for SBI Pension Plans
  • Housing Finance at concessional rates
  • Travel Allowances
  • The Bank pays 100% cost for any medical treatment of an employee along with the family members
  • Maternity or child education leave of 2 years for women clerks.

SBI Clerk Job Profile

The work of SBI Clerk is customer-facing. This means a lot of the duties involve people skills and knowing how to resolve issues. The job profile of SBI Clerk includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Customer Service: SBI Clerks are often the first point of contact for customers. They handle customer inquiries, address concerns, and provide assistance in various banking transactions.
  2. Cash Handling: Clerks are responsible for managing cash transactions, including receiving and disbursing cash, handling withdrawals, and processing deposits.
  3. Account Maintenance: They assist customers in opening new accounts, updating account information, and providing account-related services.
  4. Documentation and Record Keeping: Clerks are responsible for maintaining accurate records of transactions, account details, and other relevant documentation.
  5. Data Entry and Computer Operations: SBI Clerks use computer systems for various tasks, including data entry, updating customer information, and processing transactions.
  6. Clearance and Settlement: They play a role in the clearance and settlement of transactions, ensuring that all transactions are processed accurately and in a timely manner.
  7. Cross-Selling of Products: Clerks may be involved in promoting and cross-selling various banking products and services, such as insurance, mutual funds, and fixed deposits.
  8. Customer Education: They educate customers about the bank’s products, services, and digital banking platforms, helping them understand and use these services effectively.
  9. Resolving Customer Issues: Handling and resolving customer complaints or issues, and escalating them to higher authorities when necessary.
  10. Assisting in Administrative Tasks: Clerks may be involved in various administrative tasks within the branch, including filing, record-keeping, and other routine office duties.
  11. Compliance and Adherence to Policies: Ensuring compliance with the bank’s policies and procedures, as well as regulatory requirements.

SBI Clerk Promotions – In Cadre

An SBI Clerk (Junior Associate) is eligible for promotion up to 3 times: once when they have completed 10 years of service, once more when they have completed 20 years of service, and finally, when they have completed 30 years of service.

  • An SBI Clerk is eligible for promotion to Senior Assistant following the completion of 10 years of service.
  • When they complete 20 years of service, they shall be promoted to Special Assistant.
  • Upon the completion of 30 years of service, they shall be promoted Senior Special Assistant.

Each promotion results in some increments to the allowances provided to them. At SBI, In-cadre promotions are purely on basis of seniority.

SBI Clerk Promotions – Clerk to Officer 

Should an SBI Clerk really have the determination to make it to the Officer cadre, then SBI provides them with fair opportunities to do so. There are two main ways through which an SBI Clerk can make it to the Officer cadre:

  • Fast Track Promotion Channel

The Fast Track Promotion Channel is applicable when an SBI Clerk becomes eligible to take the Officer Promotion examination after only 3 years of service. For them to be eligible after only 3 years of service, they must clear the 2 banking examinations (as in, secure passing marks in them):

If they clear only JAIIB, they will be eligible after 4 years of service; if they clear both JAIIB and CAIIB exams, they will be eligible after 3 years of service. Now if they do not clear even JAIIB, they will be eligible to take the normal track promotion channel.

  • Normal Track Promotion Channel
  • Under the normal track promotion channel, the employee needs to serve minimum 6 years under the bank as a Bank Clerk to become eligible for promotion to Bank PO. After serving for 6 years minimum as an SBI Clerk, they become eligible to take the exam for internal promotion exam and can gain promotion to the post of Trainee Officer (TO). A Trainee Officer (TO) is at par with a Probationary Officer (PO) when it comes to rank or designation. However, TOs must work harder to reach the same level whereas POs get recruited directly at that rank.

Career Growth as SBI Clerk – Things to Remember


Keep the following aspects in mind about the career path of SBI Clerk.

  • When an SBI Clerk is trying to get promoted to Officer cadre, they need to successfully pass SBI’s internal promotion examination, including a written test and an interview. This is applicable for both Fast Track and Normal Track promotion channels.
  • SBI Clerks can take the SBI PO examination too if they wish, but they need to obtain SBI’s permission first. If they successfully clear the exam, they will be reinstated anew as Bank POs, but if they fail, they will have to continue as Bank PO.
  • Of the 2 banking examinations, CAIIB can be attempted only after an SBI Clerk (or anyone for that matter) has successfully cleared the JAIIB examination.
  • When an SBI Clerk manages to clear the internal SBI promotion examination, they shall be recruited as Trainee Officers (TOs) for a probation period of 2 years during which they will be in the JMGS-I or Junior Management Grade Scale-I rank. Following their completion of the probation period, they will either be promoted to MMGS-II or Middle Management Grade Scale-II rank or sent back to the Clerical cadre if they fail to clear their probation.

SBI Clerk Job Postings & Transfer Policy

Many individuals worry about Job Postings away from their Home town or at any distant branch. The following points pertain to the SBI Clerk Posting and Transfer-

  1. SBI Clerk Junior Associates are not eligible for transfers outside the state for the first 5 years of service.
  2. It is 8 years for candidates selected in a special recruitment drive for Tura, Kashmir Valley, and Ladakh.

SBI Clerk Salary 2023 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the salary of an SBI clerk?

A1. The starting salary of SBI Clerk is between the range of Rs 26000 to 29000/-.

Q2. What are the additional benefits and allowances provided to SBI clerks?

A2. SBI clerks receive various additional benefits and allowances, including medical benefits, provident fund, gratuity, pension, leave travel concession, and reimbursement for newspaper, petrol, and house rent expenses.

Q3. Is there any probation period for SBI clerks?

A3. Yes, newly recruited SBI clerks are placed on probation for a period of 6 months. During this period, their performance and suitability for the job are evaluated.

Q4. Are there any promotional opportunities for SBI clerks?

A4. Yes, SBI clerks have good promotional opportunities. They can rise through the ranks and become Assistant Managers, Deputy Managers, Managers, and even higher-level positions based on their performance and experience.

Q5. Are there any opportunities for career growth and promotions in the SBI clerk cadre?

A5. Yes, SBI clerks have ample opportunities for career growth and promotions. They can appear for internal exams and assessments to move up the hierarchy within the bank.


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