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SEBI Grade A Study Material

Having the right SEBI Grade A Study Material can significantly enhance your preparation and boost your chances of success in the exam. Preparing for the SEBI Grade A exam requires access to comprehensive study material that covers all relevant topics and on the top of that, getting SEBI Grade A Free Study Material acts as a cherry on the cake. As the SEBI Grade A Notification 2024 is out, check out the complete study material.

SEBI Grade A Study Material 2024

It’s crucial to stay updated with the most recent study material to ensure you’re covering all the relevant topics and are well-prepared for the exam. We have tried to cover various topics of each section such as Commerce & Accountancy, Costing, Economics, Legal, etc. Go through the complete blog for the SEBI Grade A Free Study Material.

Download 100+ Important Economic and Finance Terms PDF

SEBI Grade A Study Material PDFs

SEBI Grade A study material PDFs typically include comprehensive notes, practice questions, previous year papers, and other relevant resources. It’s essential to choose reliable sources for PDF study material to ensure accuracy and relevance. Additionally, organizing your study material PDFs effectively can streamline your preparation process and help you focus on areas that need improvement.

Download SEBI Grade A 300+ MCQs Ebook

How to Access SEBI Grade A Free Study Material?

Accessing the SEBI Grade A Free Study Material is extremely simple. You just need to click on the PDFs link given below. On the page that will appear, you will have to register yourself using the email ID & password. If you are already registered with us, then you can login using the registered email ID & password.

Download SEBI Grade A 350+ PYQs with Solutions PDF

SEBI Grade A Study Material PDFs for Paper 2

For aspirants preparing for the SEBI Grade A exam, having access to quality study material is paramount. When it comes to Paper 2, which focuses on subjects like Economics, Finance, and Management, there are several PDFs available that can aid in comprehensive preparation. The Paper 2 of all streams have different syllabus. We have tried to cover various topics that helps you in the effective preparation of SEBI Grade A.

  1. IS-LM Curve – Economics Notes
  2. Phillips Curve – Economics Notes
  3. Employees Stock Option (ESOP) – Commerce & Accountancy Notes
  4. Direct & Indirect Taxes, Tax Revenues – Finance Notes
  5. Human Resources Development (HRD) – Management Notes
  6. Primary & Secondary Markets – Finance Notes
  7. SEBI: Functions, Structure, Objectives, Powers, Act & Guidelines
  8. Cash Flow and Funds Flow Statements – Commerce & Accountancy Notes
  9. Management Processes – Management Notes
  10. Accounting Information System – Commerce & Accountancy Notes
  11. Investment – Commerce & Accountancy Notes
  12. Market Structure – Economics Notes
  13. Foreign Exchange Market – Finance Notes
  14. Introduction to Lean Systems
  15. Basics of Accounting
  16. Basics of Bonds
  17. Time Value of Money (TVM)
  18. Balance of Payments (BoP)
  19. Financial/Accounting Ratios
  20. Basics of Derivatives
  21. Financial Inclusion
  22. Communication: Process, Types & Models
  23. Introduction to Financial/Securities Markets

SEBI Grade A Study Material MCQ PDFs

The below PDFs consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). By regularly practicing MCQs from these PDFs, candidates can not only assess their knowledge and understanding but also improve their speed and accuracy in solving questions. This practice is instrumental in building confidence and ensuring better performance on the exam day. The candidates must download the PDFs from the links below:

  1. SEBI Gr. A Paper-2 Complete Revision MCQs
  2. 50 Economics Revision MCQs for SEBI Grade A
  3. 50 Companies Act Revision MCQs for SEBI Grade A
  4. 50 Management Revision MCQs for RBI & SEBI
  5. 100 Finance Revision MCQs for RBI Grade B & SEBI Grade A
  6. Management MCQs – RBI Grade B & SEBI Grade A
  7. SEBI Grade A Paper 2 Model Paper
  8. Paper 2 Questions with Solutions
  9. SEBI Grade A 2020 Model Test Paper
  10. SEBI Grade A 2020 – Mock Numerical Questions PDF 
SEBI Grade A Complete Course 2024

Download 120+ Management MCQs Ebook

SEBI Grade A Study Material 2024 – Other PDFs

Candidates must check out the detailed SEBI Grade A Books List along with these free study material. Also apart from the stream specific PDFs, we have tried to cover some other PDFs as well. Check them out.

  1. Free PDF: Union Budget: Terms & Definitions
  2. Introduction to Corporate Governance
  3. Inflation: Causes & Types
  4. Leadership Theories
  5. National Income Accounting
  6. Basics of Finance
  7. Basics of Economics
  8. Prompt Corrective Action Framework (PCA)
  9. Alternate Sources of Finance 
  10. Banking Regulations & Basel Accords
  11. Credit Rating Agencies in India 

Apart from all the above given material, it is extremely important that candidates attempt and practice the SEBI Grade A Previous Year Papers.

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