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CAIIB Cut Off 2024

CAIIB Cut Off 2024: The CAIIB certification candidates have to clear 5 papers. IIBF has released a clear-cut passing criteria for CAIIB. Hence, to clear the exam, candidates must learn how the CAIIB Cutoff works as it does not vary every year and remains the same.


After meeting the CAIIB Cutoff, the candidate has passed the exam and thus can receive many benefits. These benefits are of both a Monetary & Non- Monetary Nature. It leads to higher salaries and eligibility for internal promotions. 

The candidate gets a maximum of 5 attempts in three consecutive years to clear the CAIIB Cutoff in all the subjects and pass the exam. If he is not able to do so, then he has to re-enroll again and start afresh.

CAIIB Cutoff is a condition specified. There are two conditions to clear the CAIIB Cutoff. A candidate clearing any of them is said to be qualified.

  •  Subject Wise CAIIB Cutoff – If a candidate scores 50%, i.e. 50 marks out of 100 in a subject, he clears the CAIIB Cutoff in that subject. He has to attain 50 marks in all three subjects in his total four attempts.
  •  Aggregate CAIIB Cutoff– If a candidate scores an aggregate of 50% in a single attempt, along with a minimum of 45 marks in all three subjects, he also clears the CAIIB Cutoff.

CAIIB Cut Off 2024 – Marking Scheme

The marking scheme for the CAIIB certificate is as follows:

  • The CAIIB Exam is strictly an online objective type exam.
  • There are a total of 100 questions for each paper.
  • For every correct answer, 1 mark is given to the candidate.
  • There is no negative marking, so a candidate can try to attempt all the questions.
  • 50 correct answers can clear the candidate’s CAIIB Cutoff in that subject.

CAIIB Cut Off 2024 – Pass With Class

IIBF has laid the passing class or the division in CAIIB Exam as per the marks scored. IIBF awards classes only for the ‘first physical attempt’.

  • First Class – If a candidate clears the CAIIB Cutoff by achieving 60% or more in aggregate along with the condition of passing in all the subjects in the very first attempt, he will be awarded, first class.
  • First Class with distinction- If the candidate clears the CAIIB Cutoff by achieving 70% or more in aggregate and 60% or more in every subject in their first physical attempt, he is awarded First class with distinction.

How To Meet CAIIB Cutoff In The First Attempt?

Candidates may take more than one attempt to clear the five papers. But here are a few tips and tricks to boost your preparation such that you clear CAIIB in the first attempt.

  • Passing the CAIIB Exam is accompanied by a lot of monetary and non-monetary benefits, which propels the candidates to prepare harder and clear the CAIIB Cutoff in the very first attempt.
  • Irrespective of the advantages of the accreditation, not everyone clears it on their first attempt. Only those who prepare the Syllabus comprehensively can crack the CAIIB Cutoff.
  • CAIIB Exam is a little tougher side, and the candidate needs good preparation to pass all the exams on the first attempt.
  • A candidate should start preparations early. They must devote a dedicated schedule of 1 to 2 hours every day to the preparations to meet the CAIIB Cutoff.
  • The candidate must choose his elective subject wisely.
  • Practice mock tests and previous year’s exam papers and assess your level of preparation.
  • Candidates should make sure to use the books by MacMillan as even IIBF recommends them.
  • IIBF-prescribed books will also help, but candidates should make sure to supplement with external sources as well.
  • Those who achieve a minimum of 45 marks in each subject and bring the aggregate to 50% will clear the exam.

CAIIB Cut Off 2024 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does CAIIB have cut offs?

A1. CAIIB has a passing criteria of 50 marks or more out of 100 to pass in each paper.

Q2. Does the CAIIB Cut Off change?

A2. No, CAIIB only has a passing criteria of 50 marks/above

Q3. When is the CAIIB cut off released?

A3. CAIIB doesn’t release cut off, but announces the required marks to pass each paper.


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