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SEBI Grade A Posting

SEBI Grade A Posting Location is decided by the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on the basis of need of the organization. The SEBI Grade A Officer Posting can be done at any location where SEBI has its offices. The head office of SEBI is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Most of the candidates are posted in the head office and a very few of them gets the posting in regional or local offices. However, the posting may depend on the stream you opted for as well. SEBI Grade A Notification 2024 has been released for various streams.

SEBI Grade A Training

The most curious question that comes is where does SEBI conducts its Grade A Officers training? Well, after the complete selection process is completed and the candidates are appointed as grade a officers, the first step that comes is SEBI Grade A Training. The training of SEBI Grade A Officers are done at National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM). The training experience at NISM is extremely well and it is located in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

SEBI Grade A Offices

SEBI Grade A Offices are located in various regions. The main or head office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. There are 4 regional offices as well. The list of the SEBI Grade A Regional Offices is given below:

  • North Zone: Delhi
  • South Zone: Chennai
  • West Zone: Ahmedabad
  • East Zone: Kolkata

Also note that along with the regional offices, there are many local offices as well.

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SEBI Grade A Home Posting

This is the most common doubt of every candidate who prepares for SEBI Grade A Exam. Let us tell you that there are very low or rare chances of getting SEBI Grade A Home Posting. This is because SEBI prefers giving the SEBI Grade A Posting Location as Mumbai, Maharashtra to most of the employees.

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SEBI Grade A Transfer Policy

As per the SEBI, the officers posted at Mumbai location will have to stay for a longer period which means that the SEBI Grade A Transfer Policy is bit slow for Mumbai location officers. However, the transfer policy at regional locations is comparatively fast.

SEBI Grade A Complete Course 2024

SEBI Grade A Career Growth

Everyone needs growth in their career and life which is why it becomes extremely important to know what are the chances of SEBI Grade A Career Growth or how much career growth can a SEBI Grade A Officer expect. Below we have shared the SEBI post hierarchy from Grade A Officer to Grade F Officer.

SEBI Grade A Career Path

After the Grade F, the next post in the hierarchy is of Executive Director.

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SEBI Grade A Career Progression

If we talk about the SEBI Grade A Career Progression, SEBI Officers are classified from Grade A Officers to Grade F Officers. To get promoted to next grade, an officer must have complete the stipulated time period. From Grade A Officer to Grade C Officer, the SEBI Grade A career progression is non vacancy based. Above executive director, there is only the whole time member and chairman which is appointed by the Government of India on contract basis.

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SEBI Grade A Departments

There are various SEBI Grade A Departments and the officers must make a note that the department may be changed as per the needs of SEBI. Check out the list of SEBI Grade A Departments below:

  • Corporation Finance Department
  • Department of Debt & Hybrid Securities
  • General Services Department
  • Recovery & Refund Department
  • Human Resource Department
  • Department of Economic & Policy Analysis
  • Information Technology Department
  • Enforcement Department
  • Investigations Department
  • Enquiries and Adjudication Department
  • Legal Affairs Department
  • Commodity Derivatives Market Regulation Department
  • Market Regulation Department
  • Investment Management Department
  • Integrated Surveillance Department, etc

The department of SEBI officer may change from time to time.

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SEBI Grade A Posting 2024 – FAQs

Q1. Will we get SEBI Grade A Posting according to our streams?

The recruited officers may be posted to any department of SEBI, irrespective of stream

Q2. What is the SEBI Grade A Posting location?

The SEBI Grade A Posting Location is Mumbai, regional offices of SEBI & local offices of SEBI.

Q3. What are the chances of SEBI Grade A transfer policy?

The chances of SEBI Grade A transfer policy is fast if you are posted in regional office and slow if you are posted in head office.

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