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SSC CGL Assistant Section Officer – Job Profile & Salary

ssc cgl assistant section officer

The Assistant Section Officer (ASO) is undoubtedly one of the most coveted positions offered by the Staff Selection Commission. Every year, the governing body organizes a national CGL exam to recruit personnel in this position under various departments. Before you start your competitive exam preparation, you should have a clear idea about the job profile and salary structure of an SSC CGL Assistant Section Officer in each of the department.

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SSC CGL Assistant Section Officer – Job Profile and Salary

The table below features the job details and pay scale of an SSC CGL Assistant Section Officer in various departments –

Rs.9300- Rs.34800 Rs.4600 Central Secretariat Service (CSS) Preparing speeches and notes for the senior officials
Rs.9300- Rs.34800 Rs.4600 Intelligence Bureau (IB) Handling official papers and files regarding administrative and financial matters
Rs.9300- Rs.34800 Rs.4600 Ministry of External Affairs Assisting and working in coordination with the senior officers
Rs.9300- Rs.34800 Rs.4600 Ministry of Railway Mostly includes clerical work, for instance, making reports and completing files before handing them over to the senior officers
Rs.9300- Rs.34800 Rs.4600 Armed Forces Headquarters (AFHQ) Primarily involves performing clerical tasks, such as compiling reports and files and handing them over to the higher authorities
Rs.9300- Rs.34800 Rs.4600 Other Organizations/Departments/Ministries Handling administrative and financial matters


The biggest advantage of the job is the ease of work. The pressure of work is bearable and you get several holidays. Moreover, the working hours are very comfortable. You will be working a fixed shift, 9 to 5. Since the Headquarter is in Delhi, there are no chances of transfer. You will be posted in the capital only.


Apart from a decent pay scale, an Assistant Section Officer in the above departments is also eligible for the following allowances-

Basic 44900 44900 44900
Dearness Allowance 0 0 0
Transport Allowance 3600 1800 1800
House Rent Allowance 10776 7184 3592
DA on TA 0 0 0
NPS 4490 4490 4490
Gross salary 59276 53884 50292
CGEGIS 2500 2500 2500
CGHS 325 325 325
Deductions 7315 7315 7315
In-hand salary 51961 46569 42977


The opportunity of career growth also looks promising for an ASO. You will be promoted to a higher position based on your performance in the inter-department exams. The career graph escalates in the following order-

  • Assistant Section Officer
  • Section Officer
  • Under Secretary
  • Director/Deputy Secretary

As per the SSC CGL notification, the vacancy details for the position of an Assistant Section Officer is given as follows-

Assistant Section Officer CSS 4600 284 36 24 27 371
IB 4600 27 13 1 10 51
Ministry of External Affairs 4600 13 0 5 9 27
Ministry of Railway 4600 76 14 10 20 120
Armed Forces Headquarters 4600 73 22 11 40 146

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Since the seats are limited and the competition is high, aspirants should focus on their exam preparation at least 6 months prior to the date of the exam. That will give you enough time to cover the syllabus and revise thoroughly. For more details on the upcoming exam, keep a close eye on the SSC website.