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SBI PO Syllabus for 2019 Prelims Exam – Complete list of Topics

SBI PO Syllabus 2019 PRELIMS

Banking Aspirants should have full knowledge of the SBI PO Syllabus before starting their SBI PO 2019 preparation. To secure one of the 2000 Probationary Officer Vacancies announced in the SBI PO 2019 Recruitment Notification, an aspirant should prepare all the topics of the SBI PO syllabus for Prelims and Main Exam. In this blog, We have given you the full list of the topics from SBI PO Syllabus of 2019 Prelims Exams. We have also given a small description of each topic from the Prelims exam syllabus of SBI PO.

SBI PO Syllabus of Prelims Exam 2019

The prelims exam for SBI PO 2019 will be the first phase of the selection process for SBI PO recruitment which will be followed by the Main Exam and Interview round. The Prelims Exam paper has 3 sections – Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning and English. The SBI PO Syllabus for each of this section of prelims exam is given below.

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SBI PO Syllabus of Prelims – Reasoning

Following is of Reasoning topics from SBI PO syllabus to be prepared to ACE the SBI PO 2019 Prelims Exam.



Alpha Numeric Series group of letters and numbers are arranged in a sequence and you are expected to find the missing value or the next value in the series.
Analogy Questions are letter, meaning and number based in this topic.
Blood Relations Info about relations among family members is given in a complex form which you should be able to solve and find the correct relation.
Circular Seating Arrangement This are part of the puzzles asked in the exam. Info about a group of people seating/standing in/around a circle/circular table is given and you are expected to find the right seating arrangement.
Classification These are odd man out questions based on general knowledge of things around us.
Coding & Decoding SBI PO Exams asks this type of questions which have letter shifting/ analogy based coding.
Data Sufficiency 2 statements are given with information and candidate need to find which of the statement/s are required to find an answer to the given question in the SBI PO Exam.
Directions & Distances Mapping the path based on directions and instructions given in the question is the key to solving these questions
Double Line Up This is another type of puzzle questions where info about 2 or more parameters are given and need to be solved in a step by step format for solutions
Grouping and Selection These are the questions which are less likely to appear. Problems on teams and committees asked under this category.
Inequalities A set of criteria are given based on which questions are asked and candidate has to determine the correct answer.
Input-Output A pattern is followed for arrangement of numbers and letters and the candidate is expected to identify the pattern to solve the given questions.
Linear Seating Arrangement Another Puzzle based question type where information is provided about people standing/ in a line and based on the info the correct arrangement is to be identified.
Ordering and Ranking Based on the given info, candidate is expected to identify the right order or ranking of the variable which can be people, their age, Height or even building floors.
Syllogisms A set of statements are given and the candidate has to determine whether the conclusions given are correct or not.
Verbal Reasoning Questions are based on statement and inferences/assumptions/arguments/conclusions, Cause and effect, critical reasoning etc are asked.

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SBI PO Syllabus of Prelims – English

Following list is of English topics from SBI PO syllabus to be prepared to ACE the SBI PO 2019 Prelims Exam.

Topic Description
Cloze Test Some parts of the passage are left as blank and the candidate is expected fill those blanks based on the given options. These are primarily grammar based questions.
Error Spotting Candidate has to identify grammatical or spelling mistakes in a given statement or passage to solve these questions.
Fill in the Blanks These are vocabulary based questions in which blanks are to filled based on given options
Para Jumbles Sentences of a passage are jumbled up and the candidate is expected to identify the correct sequence.
Phrase Idiom Meaning Either Correct Meaning of the given phrase/idiom is to selected from given options or meaning would be given and the correct idiom/phrase matching it will have to be identified.
Phrase Replacement/ Sentence Correction A part of the sentence is highlighted and candidate is expected to replace or correct it.
Reading Comprehension Reading comprehension are long passages on various topics ranging from economics to environment and candidates have to read the passage carefully to answer the questions based the passage. Every passage has 4-5 questions.
Sentence/ Paragraph Completion An incomplete sentence will be given and candidate will have to complete it with the help of the given options
Spellings Candidate will have to know the correct spelling to solve these questions.
Synonyms/Antonyms A word would be given and candidate will have to choose the correct synonym or antonym from the given options.

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SBI PO Syllabus of Prelims – Quantitative Aptitude

Following list is of Quantitative Aptitude topics from SBI PO syllabus to be prepared to ACE the SBI PO 2019 Prelims Exam.

Topic Description
Average Finding the average of student’s age in a classroom, average height etc type questions are covered under this topic.
Data Interpretation Bar Graph, Tabular data, Pie Chart, Line Graph, etc are used to present data on which questions are asked.
Interest Finding principle, total amount, interest rates, period for Simple and Compound interests are asked under this topic
Mensuration Finding Area, perimeter, volume, etc of geometrical figures like circle, rectangle, cylinder, etc are asked in this type
Mixtures & Allegations questions related to mixtures of 2 or more solutions and their proportion etc.
Number System Questions on , multiples & factors, divisibility & remainder, LCM & HCF etc are asked in this question type.
Percentage This is a simple topic where questions are asked about Percentage of X with respect to Y etc.
Profit and Loss Profit or Loss on selling price, Profit or Loss on cost price, finding selling price, cost price or market price, etc are the types of questions asked here.
Permutation & Combination Questions like number of ways of forming a group, selecting products etc.
Probablity Questions related to coins, cards, colored balls and possibility of getting particular combinations
Quadratic Equations Algebraic equations with aim of finding the values of x and y.
Ratio and Proportion simple number ratios, compound ratios etc are the types of questions asked in this topic.
Simplification solving arithmetic questions involving BODMAS rule, fractions, approximation, decimals and surds & indices.
Speed, Time and Distance speed of boat, train, stream, vehicle etc., Distance and time related questions are part of this topic.
Work and Time Work rate, number of days to complete a work by X people, etc are the questions asked here
Series and Sequence Identifying the missing number in a series, the next number in a sequence, etc are the types of questions asked in this topic.

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SBI PO Exam Pattern – Prelims

Sr. No

Name of the section

No of questions

Total Marks


1 English Language 30 Total Maximum Marks100 20
2 Quantitative Aptitude 35 20
3 Reasoning Ability 35 20
Total 100 1 Hour

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SBI PO Exam Pattern – Main Exam (Objective)

Sr. No

Name of the section

No of questions/Marks



1 Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 45/60 Total max marks:200 60 minutes
2 Data Analysis & Interpretation 35/60 45 minutes
3 General/Economy/Banking Awareness 40/40 35 minutes
4 English Language 35/40 40 minutes
Total 155 180 minutes

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SBI PO Exam Pattern – Main Exam (Descriptive)

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That is all from us in this blog on SBI PO Syllabus for Prelims 2019 Exam. Keep checking this space for SBI PO 2019 Exam updates, study materials, online quizzes, mock tests, etc.

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